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Late May

May Surf Weather Take Post Surf Hangover Hurricane Season Outlook for the Weekend May 27 2017 WFL: Unprecedented run of May surf thru recent history. Not going back more than recent history but May is always "too late for cold fronts, too early for hurricanes". Many Mays are almost completely flat, one of the worst months of surf historically speaking for WFL... So why do you get more surf producing fronts in May than December? (3 for May 2017) What gives? It's all patterns. During late winter there was talk of el ninyo returning. If you go on the enso site you can see a full on flare in eastern pacific anomalies during March. Those flares pre-date SE US patterns by 4-8 weeks so there you go. The reason for the good surf this May was a el ninyo style flare in pacific water temps 8 weeks ago, that's my opinion. Post your take in the comments. Am I loco? That flare is gone now and the Enso is nuetral almost cold looking to me but NOAA is saying neutral and 50/50 going into 2017 fall. What is in store for 2017 ATL hurricanes? That wave below Cuba a week ago was promising but the Sahara dust is really bad in the Caribbean basin. The last few seasons have cranked but late, nothing till Sept and Oct. 50/50 WFL sees a decent hurricane season for surf with tropical swell every 4-8 weeks(sorry, that's not saying much). We'll be watching for it. Future Forecast: WFL looks calm, SE flow coming up, way out in the GFS another trough sits in around 6/7 but that's 10 days or more out. Hope you got some fun nugs. Looked really fun... PR update: For the 1st time since December there is nothing on the maps for surf. Small east trade swell. It had not rained all week but the good news is 1.5" of rain fell today when the Sahara Dust finally lightened up enough. NW PR got hammered, 74 out now. How much rain did you guys get over the last couple days? I know it's been dry...

Hard Core Surf Anything WFL Surfer Award:
Do you follow Caloosa on Instagram? You should... Eric is on it. Die Hard Core WFL Surf every bump never misses a surprise swell goes to Caloosa, that's his car in the foreground in the photo below. Early bird got the worm!

14 Likes c'mon?! Blow this guy up!

The bar is closed. go home come back next fall. Booooo. This was Indy yesterday am. It's all gone now. My last wave was so good I just paddled in turned away and did not look back.

You think because I live in PR I listen to raggaeton? Heck no... Roots raggae yeah... Salsa, Bachata, all good happy fun. PR has great music Draco Rosa, Mijo de la Palma, Indigo, a bunch of others but I've gone back to my 80's roots somehow I got on an Echo kick... had not heard this is 30 years and I like it more now than I did then. 80's Alt or Die!

Wall of Kool Aid: Photo: M-Dub.


Little Malibu (Rincon) Surf Report and Forecast

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