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Big Tuesday in the Caribbean

Monday 1/16 in PR: The forecast for this weekend and next week look really good LP NNE on the way.

Aerial styling on Monday.

Lexx going backside.

LI Guy.

Some solid sets at Domes. The left was better than the right.

Air @leifnotleaf.

The surf has been really good here in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
There have been a lot of options for catching a fun wave. A solid NNE swell is coming later next week around the 26th. We have every type of accommodation here from resorts to camping on the beach. Many people are tenting it at Domes and Maria's. Jet blue has fares next week from MCO to BQN $260RT. Quality surfboard rentals are available here. I can put you on good surf and get the shot. Let me know.

El Ninyo vs. La Ninya in the Caribbean

Wind generated electricity thrives on solid trade winds, St Croix wind turbine facing the east. Wind and solar energy are popular here and gaining ground with every month that passes.

Caribbean Life Blogger, The Yin and Yang of El Ninyo/ La ninya:
When I visited St Croix back in June for a convention I met old timers from almost all the Leeward Islands. One common theme stood out as we talked about the weather: 2015 and the first part of 2016 was across the board the hottest stretch any of them had ever seen. Very uncomfortable. We're talking about Islands like Tortola, St Thomas, St Kitts where these people had lived for 80 years and a lot of times w/o electricity to keep a fan going. The wind in the Caribbean that keeps the WX so liveable and comfortable is the Bermuda high, the trades that blow NE in the winter and SE in the summer. El Ninyo got rid of the Bermuda high and replaced it with long term Atlantic low pressure. A year ago the Caribbean was hot and humid with south winds in January. This is good for surfers when they are surfing it opens up more spots to surf along northern coasts. On land the sweat fest never stops. In short El Nino made life in the Caribbean very uncomfortable. Not too many people have a/c so the only relief is swimming or those rare 3 hours in the day when the local sea breeze fires up. I remember looking at the buoy in Hawaii with 20-30knt trades going 'that's what we need'. Well now the weather has flipped and we are experiencing cooler than normal WX. I asked an 80 yr sister in our congregation the other night who grew up in the mountains of Mayaguez if she had ever seen such a cool, rainy stretch of weather and she said 'no'. For me, it's absolutely amazing, delicious. The high has been 77 every day here at my house, a few degrees below normal. In the evening, watching the sunset from the balcony it's like 70 with a stiff breeze and the temp bottoms out in the mid 60's with a constant NE breeze, we love it. Weather U said La ninya is dead. Whatever the case El Ninyo came late and stayed long. It took a while to kick in and OT to kick out. While I was in St Croix a huge high pressure moved into the ATL and the heat finally broke at the end of June 2016 as the trades came back at 15-20. Islanders breathed a huge sigh of relief. El ninyo was over int the Caribbean.

Here's one Natty got of Darren at the shorebreak:

Last week was one of the best weeks of surfing
I've had here. I surfed so many out of the way spots. The shore-break was super fun early in the week. Lots of tube riding. Saturday night at Fish Market every wave was drop in and get tubed. After awhile I started to relax and enjoy the barrel instead of surfing to rush out of it. That was super cool. When I closed my eyes at night and all I saw were tubes. I was so satisfied I didn't even think about surfing on Sunday.

Saturday Fish Market: We drove around for an hour and almost paddled out at Tres but WJ's board was too small so we went all the way down to Fish Market and stumbled onto this. It was so fun, lots of perfect little right barrels. Great way to cap off a great week of surf.

Chest high barrels, too fun.

I ate crap on both of these. The rides are like 7 seconds long if your lucky, a quick fix of adrenaline. I surfed for almost 2 hours and got one sick, suck up little barrel in and out that made it worth it.

Looking a bit like Manasota?

Thursday am at the shorebreak. Wish you were here to surf it with me.

Thursday 8am Caribe Life Bog:
Sorry for the lack of updates I'm Mr Momming it while my wife is in Florida taking care of her dad. Everything is backing up and I have not even looked at the WX. Dosent help too much surf every day... I'll be back at least by tomorrow with an updated WFL forecast.

This is Michael Moul surfing the shorebreak with me on Wednesday. He broke his new board on his 1st wave, charging it!

The front is past here and over the VI's this am.

WFL Wednesday 1/11 6am: Just an update. SE flow for WFL, warming up. Next chance for surf is about a week out with some south flow. Models still lock onto a big system for late January, now looking at 1/24. Waves on the way but it's going to be a wait so here is some more coverage of this wacky event the Caribbean is having. It's 67, rainy and windy here this am. The high yesterday was 77 and we got a little more than an inch of rain from that front. Headed back to Lala land this am.

Deadman's looking deadly. More photos at

Nice Set. This is the south side of Rincon.


Tuesday PM Caribbean updater: I've never seen these spots break. So cool to surf sand bar, shore break for the first time in forever and the cold WX... unreal day in the Caribe. Creeping late into my 40's I need to keep things as simple as possible. Straight down my hill, the town beach that noone ever surfs? It was breaking today! 5 minutes from my house. I had a pile of sand in my trunks and sand in my ears when I got home, I'm going back tomorrow. Super cool day. It seemed the sheer power of the swell, the close proximity, the strong wind pushed it into all the nooks and crannies that never break. Playa Lala closest beach to my house was breaking today with shorebreak tubes, stoked!

Outside. South side bomb.

Anyasco Curve.

Tres Palmas on Tuesday 1/10.

Playa Lala

Little Malibu from Playa Lala. Photo: M-Dub and Julie Bliss.

Guide Services, photography and video.

Guide Services, photography and video.


About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I'm from St Petersburg, Florida. I started forecasting for the WFL gulf in the mid 1980's and continue to do so up to today. I currently live in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Thanks for visiting

About the forecaster: My name is Micah Weaver. I'm from St Petersburg, Florida. I started surfing and forecasting the WFL gulf coast in the mid 1980's.I currently live in Rincon, Puert Rico. Thanks for visiting

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