MiD June

June is a great time to be in Central America.

Monday 8am WFL GM GC, still with the 1ft line. Nice to see all the Summertime June waves at Anna Smyrna Inlet 🙂
Same deal the only thing I notice on the buoys is a second less of period. How that effects it I’m not sure. But whatever has been working the last few days will be in play again today. Then, I think even that fades from tomorrow on but maybe I’m wrong the way this bump has been lasting. The GOMEX just looks even calmer on the models by mid week. It looks like the western ATL and GOMEX go into doldrums with no waves in sight.

NW PR: We are going into the flattest time of the year. We had really fun waves Friday and Saturday but Sunday was flat to knee high, it’s going really flat now. I’ve made my peace with surfing and said goodbye to her. Im not going to think of her anymore. Concentrate on work and farming and other things. Hopefully see you in August surfing…