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Small West Swell Sunday

Monday 7am Analysis Below: Very best spots have a 1ft/knee high maybe occ thigh high peak this am with offshore winds, possibly good for a grom or a log…

Yeah Jake! Compound owner Jacob Shields on a nice wave yesterday. Photo: Joey/

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Monday 6:30am WFL DP Report and Analysis After an epic hurricane season in 2020- WFL is into a great winter pattern with multiple fronts every week and lots of surf, sometimes small and sometimes better. Next up this week we have another low forming in Texas and this time it does not lift out, it heads for Georgia. Not super strong or impressive but WNW winds at 20-25knts are expected over the NE gulf and seas 4-6ft on Friday. Clean leftovers Saturday am. Target those days.
Monday 1ft knee plus leftovers at best spots.
Tuesday 1ft N line weak ruffle most likley.
Wednesday: calm.
Thursday: Chance for rideable SSW wind waves right before dark.
Friday West wind front day with chest high surf and onshore winds.
Saturday: knee to waist high day after surf with glassy conditions and offshore winds.

The puff rock has been the spot lately. Lots of tubes and lots of hunters.

Caribbean? PR has had non-stop surf, lots of big lows will send more surf over the next 2 weeks. The weather is so sick- 68 this am with breezy trades and the dew point well below 70- feels amazing out, shoulder high surf again, water temp 82. Lo Malo? It’s been crowded, everyone and their brother is here in Rincon. Even the pros from Isabela showed up at Indys this weekend… Sanjuaneros, Americans, everybody is here for the holidays. The strong NE wind has limited clean conditions to Indy thru Tres/steps. Lo Bueno? The holidays will be over here in another week after 3 Kings Day and things will settle down hopefully. There is still tons of surf to go around esp if you surf the corners or take a smaller, less clean wave. Aguada is empty as is certain other N side breaks and the wind is supposed to calm down at least part of the time.