Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Mid Week Calm

Thursday 4/24/14 7am: Nothing new to report this Thursday am. Great weekend for boating on the GOMEX. Next week should be wavier for WFL with a cool front in the area and south winds going west. Eventually there should be some waves at the very end of the month or beginning of May. The EC should have some clean little waves this weekend. The Caribbean is set for a solid late spring swell this weekend. Stay tuned for pics. This morning it looks like some 13-15 second swell is sneaking into beaks facing the north, waist high range. This swell was from a storm south of Greenland, very far away. Not a breath of wind this morning with south winds expected in the afternoon. The Caribbean is unseasonably hot and the best place to be is in the Ocean.

Blake Foster on a set wave in Aguadilla Bay. Photo: M-Dub.

Blake Foster on a set wave in Aguadilla Bay. Photo: M-Dub.

Caribe Update:
This swell looks really good. A very long period NNE is supposed to fill in tomorrow and Friday. Saturday a new NW will hit in the head high range. Sunday a little OH and fading but still solid Monday and Tuesday. We've got gulf-coasters who have pulled the trigger and are headed down, good call. Two things I like about this swell: Not a lot of wind so it should be really clean and a ton of people have left Rincon this week to go back up north so some spots should be uncrowded even though it's the weekend.

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