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July 2019- a surfy month in WFL.

Tuesday Update Below

Will the waves get like this? Thanks to Andy Malloy for the photo.

Tuesday 7/23 7am TD 3 take at the end… July wants to go out wavey. Surf will come up on Wednesday with onshore flow up to 20knts forecast now. Best time to surf looks to be late in the day tomorrow or on the back of any strong storms that push in off the GOMEX. Best spots could see waist high maybe plus surf if the storms bump it up. Thursday has a knee to thigh leftover at best spots on the right time and tide. Friday has a chance of leftovers. Gradient goes slack on the weekend now. TD 3 I thought she would be dead this am, barely a cloud last night but she has come back and may even strengthen, she’s in the gulf stream. Just please push some waves towards PR. We get good waves from storms off J ville. NE FL should get some surf and TD 3 may help speed up the flow for WFL trough.
Monday 7/22 7am WFL: A trough will sink towards the NE Gulf late tomorrow. Low pressure is forecast to form in the big bend and move towards Savannah, GA. Breezy 15knt maybe plus W winds on Wednesday will make for knee to thigh short period waves in the afternoon on Wednesday at best spots. Thursday has a chance for leftovers. Summary: Mostly weak waves for big boards on tap late Wednesday. If some storms come in it could bump it up(the GFS is showing lots of storms coming off the gulf all day Wednesday). By late Thursday the gradient is forecast to go slack with conditions going flat.