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Surfing Hurricane Larry in Puerto Rico and the East Coast of Florida.

Sunday WFL Surf WX 9am: Just a quick update as things have changed since yesterday in that the disturbance is getting better organized AND now headed for the northern gulf so nothing super concrete but a better chance for some small waves later this week. Check back tomorrow, thanks!
Friday on the EC- GC crew scores North of the Cape!!!

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

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Saturday 9am WFL Updater: Not much going on seas in the gulf are slight and it’s really calm on the beach. Looking ahead nothing on the radar for WFL. The disturbance in the western gulf is too weak at this point to make any waves. New today, a storm is supposed to form near the Bahamas next weak and move up the EC so maybe some more waves for them if that happens, maybe it will turn the wind at some point. Keep an eye on the EC forecast. PR still has good waves- it was late to arrive and late to leave. Some pics by Rosey from Friday:

Friday WFL 7am:
Hopefully between the EC and WFL you got some waves- got some reports of fun waves on both coasts yesterday. It was fun down here also, don’t you love September as long as your not getting hit? Great game last night also! The waves are 1ft range this am and seas are supposed to calm even more. Winds switch to the east this weekend for WFL. For the EC, maybe light winds down south tomorrow like Ft Pierce -but up N or the Cape looks to turn onshore if your going over for more Larry. WFL Tropics- The disturbance over Belize this am is supposed to head across the Yucatan to the BOC and then to Mexico. The models show some period on the very small swell next week but anything from 70% is likely to be tiny, so WFL looks to be on a small break unless something comes up from the channel, it’s blowing south in the channel this am but it’s gonna have to blow harder and longer to get a wave, keep half an eye on the best south facers over the weekend for a tiny 1ft grom wave. Have a good Friday.

Thursday Sept 9th 2021 WFL 5am DP Report:
Mindy bumped seas up to 10ft in the NE gulf overnight. This am the inside boy is 4ft at 8 seconds west which usually equals waist plus at the best spots. Venice, CLW and PORTS data all show SSW to SW winds so it may not be too pretty but there should be some waves to surf. It’s still dark out so no vizzy. Mindy Waves will be on the fade by later today and tomorrow looks 1ft/knee high maybe. EC has hard offshore winds all day today from Mindy. A backdoor front pushes down the state turning the winds NE by later tomorrow from the Cape north. Then the winds may go slack over the weekend so lots of good swell on the EC. Larry’s swell to me has been really way back behind the storm. Like the waves your getting now were from at least 48hrs ago. Really good surf here yesterday- first real full day of swell since May. Hurricane swells make good quality swell here. Wildo was double OH yesterday but with current. Domes was the spot here, it was crowded up top but I surfed my normal area with my kids and had a lot of fun. I hope you get some good waves. Go Bucs and Go Rays!!!
Wednesday 9/8 NW PR:

Peaky 14 second NE hurricane swell.

Kaitlin on a nice right.

My youngest daughter Cassia dropping in on a right. Sometimes I think all I care about is surfing with my kids 🙂 Thank God we got to surf together… seriously feels like washing away a long, hard summer. If we can make it thru the next 6 weeks with no Cat 3 plus hurricanes hitting us then todo bien!

Julie going left.

Great surf day. Photos: M-Dub.

Thursday 7am

Wednesday WFL 6am Updater:
Today does not look like much WFL surf as we try and figure out what the blob 91L is going to do. Tomorrow should have building waves during the day, waist high at least at the peak with onshore winds. Friday looks like knee high leftovers. North of the Cape this morning looks fun on the cams. When I checked the cam in Indialantic it looked to be closing out so choose carefully if you go over there but the Larry swell has finally kicked in. Down here in PR there is good surf today finally. I hope you find some fun ones…
Larry/91L Overview WFL 9/6: Bigger and better things this week. What if you lived 3hrs away from a really good surf spot? This week you will! As Larry swell fills in on the EC and the winds line up just right(at least in the mornings)… Try and check MWatson’s EC forecast on SL and see what day you can get over there, drive safe, send us some pics. 91L Monday- The flow in the entire gulf is really weak, less than 15knts and 1ft seas, good day to go fishing out there. A tropical disturbance, 91L is in the BOC and moving in the direction of Pensacola. It is not supposed to develop quickly and this morning on satellite its a disorganized blow up of convection. Still some 20knt SW flow is expected and WFL should have some waves as soon as Thursday. Right now it looks like building wind waves on Thursday in the knee to waist hgih range with thigh high leftovers on Friday. Besides that all the action is on the EC. Can you imagine that swell on the EC with 20knt offshores on Thursday?