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October 26, 2017

December 2017

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Thursday 6am WFL: Some fun waves were had yesterday in WFL. This am the buoys are 3ft@ 6 from the west and the wind is offshore, the tide is low. Desk guess is knee high at best cold front spots. Maybe a longboard slide somewhere today. After today flat for the weekend and not much showing for more waves at this point but check back there are lows forecast in the GOMEX but no surf from them yet.

Wed 5pm update: Hope you found some fun ones today. Below is a set of photos from today in PR. These waves were from your weekend cold front. South winds here so Sandy Beach was really good, super pretty day. Things are getting back to normal and guys from the EC are scoring good surf here. C’mon down.

Wednesday 5am POLAR BEAR DP WFL Special: GM GC Buoys are 5-7ft@8 this am WNW. Winds in Clearwater are a hair right of due North and gusty while down in Venice Sharkies is reporting NE@7 so less wind and more offshore south of the bay. Temps: 50 degree air, 65 water and 47 wind-chill. PORTS data has the tide low and still going out. Somewhere is going to have fun surf today, seek and you shall find some nugs and some barrels. Desk guess is waist high with plus sets at best shallow sand bars but too much low tide is not helping the DP. Matty’s drain pipe from Sunday looks like a candidate for WFL Wave of the Winter. Tomorrow Thursday looks knee to possibly thigh at best spots as a weak clipper crosses tonight. Sunday begins a warm up. Lots of WX but no sure bets on the next surf for WFL after this so go get some today…

Puerto Rico:
Ouch! Below is the estimate I got from Canon. This is for a repair to the 7d Mark 1. The camera is not even worth 350 on e-bay. It was just in for repairs 1 year ago. Unbeevable so now I have to get a new body. This must be Canon’s way of forcing you to buy new equipment. Check out the description: Corrosion… You think?


All Proceeds go to Families in need in Puerto Rico:


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