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WFL Surf Trip

The Venice Shoal.

I caught a good left off this shoal bar yesterday, surfed it all the way to shore. On the 2nd go around looking for more it was so windy and drifty I could not line it up and gave up after drifting way past the peak. Super shallow… so 2ft buoy and its on the fade. Enjoy your day!
Late December Low Latitude Low Pressure

Tuesday NOON Updated Surfed some chest high plus fun waves this am in SRQ county, windy and choppy but fun. Did not get a chance to get any pics. There is plenty of surf out there but it is choppy. Hoping for glassy 1-2ft leftovers tomorrow down south.

The Compound

Today’s hi res model for tomorrow am looks a little better. Will it be clean and solid? Search at your own risk.

Monday 12/23 in St Pete. Photos: M-Dub.

We got the wind break… Fun sand bar in St Pete right now. About 40 guys spread out between Chateau and the bottom section of Middle Jetty. Seemed like leftovers from Sunday and not fresh groundswell but it may have been a bit of both. Everyone was stoked to have fun clean surf and it was good to see old friends, stoked and psyched for tomorrow if it pans out…

Late December Low Latitude Low Pressure: Sunday: Best south swell spots will be knee high building to chest high by late Sunday. Jetty spots will be key. Monday looks maybe VAS with the strong low close by and 20-30knt WNW winds all day Monday, building head high choppy waves on Monday. A chance a few south facers could clean up a little very late on Monday. Tuesday looks like the clean-up. Seas show up 4-6ft at 8 maybe 9 seconds NW and winds 15-20 from the NNE. No hype with a clam digger low tide but if you had a spot that worked with no water it could be fun.
Hey guys, it’s the end of 2019 and we go full-on into 2020 with a great run of surf for wave stoked surfers in WFL. If your using this site to score fun waves and you feel like chipping in for 2020 a donation button is below. I have to upgrade my equipment (pc, camera, etc) so any help is greatly appreciated and will help with future forecasts and content! Thanks so much for being generous and giving.

Thanks for your generosity!



Props to anyone who got barreled here yesterday. Thanks to Joey at for the shot…

WFL Surf Trip

After Party at Seagrape Wine SRQ.

Scoring the Gulf 12/18/19- photos- M-Dub.

Gulf coast grinder.

Coming left, ouch my stiff neck! Thanks to Eric Stephens for the rad shots! Eric took a break from getting barreled to snag some pics after his 5hr marathon session.

Thanks to Chris for loaning me his full-suit and sick Peli epoxy SB, the board worked perfect, thanks man! Photo by Eric Stephens.

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