Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

July 2016

Tuesday PM in WFL:

Buoy bumped up and the tide came in and the little bump refracted off the barge and the sand bar and viola! The boys caught some surf! All photos by John Purdy/gulflinez.

Buoy bumped up and the tide came in and the little bump refracted off the barge and the sand bar and viola the boys caught some surf! All photos by John Purdy/gulflinez.





Looks so fun!

Looks so fun!

Wed 7am updater:
So stoked a few people found waves yesterday. This am the buoy is back down to 1.7ft@7seconds. That gave us not much warning at all just a little disturbance switching the wind for a few hours. Now the wind is switching back to the SE and ESE eventually so calm to end July and focused on fishing. How's the EC? I haven't checked. So stoked my family is coming back today. I'm going to check out for a few days and be back on Friday or Saturday. Peace......

Tuesday WFL Surf Forecast 5am: Woke up to a little bit of disturbed weather below Pensacola. Most of this is upper level. However 039 is 6ft at 7 from the SW but working down towards St Pete the Egmont buoy 098 is only 2ft, 036 is 4ft. It's dark right now but we'll update later this morning. Not saying there are going to be waves but it's worth keeping half an eye on. Knee high is the desk guess but maybe it will pick up. Tomorrow looks 1ft range with a small chance for a LB line. Then back to offshore flow and calm conditions to end July. Next forecast: Thursday.


Cool barrel shot.

Cory, hungry for tubes. Hunger is a good thing.

This analogy brought an Epiphany to me. Acutely in focus in her absence. You know if you ate constantly, an obese person always at the buffet you would never feel hungry. But food is awesome, some people live for food. Have you ever ate too much? ugh You dont even want to see food. You can equate this to many things in life that you love. Going without them is like getting really, really hungry and then how do those wings taste with just the right sauce that you like washed down with a cold beer? Ahhhhhh! Life is good. WFL Surfers are constantly hungry for surf. Cory and Shea grew up hungry for surf and that hunger propelled them to places we may not see another WFL surfer get to in our life time. Watching those guys battle it out at Chopes... Even as I live on an island with waves now the hunger does not go away. It never goes away for a WFL surfer. But in a way that's good because when you finally get to eat it's so good. When those channel swell lines finally come in you surf all day, sun burned exhausted and feeling so good!

Body Surfing Barrel.

Body Surfing Barrel.

Caribbean Life Blogger:
I've been here in PR with just Rosey as the rest of my fam has been in St Pete for a couple weeks. I've been doing a lot of little projects, catching up on things, working as a handy man. Life is so DIY here. There are a couple cool posters on Instagram that we like to follow here on the island, one is called @backpackingpr. Rosey saw a post and was dying to find where it was. I said "we can go to 1 place, pick it out" A little daddy daughter time. I cant believe she's 16 already, growing up so fast. Life is so busy here that we don't sight-see this beautiful island as much as we should so Sunday we took off for where we might find this place she wanted to see. It's a natural pool/pond in the middle of the cliff where the ocean washes in out. We had heard it was near Mar Chiquita but when we got to Mar Chiquita looking for wonders of nature, what we found was the biggest Puerto Rican Street Party ever. We bumped around and had fun. Then we headed over to another beach 15 minutes away called Poza de Las Mujeras. Another street party. The cops took pitty on our tourist butts and let us pass, there were so many people they closed the road going in. Both of these places are amazingly gorgeous, it's hot, it's a holiday(PR Constitution Day) so everyone is at the beach partying. From Poza de Las Mujeras we started hiking the beach back east. After walking a half hour beach then cliffs I'm like 'Rosey, if it's not over the next ridge we're calling it' we'd been searching all day. She got ahead of me and I then I see here jumping and yelling. She found it I was so happy for her. This little pool is like the ones in Hawaii cut right into the cliff. It looks like God cut a infinity pool right in the side of this rock coast. We took some pics and hung out and unlike Mar Chiquita and Poza de Las Mujeras there was nobody there. We left as the sun was setting, body surfing our way back to Poza. We stayed the night at a friends house in Luquillo then headed for the SE coast on Monday am. It had been 10 years since we did a summer vacay to SE PR in August 2006 so I wanted to go back. Maunabo is about as far from my house in Rincon as you can get on this island. I really like that town, it is clean and well-kept. The beach had not changed a bit, no new condos, everything the way I remembered it. The trades had backed down, more ENE than SE, so the waves were only knee to waist high but breaking just the way I remembered. The beach looks like Costa Rica pure beach break on black sand. We surfed for a bit and headed home. We circumvented the whole island over two days. Here they call it 'paseando' you just get in the car and drive to points of interest, sight seeing. Internal tourism. It was a good reminder of why PR is still called La Isla del Encanto. Here are a few pics:

Trade Swell.

Trade Swell.

Rosey trying not to get swept in the ocean.

Rosey trying not to get swept in the ocean.

Mar Chiquita beach party, holiday weekend.

Mar Chiquita beach party, holiday weekend.


Rosey's Pool.

Rosey's Pool.


SE PR on Monday:







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