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October 26, 2017

November 2017

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Tuesday 11/21 Updated report below.

Tuesday WFL Updater 6am:
Maybe a small bump on Turkey day in the afternoon also on Friday there is a chance for a knee to thigh swell at best spots. Some LB waves possibly. Worth a check with low expectations. That crispy little LB wave shot from yesterday looked super fun for the polar bears. Sunday has a better chance for surf as the low moves out and a stronger front passes.

Monday 11/20 3pm Updated Report:
Looked like a fun wave for the guys who don’t mind the chill and have the LB for the slide. Not that good of a front. Inconvenient, lets call it that. It was probably good at midnight. Next up low pressure will form in the gulf and meander. The problem with this low is it does not have a good front side so not much south wind is forecast and not much surf is forecast. Once the low finally moves out over the weekend a front will sweep in behind it with surf. This is still an unstable, variable situation with low confidence so check back. I’m sleep deprived after getting home at 5:30am and I can’t forecast too well. We went to the Compound last week and it was a super cool experience. I have a 5’7 RNF that I had been riding keel fins on and it was kind of sluggish. I got a new set of Channel Island’s twin fins with the high rake and the RNF surfed like new at Indy’s today(photos below). The Compound has tons of new boards, fins, traction, wetsuits, shoes, sandals, clothes and so much more, rad shop check them out, great service too. I’m going to get back on the early schedule here soon so check back on the forecast.

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The latest from Rincon, PR

Tuesday 11/21 PR
I expected to come home and see more progress but it’s slow and some people are getting discouraged. My friends from LI say that everyone is going to Mexico and Costa Rica this winter. More waves for us. But we need the visitors. The problem is Puntas. That’s where all the places are and that’s where there is no visible progress. Puntas is high up and on the coast and it got Maria esp bad. Still no water or electric for the people of Puntas, not even close. Here at my house we have electric and water, so wonderful. The power line is still laying on my house and when I run my hands under the faucet I can feel a slight charge of electricity, no bueno!

Monday 11/20 in PR:

Light crowds for sure.

WJ backside in the bowl.

Blake off the bottom.

Blake in a reverse.

Blake off the top.

11/20/2017 Back in PR

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Little Malibu (Rincon) Surf Report and Forecast

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