Late November 2023

Friday WFL Update 11/30/23: When are the next WFL waves coming? Answer below…

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Wed 8am WFL So it definitely looks like there will be surf next week. It just may take awhile to happen. Eventually a front will pass the gulf and it may have a lot of west in it. I’m going to take a day off, watch the models and be back on Friday with an updater. Thanks for checking in and supporting aura! Have a great day… Next WFL surf: Wed 12/6 or Thursday 12/7 from a cold front crossing the GOMEX.
Details by Diaco:
Thursday 11/30 calm.
Friday 12/1 1/2ft to 1ft southy at best south facers.
Saturday 12/2 1/2ft to 1ft southy at best south facers PM.
Sunday 12/3 calm.
Monday 12/4 1ft PM.
Tuesday 12/5 calm.
Wednesday 12/6: calm then waist high building waves right before dark, cold front… wave rating: 4.5
Thursday 12/7 waist high clean N lines with NNE winds. wave rating: 5
Friday 12/8 calm.
Saturday 12/9 calm.
New Wave Day Ratings(best guess as to what to expect): 1:flat, 2-3: poor, i was at the beach and a tiny wave was there and I had a board so I caught a couple 1fters… 4: below average, windy, cold, tiny, choppy, low quality. 5: average cold front waves. 6-7: a little better than average cold front. 8-9: a good day on the gulf, solid swell, favorable wind’s… 10: i thought it was a small day in Mexico, epic gulf, best channel swell.

NW PR Guide Work:

Becca at Wildo Monday am.

Doug from CLW, we had perfect peaks to ourselves.

Kwami!! Marias was crowded and OH we scored these fun waves to ourselves!

34 thoughts on “Late November 2023

  1. hd

    best surf of the year for me in brevard this am. chest shoulder high glass. hopefully somethin at home tomoro…

  2. RUSS-D

    Nice, HD. I was at Tables and snagged a few barrels before the tide bottomed out, Then it turned into fun lines if you could get in a shoulder.

  3. RUSS-D

    A little swell on the buoys this morning(and I do mean little). But I have a brand new surf SUP I am going to try to find a wave on this morning. Looks to build a little towards noon. Fingers crossed. 😀 ?

  4. hd

    it was rideable at sekret spot on the fish. course there some bs event going on in clearwater making traffic a nightmare.

  5. DW

    Ditto to da boys on the Brevard surf yesterday. Surfed just south of ya at Pineda Park. Was a total blast 8 to past noon. The incoming was cooking 9-11 then got a lil fat by noon but still really good. If hd and Russ both scored EC yesterday and a lil Pinellas surf today that’s a rare treat! Great coolish weather this am!!

      1. admin Post author

        wind is super light in Pinellas, another low may spin up in 8 days the following weekend, so stoked for you guys, go go gc, not to hype today but some guys are going to have a blast

  6. hd

    evolution of parking nazis in the streets making it slim pickins these days (grew up w this bs in my home town, at least i got to enjoy it for a few years here) found a spot at brown pelican and scored a cpl solid multi turn chunkers n some fun smaller nugs. more on the way, bout damb time…

  7. RUSS-D

    That spot with the signs, that say you’re committing a felony if you cross onto the beach, was fun tonight. I got home from work loaded up my new SUP surfboard and was ready to go when I realized I left my phone. I went back to grab it and I’ll be damned if my floaty fish didn’t give me a nod, so I grabbed it. I am glad I did because it was so fun on that board out there. 😀 😀 D:D

    1. admin Post author

      thanks guys for the reprts, It’s Saturday am and I just saw some thumping swell in SRQ, still going 🙂

  8. Bfisch

    Thursday & Friday had some really great waves, but we had to deal with a ridiculous crowd of beginner surfers and disrespectful people. Not sure why I continue to look for enjoyment from GC surfing…

  9. RUSS-D

    The Zoo was small but really fun on this morning’s incoming tide. I got there about 9ish and surfed until noon. Only 1 other person was out until almost 11 o’clock and then everyone started to show up. It will probably get better as the day goes on and tomorrow should be a lot of fun as well(I’ll be at W**K. Waves are up, go get some.

    1. admin Post author

      euro v gfs for next weekend- euro has waves coming back as soon as this Friday! who do you believe? I find myself blending the 2 models…

      thanks for the reports guys- sincerely so happy for you guys to get surf!!! love the pics and stoke!!

  10. Al

    It’s been a good 2 weeks for waves.
    Other than several flat days, there were waves almost everyday on TI. Saturday 10-21-23 was especially fun. Good call. I got 12 sessions in 10 days.
    The parking lots have been closed since the hurricane, so it hasn’t been crowded, because there’s only a couple spots to park.

    1. admin Post author

      awesome Al so stoked you got some consistent waves- the front for next week looks a little better today- full update tomorrow…

  11. hd

    im a dumbass n went skimming instead of surfing and likely fractured my elbow or ulna/radius. gotten really lucky over the years w all my board sports… got a few but man…so so painful. catch some for me fellas.

  12. Dave Robinson

    Hey Micah, I’m a 42 year old firefighter born and raised in SRQ. Been surfing since I was 14 and following your site since the beginning after a friend put me onto you. I recently booked flights and stay at Tamboo (where I stayed once before) for the week of March 8-15 with my wife and 8 year old son. I was wondering if I could hook up with you at some point that week if you’re in town for a hang and possibly some photos opportunities? I also just read your post about leaving boards behind as you have a bunch. Hit me up if your available that time frame. Stoked and thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      sounds great keep in touch

      tamboo has good sand now and mostly good wind with el niño around

      hd hope you feel better man i still skate but no skimming for me

      thanks, Micah

  13. hd

    thanks micah, i fractured a bone at the elbow joint and wont need surgery thank god. be a long road to normal but with the progression ive made and things ive gotten away with in my 25 years of skating/skimming and 20+ years of surfing, i know how lucky i am. treat your body with respect and know that its sanctity is sacred. peace…

    1. admin Post author

      when I skate now I safety skate just to cruise, at 53 I dont need to be breaking anything, not worth it

  14. Ericito

    Looks like weird weather coming up. Hoping for ANYTHING to ride at this point. Even a knee high chop! Fingers crossed the pattern changes!

    1. admin Post author

      Thursday PM bro, maybe AMI? or your secret St Pete spot 🙂
      hope you find some… if anybody can it’s you… let us know

  15. Al

    TI was great at sunrise for 3 hours on Thanksgiving. Glassy perfect shaped waves, consistent sets.
    Good call Micah.

  16. Ericito

    Ti was fun yesterday mornin. Kind of tapered off throughout the morning but was much better than i expected! Low crowd and low hype makes the sessions these days

  17. Aber

    Caught about two hours with like one person out at the jetty yesterday morning. Unlimited waist/knee high sliders on the longboard until I couldn’t surf anymore. Where was everyone?(in a good way)

    I feel like waves have been kinda constant floating between both coasts the last couple weeks.

    1. admin Post author

      thats super cool Abe, glad you been getting waves on both sides-
      Ericito keep scoring man! Love the vids of your son surfing!! the gulf is perfect for teaching kids to surf…
      hope you guys get some surf next week.

      originally we weren’t supposed to have waves from Yesterday’s front but it got stronger and bam: surf….
      so hopefully the system next week can do the same

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