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GC Tubes and PTC 1/Alex the Tropical Storm

PTC 1 before it became Alex made these waves in Bradenton, Florida… June 2022 wave event….

Test driving a Firewire Spitfire Helium.

This summer has been so fun so farm stoked!!! All photos by Tyler.

Puerto Rico is beautiful.

Lilac Alvarado yesterday at Wildo.

This is the bottom section of Wildo yesterday.

Gulf Coast Tubes-

WFL Hurricane swell.

Nothing like a good gulf coast tube.

Hoping for weekend tubes.

MW- Venice Pier Y2K

Middle Jetty Sunset Beach, Hurricane Ivan. Experts predict a busy 2018 hurricane season. Spring is starting early.

Send more barrels.

Dolly Tube 2007, photo: Mo

Ocean and Earth. Photo: Micah Weaver.