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Minor Surf Alert

The last frontier of gulf coast surfing- shoal surfing. Sterling Spencer in the Cyclops of Pensacola Pass Shoal. Photo: Surfer Mag.

Any waves out there?

Thursday 3/21 7am Updater: So the forecast below was written on Monday when we first saw the NW winds for today and Friday. At that point we forecast 10-15knts but as the week moved on the low deepened and the gradient improved and now we are looking at 15-20knts and 4-5ft seas. A 1 maybe 2ft wave is possible today right before dark… Friday am will have some fun waves somewhere. Low tide first thing with this giant moon and then incoming tide and that will be the best time to surf on the incoming push. Late Friday gets smaller but still NW. Saturday am will feature a glassy 1ft line. Have a good day. Shoal Surfing: We’ve been talking shoal surfing in the comments. With so much dredging over the last 30 years the outside shoals have built up. Is the surf bigger out there? Many GC surfer’s have boats so we are waiting for documentation.

Monday WFL 7am Updater: Low pressure will move off SE Florida and the Bahamas and track into the open Atlantic towards Bermuda. Florida will be dominated by NE winds for the next few days. On Friday, a new High pressure is forecast to move in from the plains bringing 10-15knt NW winds. The week looks calm but with a good sea breeze maybe Friday afternoon will have a small long-board wave. After that, the long term shows a semi active pattern across the SE US. I’m not going to speculate beyond Friday as the models have been inconsistent lately. IMO, everything has been notch down for the GOMEX and the ATL as there is not as much real time energy as the GFS wants to put into it beyond 120hrs if that makes any sense. Translate it this way: the GFS is off the wagon and wobbling and may have to go back into rehab if the el ninyo hangover continues. Have a good week. Back tomorrow with an update on gradients and outlooks.

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