Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Weekend Outlook

NSB looks small but super glassy and fun this Thursday morning.

NSB looks small but super glassy and fun this Thursday morning.

Thursday 7am: I will be keeping an eye on the remnants of TD2 no matter how bad the NHC says the chances are. The last model runs yesterday had a few of the pasta noodles headed through the channel and into the middle gulf in a few days. At some point the harsh environment will ease up. This morning the Caribe is catching a breeze already from the tightening gradient as the remnants of TD2 move into the Caribbean. Middles is waist plus and really choppy, NSB is waist high and super glassy, Volusia such a cool place to be in mid-summer when a little swell is running. WFL, here comes another gradient for you also. It now looks like a repeat of last week's windswell could happen on Monday and Tuesday next week as the flow steps up to 15knts. This is just now showing and it could go notch up or notch down depending on different factors so keep checking back, another little light at the end of the tunnel.

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