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Black Friday WFL Report Below:


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Friday November 26, 2021 WFL 5am Wave Weather Discussion A cold front will pass tonight. Winds in the gulf are mostly forecast to be 15knts(lets hope they get closer to 20). Seas 2-4ft NW at 6 maybe 7 seconds. That usually equals knee to thigh at the best cold front spots on the right time and tide. So I’m not so sure about the DP but it’s worth a check. Hopefully there will be a small wave to slide tomorrow. It will definitely be glassy with NE winds at 10. Check 036 and 098 hopefully it’s like at least 3-4ft at the buoys tomorrow am. Take a log and low expectations. Somebody will probably find a small fun wave tomorrow at some point. My best guess: Mid morning down south or N County. I hope you find a fun slide!
Thanks for checking in, have a great Friday! If your thankful for the forecasts and you feel like throwing a donation there is a Paypal link on the side. My venmo is Micah-Weaver-8 it’s so easy… I’ve had some unexpected expenses with my PC crashing so it’s greatly appreciated and inspires me to go early and hard as we go into December! Check out the Compound today!