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End of September 2023

Props to Dylan for scoring yesterday!!

Friday Update WFL 7am: How did you know there were waves yesterday? If you were on that major props!! I heard best south facer was 2-3ft and just perfect. Buoy was 2.3@8SW and that was not on the wave models. That little disturbance in the southern gulf shot the winds at WFL Wednesday night, who knew? This site had a heads up for a 1ft log line but did not expect that… Tell us in the comments if you scored…
Rincon Friday 9/29- Going to start posting more Rincon stuff on, enjoy. I’m not ego’d out, just trying to keep the content fresh, WFL has not had a good run as you know… I’m up at 5am headed to Middles to surf and shoot. I heard it was good yesterday and today is similar, pics coming later. Rincon is not flat just small and a little slow but Domes def has an occ fun wave in the waist high range, weekend forecast looks similar but with a bit more NE winds at the gradient tightens in front of the twins, LOL. Can you make it down to PR? LMK… quick weekend trip, c’mon she owes you! Let’s surf!!

Gabe Rips!! WFL surfer at Wildo on a super fun left a couple weeks ago. Photo: M-Dub on the 800…

Gulf has a small swell this am, biggest at best south facers where it looks knee to thigh and glassy.

Great place to eat on LBK.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Wed 6am WFL Outlook: This am we have a really weak low pressure in the N gulf near LA. The flow is SE and S. Maybe a small line later today for a log, give it half a check. By tomorrow easterly flow will take over for the near term and long term. So till not anything to surf on the horizon, hang in there. Next forecast Friday unless the gulf low unexpectedly gets going.

Rincon and NW PR Insane last month…

NW PR End of an Amazing September 2023: Pics from the entire month below the WFL forecast…

Wildo with room to play. I’m shooting w/ a new R7 and the 800mm f11 and I love the colors! The focus is awesome too.
Cass in front with Sophie from Ft Myers sharing a wave yesterday.

I’m 53, lost a few lbs since I quit drinking and started working out, on a foiled out new bat, this is my backside grovel that Ive worked really hard on, what do you think?

Gabe from St Pete!! All photos M-Dub.

Jordy from Suncoast.

Greg Boyer from St Pete.

James from SRQ.

This kid ripped. He was about the only person that could slow down enough for the tube. Look to the right of the tube… Lots of older dudes surfing yesterday and this poor guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Photo: M-Dub.

Kahuna at Marias on Saturday afternoon from Idalia. Photo: M-Dub.

Perfect waves with no-one out except me and Jamie. Friday in Aguada.