Passover Low Pressure

Updated Saturday Report Photo Below

Saturday afternoon chunky and fun. Chest plus and not too windy.

Saturday afternoon chunky and fun 2.

Somebody found a good ‘novelty wave’ yesterday, GC doin’ it!

Sunday morning’s hi res winds from Surfline.

Saturday WFL Notes and Details 9am: Gusty 25knt WNW winds and choppy surf in the head high to OH range this am. Winds are forecast to drop back to 15-20 WNW still gusty. So no clean up really today but plenty of chunky surf. Underneath LA where the west swells come from it’s been blowing for over 24hrs so signs point to a fun day of surf tomorrow. Forecast coming up.
Sunday Details: Plenty of swell but the wind does not look as good as it did. That low is such a vortex that a solid trough of low pressure has formed on it’s tail east of the Bahamas. That is pulling a little wind on Sunday from the High in the NE Gulf so we have NW winds 10knts or less for Sunday am. What to do? Scout any beaches that face south. Also Venice gets a bit more land breeze than Pinellas. So some spots will be cleaner than others Sunday. 99 looks 6ft at 8 WNW for Sunday so waist to chest for sure but the tide looks to be low so it may look small for the DP. Incoming should be pulling water in by 9-10am or so. I hope you score.

WFL Passover Low Pressure Full Forecast
: Scientists have made a correlation between full and new moon phases and powerful low pressures so all this is lining up to be a back half of April banger. Normally this is when the WFL WX calms down but this year El Ninyo has come raging back to life or a least his shadow is… Synopsis: Another more powerful SE US Low Pressure will form over LA and move to Atlanta, GA on Friday before heading to Michigan (Good chance for severe WX and tornadoes on Friday) Thursday a 1ft southy shows up. Friday looks like a repeat of last Sunday. Then it’s hard onshore for Saturday as the downhill part of the jet hits the SE US. By Sunday the high sits on top of WFL shutting off the wind and making for a nice clean up, solid swell and favorable wind conditions. Don’t put your board away yet. Surf all weekend coming up…