Late January 2021

Updated Monday 1/25 Surf WX forecast for the last week in January 2021:

Cold Waves on the Way.

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Monday 6am WFL Report: Dude, that was the best football game ever! So stoked… Congrats to everybody!!! Ok, the last time I looked at the WFL surf WX was Saturday and now 48hrs later things have changed a bit. And while waves are on the way it looks a bit notch down at this time. Low Pressure over Oklahoma will move east and bump against high pressure in the Atlantic. This will make for SSE winds in the middle gulf but the Eastern Gulf stays SE and not as strong so chances for a south swell tomorrow have gone down. Worth half a check with low expectations but it looks 1ft now, sorry. The front hits hard on Thursday with lots of wind, 25knts solid N wind and NW wind swell- waist to chest at best cold front spots but it quickly turns NE and Friday now looks like knee high cold leftovers instead of a solid clean up day like it looked Saturday, so those are the changes. Why? The waves now come from Pensacola with lots of N and by Friday not much is showing on the models but a small residual swell. What to do? Give it half a check later tomorrow to see how much south line there is and then focus on a solid cold front day of surf which is Thursday. That’s your best option for waves this week, Thursday esp PM. There will be waves all day Thursday and winds will be gusty but N and then NNE so Thursday PM could be good. Direction is NW to NNW so cold front spots will be the call. Another look tomorrow, Locked in? Or changes? Check back.
Last week of January Surf WX Outlook:
Sunday calm
Monday 1ft south wind waves PM.
Tuesday knee high at best south facers.
Wednesday Knee high at best south facers.
Thursday: Waist to chest high from the NW 25knt N winds clocking NNE at 20 PM.
Friday: NE winds and glassy knee high leftovers.

26 thoughts on “Late January 2021

  1. Fuggin

    Pretty fun in Sarasota this afternoon, waist high and wind not a problem. Still can’t find my booties ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  2. RUSS-D

    The Zoo was kind of fun on my fat Fish this afternoon. Occasionally a couple would come in and line up for a ride. I could really see it wanting to do something good but not quite being able to. Still, a fun way to spend a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon. ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค™

  3. admin Post author

    Got this report on Tuesday… Surfed a fun ****** wave today late afternoon, clean stomach high runners..

  4. greg

    Heh…you crack me up! I like the the frothy version for sure. Like seeing the personality come through and the pure joy that good surf can bring. Also…it tends to have more details. I always read your report before the other main stream sites. Will hit you with another donation soon.

  5. Brees

    That kicker doesnt have any toes dude what the ****?!?!? Haha literally booting that shit with a steel toe boot 63 yards

  6. Brees

    Its gonna be breezy this weekend. Go drew brees bucs bandwagon is annoying. Been here my whole life but its not the same with all this money added to boost a super team.

  7. baytopper

    LOL…like beer and cappuccino…better with a little froth! Gonna need all the motivation I can get if the gulf drops below 60 degrees ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Fuggin

    I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is MORE FROTH! Your Gulf forecast passion and good vibes keep me stoked and on my scheduling game. I’m a Jags fan but go Bucs! Even though I think they are underdogs they have a good chance of pulling it off.

  9. Ericito

    Frothy froth! Bout to hop in and get it started! Lil south showing up at the jetty wedge! Keep it stoked, if your stoked!

  10. DW

    MW you’ll dig this, happened in your old backyard. I noticed the wind slack mid morning at home in Seminole so quick ck’d the buoys and cams and ran down to the Indian/Redington Shores line. Scored from 10:30 till almost noon. Easy chest to shoulder sets, lightest wind, clean and powerful. Then wind immediately picked up NW 20k+ and that was that, blown to pieces. There was some solid swell out there for that spot to light the way it did. Tomorrow may shine too, hoping for a repeat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ericito

    Dude this super light wind in pinellas this morning was primo! Now its gale! How did that happen?

  12. RUSS-D

    OMG, The Zoo was super fun this morning until low tide fully set in. I then drove south down Gulf Blvd to the other crowded spot. It was really fun until that wind cranked up. I think this is the longest time in the water surfing, for me, in over a year. I hope my shoulder doesn’t start barking at me later. I get an MRI on Tuesday to see how bad it is(still messed up from that mountain bike crash back in Sept. 2020.

  13. Fuggin

    I wasn’t able to get away from work until this afternoon when it was choppy but still fun with solid swell under it all. Speaking of solid swell anyone watching the surfline XXL stream? Out of control! Meanwhile our buoys are now pinging @10 seconds yewww! I have roughly 45 minutes of light before I have to superman out of my wetsuit(still can’t find my booties) and jet to work. I hope everyone scores tomorrow, it’s looking good ๐Ÿค™

  14. RUSS-D

    This morning was a little smaller but still a lot of fun at The Zoo. Wedgy fun barrels really early. And then, as the tide dropped, it got harder to make some of them. But occasionally one would come in and make it worth the wait. I hope y’all got some good waves today. It looks like it is still rideable on most of the cams.

  15. DW

    Ditto Russ, 2021 of to a great start for us gulfsters! On pace to match 2020? After quite the session in Indian Shs. yesterday before the wind, I took the trip south today to meet an ol’ buddy from Tampa and surf a spot in AMI N of the piers. While not as big as yesterday was tons o’ fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And props to those who scored ****y’s today. Back in the day MW shot some cool pics from the pier of my son when he was just a lil’ grom and now he’s 29! That wave is timeless and yes, let the hordes stay at the jetty. As Steve Miller sang…”Time keeps on slipin’ slipin’ into the future…”

  16. RUSS-D

    WOW, ****y’s looked fun. I haven’t surfed there since that one “Mysto Swell” a few years ago. I surfed it with Paul D. that ran the Gulf Surf Forum. The barrels were so fast they were almost impossible to get into them. But when you did it was speedy and fun.

  17. Joey

    Fun sesh Sunday morning! Perfect conditions for that spot. Dead wind and zero drift, the only thing that woulda made it better is if I was good at going switch. A lotta mini kegs out there but you know what they say,โ€ if you came out you werenโ€™t deep enoughโ€ haha. Tell your friends thereโ€™s more shots of em coming soon, it was nice meeting em

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