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Hoping for more WFL waves. Photo: M-Dub.

Sunday WFL 7am: SSE flow will bump up later today but not much more than a 1ft south line is expected later. Models are struggling with the next blob. Like the last blob it’s super disorganized. I said last week 50/50 it could make some WFL waves and that seems like it is still the way it is. What we know is there is low pressure and clouds are down there and eventually it will move north. IF WFL did get waves from it it would be next weekend. In the meantime surges of SSE flow will ride up the west coast of Florida. Nice tropical WX. Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for checking in.

May has been really flat in NW PR but up north there is a lot of surf. I had mtgs in SJU and on my way back I drove the coast from Isabela to Wildo(I brought my board). Isabela was 6ft and windy, Jobos, head high but messy with 25knt NE winds. I found waves at Wildo, then I went down to the Mix and it was so fun. I surfed till it was too dark to see. So stoked, I needed that bad. The Mix was super fun breaking up top, bowly chest high perfect rights and lefts. We have really beautiful cool, breezy Caribbean spring WX right now, super clear 85 then rain every afternoon. Yesterday it flooded in Rincon 3.5inches of rain fell. the farm is loving it. Today more rain but Im hoping it misses our hospitality event at the beach this afternoon.


May 2009, Cayo Hueso.

My Favorite Shots from 2017-18 season in Puerto Rico:

This turn by Cory at Domes in March was so sick and b/c he went left not many saw it…

Miguel Canals pulls in on the biggest swell in 30yrs, Tres Palmas. Miguel is gnarly not just to surf it but to pull in and not make it. Photo: M Weaver.

Wishing Well 2018

Tres Palmas Friday night. Really fun waves at 6-8ft.

Day after Irma devastated the VI’s we got shacked next to Table Rock in Aguada at the wave below. I would give them all back… 9/7/17…

PR has had a good week. January 2018 Chica at Parking Lots. Photo: M-Dub.

INDY was like this all weekend 11/18.

Sandy Beach

Tommy Bursian at Table Rock yesterday. All my shots are on if you want to see more.