Gulf Coast Surfing Forecast

Mid Week Malaise

It doesn't look like there is anything left. 1ft or less Wednesday am.

It doesn't look like there is anything left. 1ft or less Wednesday am.

Wed 7/30:
Hope you got some waves yesterday because it looks pretty calm today. Nice little break from the doldrums yesterday. Waves looked fun. Do you see the pattern this summer WFL? Every 2-3weeks a frontal boundary comes down and gets the westerlies blowing hard enough to push a wind-swell in. I would expect that to happen again maybe mid-August but on the maps this am the next week looks calm. 93L I can't tell you my emotional state this am. I feel like my dog died. I'm coming to the reality that all the nay-sayers were right. What's crazy is the trade burst of dry air caught up to and is overtaking 93L and en-training into the circulation. It's killing the convection. We have a great spin with no storms. Because the storm is weak it has not gained any latitude and now the track is adjusted down. 3 days ago we had a hurricane providing surf for the entire western Atlantic doing the perfect 1989 re-curve. Today we have a weak system blobbing out over the Antilles. 93L can't even make it to depression status, how depressing. Looks like 2014 will follow 2013 for another quiet hurricane season. Ugggggggghhh! I'm so bummed.

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