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Mid November

Sarasota’s Biggest Black Friday Event!! Between 7 am and 10 am we will be GIVING YOU BACK 50% of every dollar spent in Compound Cash. Spend $500 get $250 Back, spend $300 get $150 BACK, spend $100 get $50 BACK!!! Sale excludes Sale Items, Go Pros, New Surfboards, and some SUPs. But don’t worry we are including some SUP’s and some Surfboards in the deal. Spend your Compound Cash as soon as the next day, good all the way till the day before the next Black Friday 2019. Remember the sale only runs between 7am and 10 am.Don’t miss Sarasota’s BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! No one gives you back anything like we do. Please give us a call with any questions.

Wednesday 6am WFL 11/14 I had to double check the dates on this morning’s model run. They look just like yesterday and that’s a good thing. 48 hours of surf coming up and it looks fun still. Your window is Thursday thru Friday and then back to calm so surf it up. Best cold front spots and day after groundswell spots the call, wave heights below and forecast look to stick. Have fun, I hope you find clean water, crispy tubes and score. One week till the Compound goes off with Black Friday!

Mid November Front door Opener Front:
The next front looks really good. It has a lot of west in the swell that comes from LA towards WFL. Thursday am could be chest high plus and NW surf all day then Friday has a clean up waist high plus at best spots with N winds. Tide looks to be low Friday am, slightly minus MLW, not coming in until almost lunchtime, take that into consideration. Fading by later Friday PM… Wax em up! PR rant errr report below…

The Compound Rocks!

20 YEARS AURASURF.COM- 1998-2018.
Lets score the well- 6ft NW at 12 seconds….

NW PR 11/14: Lots of people in town this week for the 50yr anniversary of the 68′ world contest. I hear Nat Young and Fred Hemmings are here. Lots of big LBs with huge fins on the tops of rental cars. Surf looks fun this am. I’m going to go hit Pools, 4ft at 9seconds and dead wind. Just a heads up: The US media/news takes one tiny bit of bad news from Puerto Rico and blows it up into an entire segment on how there is no place to put dead bodies in SJU. It’s a Catholic Country! They don’t cremate here. Here on the ground in NW PR things could not be better. We are expecting a busy season. Please come down. It’s so cheap and easy there are air bnbs, like 1000 of them so you can find something in your budget. PR is so cool and user friendly. Going to El Salvador made me appreciate that and no roving bands of South American surfers snaking all the waves. So ignore the negative hype news trying to console everyone who left after Maria. PR is better than ever and a great vacay. If you come down and contact me I can help you avoid crowds and score. Late….