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New Years January 2021

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Saturday WFL 5am: This morning buoys are pretty uniform 6ft at 8 occ 9 seconds WNW. That usually equals waist to chest at the best spots(it’s still dark out)…Local winds in CLW are NW at 15-20. Venice reporting NNW at 20. PORTS data has a minus tide so not much water on the snad bars. One model I saw this am had onshore winds all day today, another going light at around 10-11am… There is a chance winds could lighten up today and clock N a bit if there is a break in the gradient. Keep an eye out for that from mid morning on. Tomorrow the wind looks offshore with knee high leftovers. Go Bucs! even down here is everyone is pumped for TB!

Early January 2021 Gulf Low Official WFL Report and Analysis Next up this week we have another low forming in Texas and this time it does not lift out, it heads for Georgia. Not super strong or impressive but WNW winds at 20-25knts are expected over the NE gulf and seas 4-6ft on Friday. Onshore surf for Saturday. Knee to thigh and cleaner for Sunday.
Monday 1ft knee plus leftovers at best spots.
Tuesday 1ft N line weak ruffle most likely.
Wednesday: calm.
Thursday: Chance for rideable SSW wind waves right before dark.
Friday West wind front day with chest to shoulder high surf and onshore winds.
Saturday: waist to chest high day after surf with choppy conditions and onshore winds.