Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

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Gulf Coaster Mo Lelii surfing in PR today.

Gulf Coaster Mo Lelii surfing in PR today.

Wednesday WFL Surf Outlook: The latest is a split system where part of TD9 heads for Cuba and the Bahamas and the tropical side stays in the Yucatan. Makes sense... Levi has an in depth look at it on The frustrating thing is it seems like it's taking forever to get anything going. Any tropical system producing surf is still a week out. It's by no means a lock as it has to be in the channel, too far east and no surf will come so pure speculation but definitely a less bleak solution to the endless low pressure in the southern gulf. Note: Maybe a 1ft south line around Thursday and Friday. There are some SE winds in the channel. Not too big but the skimmers and groms will like it. Hope it gets big enough for Evy to get the LB on it. It will be clean w offshore flow. Just a small clean south line, that's all were forecasting at this point.

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