Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Early Season Frontage

Agatha and Mabel check the DP condiditons in St Petersburg as a set crosses the sand bar.

Agatha and Mabel check the DP conditions in St Petersburg before heading out on their Buick SUP's. Looks knee high range already.

Tuesday Front Watch 7am: NWS has issued a Rip Current statement for today. A 1 to maybe 2ft wave is possible on the right time and tide. Mechanics of a front When I see a front coming I look to see what the kicker is to pull it through. I check the high temps behind the front and also check the models to see the forecasted strength and placement of the high pressure behind the front. So in the case of this early season front due to pass on Saturday the kicker is a big low out in the ATL which is forecast to become stronger, that's good. Yesterday, the Sunday high was 83. Today the Sunday high is 81, overnight lows drop a little also. Consensus: Everyone is on board that this is really going to happen and not go weak at the last second. Looks good. Yesterday the models showed more of a weak wave in the 1 maybe 1 1/2ft range. Today it looks a little more solid but it's Tuesday and there are still 96hrs to go before passage. I say 90% chance WFL is going to get some cooler drier WX. 60% chance there could be a ridable NNW windswell on Saturday. So stay tuned we will keep analyzing it as we get closer. See ya September, another bad surf month for the gulf and Caribbean, don't let the door hit ya!

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