Waves on the Way?

Friday WFL Report Below:

WFL cold front surf.

The Compound

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Friday 6am WFL Wave WX Updater: A little different on one model that I saw- not quite as hard a scrape but then the NWS 170 model output still shows the same sea state for Sunday so not going to change the forecast as the front is on the way and a great change in the WX is in store and some small wave surf action at your best cold front spots on Sunday, stoked. Not sure if there will be waves for the DP Sunday but it will come up at some point so keep an eye om it. 036 was down last night but back this am so that and 039 will be the ones to watch to see how much may come in on Sunday. Have a good Friday!

Thursday 10/14 WFL Surf Outlook: Still watching the front for Saturday night- Looks good… Surf all day Sunday at the very best cold front spots hopefully. Either that or a little NNW swell will be filling in during the day Sunday at those same spots, not sure bout the DP. Thinking of that last September front that did not looks so good at 1st- then 036 got 7ft from the NW, remember that? Maybe that will happen again. NWS marine is calling for 3-5ft seas but wave models show 6ft seas offshore. It took a few hours once 036 got the wind-swell before it showed up in St Pete and then Venice so keep that in mind and keep an eye on 036 going into Sunday. The front looks to have a good scrape on the NE gulf sending some 1-3ft NW surf on Sunday. Have a great day, wax em up. Go Bucs!!

Surfing with my kids on Thursday 10/14

Cassie’s top turn.

Julie going left.

Cassie’s cutback.

Julie at Domes.

Trying to teach my kids to rail surf LOL.