Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

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Sat 7am I tweaked the forecast a little and confidence remains low. Tweaks: Tuesday looks pretty calm now other wise the forecast below should be pretty accurate. Monday I would wait and check the buoys and cams to see if the little SW swell shows up. It may be masked under a south wind-swell but it will still look like ridable waves for Monday hopefully. Have a good day.

Friday WFL Surf Forecast 6am: A strong low pressure will move from Canada down below Illinois on Sunday and bring up solid flow from the GOMEX. Sunday should have a knee to thigh south line at some point at best south facers. Monday some SW swell will be on the beach from the Sunday winds in the middle gulf. Looks knee to waist high at best spots with south winds. Tuesday looks pretty calm now as the front washes out waiting for the Wednesday push. Wednesday the front gets a kick and comes through with hard angled knee to thigh N swell at best cold front spots. Not as great as it originally looked when the plains low was supposed to be much lower and the SW scrape of the gulf was supposed to be stronger. It's not at all written in stone and confidence is kind of low but plan on their being some small waves to surf between Sunday and Wednesday next week. To me Monday looks the best with the most amount of energy.

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