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August 2022

Friday August 12, 2022 WFL Summer WX:

Jacob Sheilds surfing in Mexico.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Friday No Wave WX Paragraph 7am WFL: I feel like we are in a reverse ground-hog day 🙂 The sand-piper saw his shadow on the beach and now we have at least 3 more weeks of summer before things get interesting. Nothing new to report today other than 1ft chances. The current onshore/almost variable flow (it’s so light) is supposed to get more onshore next week and some 15knt west winds are possible Wednesday. If this was to happen a knee high log wave could be expected next Wednesday. 97L is a blob headed for PR on late Sunday. It’s supposed to cause urban flooding. Maybe an uptick in waves on the N coast. That’s all I got today. Have a good Friday.

Good weekend to go skate.

IMO how to get thru a gnarly GOMEX multi month flat spell- There really is no way to comfortably get thru a gnarly flat-spell save for leaving the area and going somewhere with waves and many guys have taken trips to surf areas this summer. When I was a kid there were really gnarly flat-spells and I would just skate every freaking day. That’s all I did thinking back now I probably learned to surf by skate-boarding. I would describe my skate style as pretty surfy. People say I look like I’m surfing. I have loose trucks on a wider skateboard. I can olie, slide and grind and bust out some old 80’s tricks like a boneless but I’m not like a street skater as far as flip tricks. So skating is how to get thru it. What do you think? Its just best not to think about surfing. Best case try and wait for a 1ft wave and sneak out before dark at some shallow sand-bar and catch a couple tiny ones, shin high if you can. That helps. Going to the EC helps. Just realize it’s a bad pattern and the lock out is full on but eventually it will end. Until the triple dip La ninya leaves it’s not looking good. Until that blocking high and higher storm track leaves it’s hard to get any westerlies from fronts, troughs or anything. Skate thru it!

WFL is blessed with so many cool skate spots now. There was none of this in the 80’s when we were growing up. Take advantage of it.