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Wednesday April 24, 2024 WFL Updater posted below:

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Wed 4/24 8am: Just checking the 1ft Southy Report and the Future May Forecast updates today and Saturday looks to be the best day for a knee high log wave at best south facer only. Best south facer already has a almost 1ft line this morning whereas everwhere else is really flat. Check it Saturday just in case… Long range GFS says May will have some waves at some point but it’s a couple weeks out. EC set for surf also…

Tuesday WFL Surf Report 6am 4/23/24: Waves looked fun yesterday evening. Hope you got some. Looking ahead- high pressure will dominate the gulf for the next week or so. The next WFL surf could come from another weak front in a couple weeks, 6th of May on the GFS but way too early to bank on. SE winds at 20 on Saturday could put a 1ft wave at the best south facer, if your into that, check it out… 2 low pressures will be in the Atlantic over the next week so keep an eye on the EC forecast if you can get over there. How did we get waves yesterday? Originally that was a hardcore bd front with ENE winds but it went notch up over the last 5 days and the low formed in a better spot which allowed for a push of N winds yesterday. Pretty cool!! It went our way for once!! But that is CLIMO for an outgoing el nino… NW PR may get a good swell next week which I will not be around for if you want to jump on down, Jet Blue Tampa to Aguadilla is the ticket, I saw $65 one way last week with no board fees except the $35 checked bag ticket… Next Forecast: Thursday.
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Monday 4/15 calm.
Tuesday 4/16 calm, minimal.
Wednesday 4/17 calm, minimal.
Thursday 4/18 calm, minimal.
Friday 4/19 calm.
Saturday 4/20 1ft south swell.
Sunday 4/21 calm/1ft.
Monday 4/22 calm, building to 1 to maybe 2ft peak late day at best cold front spots.
Tuesday 4/22 calm, Offshore flow.
Wednesday 4/23 calm, minimal.
Thursday 4/24 calm, minimal.
Friday 4/25 calm.
Saturday 4/26 calm.

Let’s surf this season! PR has never been easier. I can hook you up with anything you need. Ask all the questions you want. info@aurasurf.com