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Stella March

Saturday Caribbean DP:

Friday 7am WFL updater: Again apologies, been super busy this week. WFL surf forecast is pretty calm with offshore, SE flow, maybe a 1ft S line tomorrow and Sunday. Later next week the SE flow may go south so we will be watching that. Check the EC forecast or fly down to PR :).

Monday 3/20 WFL Surf Forecast 11am
The week looks like this wave-wise: Wednesday looks like 15knt onshores and 1ft waves. Thursday a backdoor front increases the NE breeze. Next week there is a chance for some south swell. Stay tuned, too early to call it yet.

Super dad, Stefan Rest gets up to change diapers then charges solid bombs at Marias for the dawn Patrol, Thursday in the Caribbean.

PR on Friday:
Cel Phone Pics... Looks tiny but it's not. Look closely and you can see guys surfing it. Fun perfect waves, just me Tim and Collin. So cool to watch snapper rocks then go hit the lip as hard as you can, stoked...


Little Malibu (Rincon) Surf Report and Forecast
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