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Tropical Storm Ana Swell in PR 2021

Tuesday 5/25 7am Report below…

Crazy satellite. Big loop in the GOMEX, spinner Ana in the ATL.

Action cams tend to make small waves look tiny. This one is waist high I swear 🙂
photo: M-Dub.

Rainy season started early and everything is green and lush.

The high is capping over the GOMEX while lows track slowly across the ATL. This will be the pattern for a bit.

Monday in PR, the left at Domes.

Tropical Storm Anna swell in Rincon, PR. 5/24/21 photos: M-Dub:

Brandon Lopez sets it up on the left at Domes.

Hitting it!

Chikako on a nice right at Marias.


Marias has had good form.

Nice left!!!


Chica nueva.


NW PR Surf Report: I surfed Indy until I couldn’t paddle anymore then drove around and shot these photos to document the swell. So cool to get a tropical swell so early. It’s been a really good May, waves every day. I hope we don’t get hit by a hurricane later in the summer but the season looks active and if the gulf got it last year will the gulf get it again or will the Caribbean. Stay safe, have a plan, get ready now, we are… June 1st is coming…