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June 2024

Saturday WFL

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Saturday 6/22/24 WFL: Very small south line this weekend that does not look too rideable as things chill out in the southern gulf. The weekend looks 1ft, next week looks calm. A solid tropical disturbance is shown in the Keys/southern gulf next weekend so maybe something down the road. Have a great weekend. I’m out of town so updates will be brief and spotty…

Details by Diaco updated 6/20 For best south swell spots. St Pete will probably be smaller.
Tuesday 6/18 1ft south line, knee high possible PM at best south facer. Offshore flow.
Wednesday 6/19 1ft plus south line, worth a check. Strong offshore flow.
Thursday 6/20 1ft south line, calmer. Log wave at low tide… Offshore flow.
Friday 6/21 1ft south line, calm. Offshore flow.
Saturday 6/22 1ft south line, building to 1-2ft PM, LP wave?
Sunday 6/23 1-2ft south swell with light winds…
Monday 6/24 1ft south line, calm. Light south winds.
Tuesday 6/25 1ft WSW line, LP wave?
Wednesday 6/26 1ft WSW line. West wind waves on the way to end the week…

Finca Weaver 2- My WX station in Rincon, PR

We may finally get some waves Thursday.