January Banger, the day after…

This photo pretty much summed up yesterday for me, creamy dreamy gulf coast about as good as it gets… Eric Stephens on the perfect wave.

Tuesday 6am WFL updater: Was yesterday the best day of the winter so far? Tell us your opinion in the comments. How good was it? I need to know. Tuesday is comment day c’mon… Reminded me of some of the swells back in the day… A few spots looked sig bigger than others but it was offshore and perfect everywhere… What time did the tide start to come in? Future Forecast: Don’t put your board away. Return flow starts today in front of another beautiful wave maker. Looks so fun…. A small south line for Wednesday evening. Thursday is the cold front day. Starts small and south but builds all day Thursday best time to surf late Thursday, waist to chest at best spots. Friday looks knee to waist and glassy at the best spots. Another front early next week as the pattern stays bueno!

Monday am preview.

Sunday 6am WFL Updater: AM desk guess: waist to chest choppy and building… Look for building surf today, getting head high at the best spots later in the day. Tomorrow am is cold but looks like the best clean up of the winter as the wind goes NE quickly as a 2ndary high builds down from New England. 3-4ft at 10seconds. Today thru tomorrow GC, go surf! Future forecast: 4 fronts left be4 February? The pattern goes cold but hyper from here to the end of the month. More surf this Friday and next Sunday. May be a good time to get more rubber or a fresh stick from the Compound.

For the GC Crew headed to PR late this week: Next weekend looks good in Isabela. Rincon will probably be small. Then Monday a legit swell fills into NW PR. Like we’ve had all winter, not too big: head high to 1 maybe 2ft OH but it looks fun. Late January in PR? you can’t lose!

WFL Surf Forecast for the January 2019 Banger Front: A solid low pressure will cross from Texas thru Tennessee and up into New England this weekend bringing a strong cold front thru the GOMEX with Polar air filing in behind the front on massive high pressure. Friday looks calm, Saturday before dark, the 1ft south line is expected, it does not look too rideable. Sunday awakes to building WSW swell and strong onshore winds. By late Sunday the wind is honking NW with head high west waves. Monday am looks like the best clean up of the winter so far b/c the wind goes offshore quickly, but very cold. Solid west swell from the middle gulf will be on the beach and winds are forecast to go NE over night making for good surfing conditions. The big minus will be the low tide Monday am and the cold temps with wind chills in the 30’s. Monday looks waist to chest in the am dropping after lunch but surf all day. Monday am wind call NE at 15. Check out the Compound for rubber. Got tips for beating the cold? Tell us in the comments, thanks!

This is what everyone in PR is talking about now. Tourism blowing up this winter in PR: