Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Black Friday- the Compound is going off!


For Friday:
Should be a knee to possibly thigh cold leftover at the very best spots down south Friday am first thing... No update today. After Friday the gulf goes calm for a week. Take a break enjoy your families...

Thurs 8am: On the beach it's calm this am. The buoys are picking back up. Hopefully by this afternoon. I think the later the better today. Check out the last few hours before dark, should be a fun waist high wave with N winds at cold front spots. I'm thinking fun stomach high right walls as the sun sets, clean in the N wind as they spin down that WFL point south of Bradenton, nostalgia... Chilly but this afternoon may be our last shot at gulf surf for a week so try and surf. Friday am looks like 1ft leftovers. Have a great day and thanks for checking aurasurf! Check out the Compound tomorrow for huge Black Friday deals!!!

Wed 11/26 WFL 7am: The wind is strong and side onshore, jetty blockage a good idea. Hope you find some waves today. Another clipper crosses the gulf tonight bringing waves for the holiday, looks better in the afternoon but who knows with the wind honking like it is. Knee to waist high by Thursday pm.

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