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January 1, 2016

GC Surf Week

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Thursday 6am update I called the wrong day for the clean up. Wednesday am was the clean-up. Yesterday looked like barrel fest 2016. That guy on the yellow railed board in Captiva made it look Chocolate Kirra, long, deep barrels and making them, so sick I was pumped checking those shots. Captiva has some barrels. 6ft at 10 seconds has always been a magic number for WFL barrels. Thanks el nino. Much smaller today I would desk guess knee high for the DP this am. You can find a LB wave later on incoming tide. Next window of waves is not far off. 15knt plus west winds could put a ridable wave on the beaches tomorrow afternoon esp from Manatee Cnty North. Then Saturday will have a 2ft, thigh high NW line with offshore winds at best cold front spots. Stoked for you guys.

Wednesday Morning at Tres Palmas:
I really love this wave. It is such a good spot. I’m only surfing it on small days but it’s so easy. I can paddle out at Tres with hair dry and work my way up to the peak instead of getting 10 on the head at Marias. I’m riding a 6’8 X 20.5 X 2.75 and it was catching waves like nothing, battelship cruiser, love it, stoked. Come surf it with me!

Wednesday morning view of a set from up the hill.

Wednesday morning view of a set from up the hill.



6'8 move out there...

6’8 moving out there…





Me and Rosey take turns shooting. She does a great job.

Me and Rosey take turns shooting. She does a great job.

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