Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Weekly Outlook

Monday 10/20/2014 WFL Surf Forecast: Brutal forecast... The BOC low is now forecast 200 miles farther south in the Caribbean going backwards. C'mon GFS... Back on the rock again? For sensible WX, no matter what eventually happens with the BOC low the long and short of it is this: We are in for an extended period of E and NE winds that could last into November. With low pressure to the south and SW moving ever so slowly it locks us into offshore flow for WFL and onshore flow for the EC. The only chance is if the low really cranks up under Cuba and pulls down North winds instead of NE winds... then N county and other c front spots could get a knee to thigh line on/around Saturday. Before and after that offshore flow forever. Try and go fishing or skating or book a ticket. Looks kind of bleak... Sorry.

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