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February 2021

Wednesday Updater Below:

Gulf Coast Surfing

New sticks! Get them while they are hot! The Compound Rules!!!

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Wednesday 7am 2/10/21 WFL Surf WX: Froggy and flat this am… Looking at the models this am the S winds between now and Friday night are not very strong at all. So small chances Friday PM and probably not much. Sunday looks to the be the best chance at waves. Remember last weekend when we had a small SW swell and the wind went offshore? It looks like a complete repeat of that so whatever worked for you last week could work again this Sunday. Try and surf Sunday. Hopefully it blows 20 and up N of Cuba and not 15knts so there is more of a wave Sunday. Have a great week.

Tuesday 7am WFL Surf WX updater: The GOMEX to Stay Unsettled. After an epic hurricane season and an amazing early winter- The gulf now becomes the battle ground for the nations WX east of the Plains. Strong high pressure is north of PR in the middle ATL. The highs influence ends in the middle gulf where weak lows will try and form and move NE thru the next week to 10 days. There will be plenty of opps for small south and SW surf and a solid cold front at some point. Look for a 1ft south swell tomorrow, bigger on the day after and Friday most likely getting rideable. Sunday is more of a sure bet with SW waves thigh plus like last weekend. Heads up/Best Bet: Models show gusty south winds near the Yucatan/Cuba on Saturday. If this happens Sunday could be the best time to surf. Another surf story/update from PR is way below.
Wed calm/1ft southy
Thursday 1ft south wave
Friday knee to thigh south wind waves at best south facers
Sat: 1ft south swell
Sunday: Knee to waist high SW swell with south winds going N.
Monday: Waist high cold front surf with N winds
Past Monday another low is forecast to form in the western gulf.

The 40’s aren’t bad!

The Roaring 40’s- Everyone talked about Old Man Tom being 43- 43 is the new 33. We as surfers know that if you take care of yourself and don’t get injured you can actually be at your best in your 40’s. Look at Kelly! Look at Cory… There is no surprise that athletes in their 40’s can excel. Hopefully everything goes good in the off-season and we get to watch Tom on Sunday in 2021 also. Never been a better Bucs QB… I felt like he came into this season angry and with a chip on his shoulder and that happened again at the end of the 2nd quarter last night- he took the game over and then Tampa’s defense finished it! So epic, what a story! So surfers next time you hear about ‘Old Man Brady’ just know 44 is great and better than ever so even in your 40’s you can excel like never before in your lifetime! If your in your 40’s it’s time to take care of yourself- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be the best 40 something you can be, surf, dad, husband- whatever. Life is awesome and we want to keep doing what we love as long as we can!
Super Bowl Week Surf WX Outlook:
Thursday: Calm.
Friday: Knee to thigh SW windswell PM.
SaturdayKnee to thigh WSW swell, ENE winds.
Sunday Knee to waist high PM SW wind-swell with SW winds…. BUCS WIN!!!!
Monday day after knee high glassy best spots on incoming…

Cory ripping into his 40’s. Photo: M Weaver.

Kelly surfing smarter than ever in his 40’s.

Hector Santamaria- Photo: Julieta Bliss. Could you be this guy? Yes, this wave is fast and heavy but all you need is a good board and more than anything else- balls. You paddle super hard get in early and set your rail. This wave does not close out, so sick…

Surf Story: Surfline ran this shot of Hector Santamaria and credited me but I was on the shoulder out of the frame for this one. This is Julie’s shot. She has been nailing all the important ones. Gnarly Charly had us shooting him and he got 1 turn he wanted so bad. I was out surfing with him and walking up the beach together he was asking me about it. I was so stoked when we opened the can and found Julie had nailed the shot. She’s getting good at it!
Hector is the coolest cat- He was touching the roof of the tube and going Big Z looking back into the barrel on every wave. Then he’s giving away waves and hooting at guys and flashing me peace signs from the shoulder. Nothing but good vibes! So stoked on Hector’s trip and everyone loves him and respects him for it (so try that next time your out at SVJ in a crowd of 100). he is so pro he could take every wave but he doesn’t… He’s famous for some kick flip skateboard move they claim he did 1st in surfing but he’s a great barrel rider. This was maybe the biggest set of the day and Hector was in the perfect spot to catch it(surfing karma). All the other tubes you had to crouch for and this was the only real stand-up barrel I saw in the 3 hours I was out there… After living in PR for 10yrs you get jaded but this wave, this spot is so special and I’m going to target it the rest of the winter. All the best scores seem to happen in February.
NW PR Updater: That being said Rincon is packed right now hard to find places to stay and rental cars I’ve heard… It’s like everyone is down here escaping the cold winter. Lots of people tenting on the beach- the WX is perfect!