South Winds in the Gulf

Friday WFL 6am: Flat and calm this am. SSE flow will continue into the weekend but it looks very light. Still a 1ft south wave may come up late today thru Sunday. Sunday night the front backdoors. Last time I forecasted no surf from a front just like this one(2/9/19) and Manatee Cnty posted photos of fun knee high plus LB waves. I think that will happen again so I’m going to say Monday has a chance for a knee high plus LB wave and then that’s it for February it looks and we will move onto March which climatologically is supposed to have some wave WX esp will el ninyo around.

Friday NW PR: Finally we have a swell today! looks chest plus and clean this am. Man, it was flat all week so stoked to have waves, photos later…

Owen Weaver, Little skate bowl.