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Early November Double Cold Front Surf

Thursday WFL 6am below

WFL Grinder from Wednesday 11/13.

Eric Stephens on the Bat longboard. Photo:

Thursday WFL 11/14/2019 7am:
Buon giorno fratelli- running out of languages… The front is hung up down in the southern gulf. Super calm offshore flow today backing to the N and eventually NW tomorrow and Saturday. The low that forms in the ATL sends surf to the EC and the Caribbean. It also opens the door for the jet to swing thru the SE US. This translates into surf for WFL. Here’s how it looks: Friday starts flat and calm. 15 to 20knt N winds by afternoon and rain clearing… maybe the waves arrive by the last 2 hours of light, 50/50, otherwise no surf Friday. watch the buoys and cams, 98 needs to be 4ft by 4pm with some west in it or we wait for Saturday which now looks like your classic c-front day. Waist to chest NW wind-swell with NNW winds at 20 possibly going N late Saturday making some spots cleaner than others. But waves all day Saturday. Sunday has a clean knee high leftover LB slide. Another front flows thru this pattern middle of next week. I hope you find some more fun waves.

NW PR: We manage a vacation home and the owner is headed in. Yesterday was supposed to be waist high plus. I had to work all day yesterday, so many little details to finish in time for the boss to arrive. The buoy went 5ft at 13 seconds in the afternoon during what was supposed to be a small day. Turned into overhead bombs(heard about it from my buddies after the fact, thanks 🙂 … Today is 3ft at 12, going to Indy, hoping to score…. The ATL low bottoms out in the sweet spot and PR will get yet another good swell. Best start to a season yet by far, non-stop.

More of this on the way.

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