Bye 2023

Sunday WFL 5am: Buoy is 3@7 which is knee high at best spots, wind offshore chilly log sesh before the big game? Have a great day, more waves coming soon, more later… how was this last event of 2023, comments?

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Waves every week this month, finally. If you appreciate the hard work, details and early reports and you feel like donating it’s much appreciated. Paypal on the right side panel- Venmo is preferred and super easy! My Venmo is: Micah-Weaver-8. Your generosity is awesome!

Details by Diaco:
Monday 12/25 Possibly 1-2ft southy at best south facers PM.
Tuesday 12/26 1 maybe 2ft SW waves.
Wednesday 12/27 1ft PM.
Thursday 12/28 1ft PM.
Friday 12/29 Maybe small to begin but cold front day- waves building to waist to chest PM, NW winds at 20.
Saturday 12/30 Another cold front day- Knee to waist high plus and choppy, NW winds possibly lightening up late day.
Sunday 12/31 1-2ft, knee to thigh and glassy at very best spots, ENE winds.
Monday 1/1 1ft waves. Tuesday PM looks knee to thigh swell, check back…

Question- how does the hypto krypto work in the gulf? This is a 6’0, I painted orange, obsessed with this board and riding it twin with big AM twins, it goes unreal down here. Crazy how after all these years it’s still a great shape and radical board that works in a lot of different conditions. I was skeptical when my buddy first handed it to me to try out but wow, flow for days on these boards. The one weak point is trying to bury the rail in powerful surf. It can be a little corky.

Let’s surf this season! PR has never been easier. I can hook you up with anything you need. Ask all the questions you want.

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Saturday 1/13 Another West swell- chest high plus, getting clean at some point.
Sunday 1/14 West swell leftovers- knee to waist, clean.
Monday 1/15 calm.
Tuesday 1/16 1ft southy.
Wednesday 1/17 S
Thursday 1/18 1ft and cold offshore flow.
Friday 1/19 calm.
Saturday 1/20 Knee to waist cold front surf, cold and clean.
Sunday 1/21 Calm/1ft N leftover.

15 thoughts on “Bye 2023

  1. admin Post author

    hey guys it’s December- i hope you guys have a surfy month. it’s time to plan for 2024 so I put up a poll to get a little feel and affirmation, vote yes!! LOL

  2. ericito

    I surfed about 930 to 130 yesterday and only left cuz i had to! Waves were much more fun than they looked! I rode a shortboard for the last 20 or so drifts and got some good ones some rib to shoulder high sets now and then! When surfing such a wide field like sunset its important to be a keen observer. Position, sand, wave direction, wave selection, etc all play into it. You gotta play it smart when its not easy. Side shore current was max! I got a bunch of good turns and long lines! AND there were less than 5 people out the entire time i was out! Fun!

  3. Mike Tobin

    I remember in the 80’s november a front meant you get something in advance for payment in the future. Don’t forget to pay a debt if you have already received the goods. Thanks Micah. I will gladly pay you for a waveburger today on Tuesday. Wimpy gulf or not.

  4. Aber

    I remember in the 90’s, a front was a falsehood or a a lie. Don’t try to be something that your not fellas. It’s gonna be chilly so wear your uppers, middles, and bottoms Monday ok? Don’t want you to catch a cold.

    1. admin Post author

      so pumped for you guys!! Gale force WNW real time in the gulf right now, uh sorry boss Im feeling kind of sick!! I cant work Monday…

  5. Aber

    Fun Day Monday. I didn’t make it out until 11:30, the swell was coming in and the wind was light and offshore at times.
    Beach erosions have made an interesting setup at one of the rock piles in S Pine. Throwing lips in shallow packed sand, with a little cove to the side. The rights were lining up and peeling on certain sets, almost like a little point break. It’s been developing over the last year, and was working pretty consistent yesterday. Can’t wait to see it on a chunkier day.
    “Emergency Beach Renourishment” is about 1/4 gone already in some spots. There is a sheer 4 foot drop from the top of the dune to where the tide is coming in. At some point I assume they are going to pump a new beach in, or build some kind of T groin. I don’t see this sand Twinkie lasting through another season.

  6. hd

    been a little over 6 weeks since i broke my elbow but i dont think im ready to surf yet sadly. my ish is still super stiff and cant make nearly a full range of motion yet. hopefully i can still get me some el nino action while it lasts…

  7. RUSS-D

    “goodbye multimillion-dollar “dune” installation”
    Yep, all that money and effort gone overnight. I have always said those are called “barrier” Islands for a reason.
    Looks like a total V.A.S. out there. Maybe a certain breakfast spot might have something going on? I hope y’all find something fun out there today. I am not sure where that is but if you’re looking I hope you find it.

  8. Tcure

    Surfed Pinellas yesterday mid morning at a spot with protection…was actually not terrible when I got in. About an hour in the wind switched directions majorly and conditions faded. Looks like the east side really scored.

  9. Alan Barbour

    TI was actually pretty good 4-6pm Sunday.
    I emailed some photos to last nite.
    Got 20 good rides in. Only one other surfer there. It wasn’t really that blown out by around 4pm.
    Lot of energy in the waves made for some long rides from outer sandbars by jetty all the way down to mansions, although they weren’t huge.

  10. Ericito

    Kinda clean this morning and fun. No one out. Kinda firing! Shoulder high sets every now and then and the low tide plus north west was really hugging the sandbar in TI!

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