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On the sidelines

Friday Update Below.

Tommy Bursian at Table Rock.

The Compound

Friday 9/20 7am WFL WFL did not get a cool front just a step-down high pressure that has brought breezy conditions and lower humidity, kind of like Caribbean weather in the winter so it feels great out. This is from the morning discussion NWS Ruskin: “Strong surface high pressure over the mid-Atlantic states ridges southwest across northern Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico. This will help filter in drier air over the region and keep an east-northeast wind flow to close out the week and into the weekend. The broad high pressure along the eastern seaboard flattens out and shifts southward
starting Sunday keeping pleasant weather across the area through the middle of next week. Temperatures will be around average
through the period, but with lower humidities it will feel a lot more comfortable for outdoor activities”.
No waves in sight for the next 7 to 10 days at least, check the EC forecast… Get out and enjoy the great WX.

Thursday in NW PR… Photos by Micah Weaver.

Soul arching.

Table Rock is a really cool wave in Aguada. The Reef is shaped like a horseshoe so it forces the wave to bend. This makes the power concentrated and it throws a tube in front of you so you can’t dodge it. You have to go right through it. This is about the average size this guy’s name is David, he’s a neighbor of mine. He was charging it yesterday taken off really deep. The water is brown because the river Culebrinas is very close by and when it rains all that muddy water dumps into the ocean there. If we get some dry weeks the water turns blue and it’s much prettier. Yesterday the swell was large and closing out in the am in Rincon. TR was the spot. South winds had Tres bumpy. TR takes a big solid heavy swell like this one and makes it into a great wave when many other western spots are out of control. This wave is amazing. One spot inn PR that totally barrels. I’ve surfed it and love it but in the 4-6ft range. The Bay breaks are an option also. I heard Bridges was good yesterday.

Parchas and Perfect surf, 2 natives of Brazil.

Juds super simple recipe for “suco de maracuja” (Brazilian) using Micah’s PR Parchas:
cut four or five in half and scoop out the seedy pulp into a blender, discard the husks, they are not fruit- the pulp inside is
add a litre of water or so, and hit the pulse button a few times to separate pulp and seed, strain that through a screen type strainer into your juice pitcher, stir in sugar like your making old skool Hi C or KoolAide- I used good turbinado pour over ice and dream your on the beach in Fernando De Noronha

9 passion fruit(organic parchas, 2Lbs) shipped to you from our farm in Rincon, PR. Shipping included. The price is $30. I also take Venmo to Micah Weaver. Thanks for your support. The parchas are rad!

September Classic. Manatee Cnty, 11am 9/22/05, Rita. Photo: M Weaver.

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