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Surfy April 2017

Tuesday 7am Venice Knee to waist high, wind waves, rideable on a floaty board.

Tuesday 6am DP WFL Update: Low pressure continues NE of WFL pulling in solid NW winds. Buoys are 3-5ft at 6-8 seconds. South of 28 degrees N(Tampa Latitude) there is more wind and the seas are higher. Still wave models show it dropping pretty fast today. Hope you got some last night. The pics looked fun. Best spots are probably waist high this am, onshore winds. Future Forecast: Looking ahead, solid low pressure near Texas will put a strong SSE gradient across the GOMEX. Some south swell from Cuba could arrive at best south facers on Friday and Saturday. So no full on flat spell in the future but a chance for fun spring time surf for a grom, LB, maybe more going into the weekend. I'm headed deeper into the Caribbean to celebrate 25 years with the beloved wife of my youth. Update when I can maybe around Friday pm.

My idea of paradise. Ever since I saw this shot in Transworld I've wanted to go here, stoked to finally get a chance. I don't think it's going to be like this but hopefully something.

Shout out to my wifey Sabrina. Thanks for 25 great years! 5/1/92-5/1/17.

GC surfers score Las Dunas the day before Easters.
We got up to Isabela early on Saturday and checked all the spots. There were few places we could have gone out but Heath wanted to push on and check a few more spots(thanks Heath). We finally got to Las Dunas and it looked super fun but there was a group of local guys out. So what to do? We wanted good waves, we wanted to score so we had to hike in. It's a long walk down there. We ended up surfing a peak away from the locals that wasn't as good as the main peak. Then after an hour, the local guys started to leave and we got to scoot right over and get into the good A frames. We surfed for hours and the wind never came up and never it really got too crowded either. Just us guys, super fun.


Chris Mariscal and I went to SHS together, so cool to get together and surf.

Rob Hyypio.

Heath Smith.

Ron Belkanger from Tierra Verde, St Pete.

PJ Petrick on a translucent wave as Chris Mariscal watches.

The Zombeaver Crew


Little Malibu (Rincon) Surf Report and Forecast

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