7 days without waves makes one weak.

Friday 3/23 7am WFL Shred-ville USA: Man, you guys were killing it… Little slab barrel in CLW… good to see my old crew out: there TC riding a Merrick, Fraley looking good… When r u guys coming down? it’s going to be going off next week. Andy with the water camera, Purdy getting shacked, Bfisch on the Fish… I am truly stoked for you guys… but what about @herbalistbrent did he really surf CLW and Venice in the same day?! Jump in the comments Brent we need a good GC surf story… Next waves looks to be Friday 3/30, a weak out. It’s PATTERN, It’s CLIMO and it’s a Passover Full Moon, very significant so it’s got to happen. Put the board away unless your headed east, fix your dings and hang with your kids this weekend. I’ll update this weekend.
Matty Slentz got some killer shots from the Monday session after the Comp at Domes. This was the day Cory had his kids surfing Domers. Check it out: All photos by Matty Slentz.