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9am add-on: Erika looks dead, hope she comes back enough to make some surf for WFL.
Saturday 7am WFL Surf Forecast: 2 things happened overnight- 1, the track from the NHC is now in the WFL swell window and 2, there is a chance Erika may not survive the next 24hrs. At the moment all her convection has faded and she is detached from her circulation. Sometimes they just give a bunch of clouds a name. Really it's a different storm than the one that pounded Dominica on Thursday. The central Caribbean has beat down Erika pretty good. Assuming that a circulation does lift off the north coast of Cuba... WFL, the first thing you will notice is an uptick in ENE and NE winds as the gradient tightens, no surf yet. If a circulation gets N of the Keys than all we need is some 20 knt south or SSE winds to get a bit of south wind-swell. So we will see if Erika can pull that off. She did have a defined circulation when she past PR yesterday. It was gusty NE on the front side and gusty SW on the back side so that's a good sign. Chances are there will be some waves late Monday or Tuesday, a even better shot. My guess is knee to waist high at best south facing beaches. Have a good day and thanks for checking in. I will update tomorrow.

Friday night.

Friday night.

Next WFL gulf surf: Monday or Tuesday 70/30 Don't wax it yet...

Friday Night: Im really overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern for the welfare of my family and neighbors here in PR. Thanks for the concern. Sincerely.... Erika is mental. She's a messed up chick. She s like Medusa shes got all these little spinners trying to distract everyone. I saw one little cyclone spin by Ponce on the radar last night 50 miles from center. I kept waiting for the 10 inches of rain and it never happened. Erika stayed out in the Caribbean. We got some gusts to 40 which was enough to knock out the feeble infrastructure but besides that we did not even get rain in Rincon. Not that I care. I only hope it rained in San Juan and St Thomas and St John. I know it rained in St Croix (farther south). So now she's coming your way... Dont be too alarmed she's so messed up. She might be called a really, really strong tropical wave (respect for the fallen in Dominica which is a a vertical island). I just hope she gives some surf to WFL. WFL had such a good run just a couple weeks ago. Lets get a little more. Do you notice the NHC keeps moving the track more and more left. Pretty soon its a gulf storm. More on Sunday...

Alive and kicking.

Alive and kicking.

Caribbean blogger:
Dont read this if I get emotional... My father in law moved with us to PR almost 5 yrs ago on his own volition, he was 87. Last year he moved back to St Pete to be closer to his doctors. It was tough living together... He had his ways and we are a chaotic family of 5 but we had some good times together. He was diagnosed with colon cancer a month ago so my wife went back to be with him through the surgery. Born in Napoli, in the old country he is not one to lay down and 5 days after his surgery at the tender age of 92 he is up and walking and taking care of himself in the rehab center. My wife has been gone for 2 weeks. I would have gone too but the directora of my kids school would not let us go. Mom's... I dont know how you do it... I think about now what it would be like to raise these kids on my own and it's overwhelming and depressing. The surf was waist high little AMI reverse peaks at Spanish Wall this afternoon and I could not even bring myself to go out. I was sore, exhausted and ready to crash... So my wifey is coming back tomorrow. Props to all the moms and all the wives. Everyone is struggling, don't give up... Hug your family, life is beautiful...

1pm 8/27/05 Shea Lopez, WFL. Photo: M-Dub.

1pm 8/27/05 Shea Lopez, WFL. Photo: M-Dub. Hard to believe its been 10 yrs already.

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