Saturday 6/19 8:00am Report way below… This am we have a 1ft south line in St Pete.

Saturday 8am St Pete.

Saturday 8:00am WFL Claudette Update: has some nice pics of the south swell that came up yesterday. This am that is mostly faded back. We are hoping for another small pulse off the side of Claudette before it’s totally over. Keep an eye on it later today and tomorrow am also with low expectations. We are kind of on the edge of the field and most of the swell is headed for the panhandle but models show a little more SW possible later today and tomorrow am. Hope you find some.

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  1. admin Post author

    Love the old Florida discussion- any other roads to drive? 44 and 192 to old Florida. the 415 from Sanford to Volusia?

    speaking of hunting how about air rifles for invasive species? I had to push the iguanas back off my farm they are a invasive non native plague in PR.

  2. greg

    My son and I went to CR 4 years ago and stayed in Esterillos…man that spot is super fun. We did a little hopping around and went up to Hermosa of course, but we mostly spent our time right there. My boy was 15 at the time and he got into some 2OH that he called the best waves of his life.

  3. admin Post author

    that’s awsome Greg thanks for that! I love that area… It sounds like you may be talking about esterillos centro, that wave is like a big wall. Oeste had this a frame in front of a little school not too far from the mermaid statue out on the ocean- anybody know what Im talking about? Rancho Coral used to be there and that’s where we stayed and we would wake every am to perfect head high barrels

  4. Rob

    Great pic Micah. I wish there was a sequence (we all wanna know if you blasted the lip) 🙂

    1985. For me – I was in 7th grade and got a Morey Boogie Board for Christmas. By Spring, I had my first board – a dope 5’8″ Quiet Flight that I mowed a lot of yards for. I think that I had it on layaway at the old Mad Beach St. Pete Beach location for years.

    Your memory is really good. All of those early years just kind of run together for me (aside from Elena which was also in ’85) The only thing that I really remember was how much of a legit surf scene Upham used to have. I’d get dropped off by my Mom in the parking lot, and paddle out into what at the time seemed like an intimidating line up.

    Long boarders sitting waaaaay outside picking off all the outside sets. Meanwhile, us groms sitting near the seawall trying to pick up any inside nugs that were leftover that the long boarders missed or let go by. I remember it being super crowded.

    Funny thing is, I also remember the scene in the parking lot. People sitting in their hatchbacks between sessions. People skateboarding. Some of them surfed out and covertly drinking a few beers while lying about the barrels they got on the inside.

    I think that the last season where we got waves of it’s former self (with the old set up) was like 2003 or maybe 2004. I miss that place and how it used to break. Later, after I got a “job” and had a lot of responsibilities, it sure was nice to have the ability to do a legitimate dawn patrol, then shower up in the parking lot before heading into the office. Hell – I could even surf on my lunch break if I wanted to.

    So yeah – that picture wasn’t from Upham, but it sure does bring back some memories from that era. I miss those days.

  5. Leonard Skinner

    So I know sometimes people say the models are on something. I think it could be an old dude that used to surf and can’t. He puts the carrot out there to get everyone stoked and then “poof”.

  6. Pat

    Great shot id love to see more redington shots if you got em. Im really curious to see what the old setup used to look like on a day with swell before all the dredging.

  7. admin Post author

    Rob those are awesome memories and I think even though we didn’t know each other at that point our lives paralleled you being a Saint Pete guy and I was up the county in Seminole surfing Redington

    Pat, I will see if I can find some more pictures if not I got a lot of stories haha

    First time I surfed Upham -was probably late 80s and you’re right it was a total scene and the waves were great sunset and upham

    Did I hype something guys? Sorry if I did… I figure I just try and translate what the models and the Marine Forecast are calling for… I guess I did think there would be waves the second week in June so that’s a quick reminder going into hurricane season don’t bite the carrot until it’s in your mouth

  8. Leonard Skinner

    Oh no admin, I was talking about maybe there is a dude that puts the maps out to get us stoked and then “Poof”. Your site is great!

  9. Jimmy

    Funny seeing that picture on the Island Shop stairs. That was my local shop growing up as I lived on the other side of Walsingham bridge. Would ride my bike up there and just hang at the shop all the time. Bruce and Brad were always super cool to us kids. What ever happened to Bruce? Didn’t he move to CO and open up an ice cream shop or something JH V? Miss that guy. He was big influence on us groms back in the day.

  10. admin Post author

    Bruce did move to CO. I think he’s on FB… super cool guy and a great influence and support to us growing up.

  11. admin Post author

    thanks guys I was wondering if anyone surfed. glad you got some… check the red tide map on FWC some beaches have it and others don’t

  12. N8

    Tuesday afternoon mush at the beach nourishment spot was fun – Some waist high sets with only a few out. Praying for more….

  13. admin Post author

    You’ll get more Im sure… thanks for the reports guys keep bringin em’

    always worth a check in the am to see if any south comes up… not sure how the wind down there was blowin today

  14. Ericito

    dang mw, sending love and blessings to the fam! get well soon!

    today was the 5th day in a row of waves, caught it every morning locally. hoping the trend continues for fathers day/ inter surfing day (both on the same day AND possibility for maybe a nug or 2???)

  15. M-dub

    Hi guys m-dub here coming to you from the Mayaguez Medical Center… kids getting better but we’ll still be here a couple days

    Looked like the blob three missed the channel and didn’t hit it right… sorry guys you should still get some waves over the weekend when the wind out there finally goes south. Don’t give up yet… Not sure of the eta but just keep an eye on it. AMI and a couple other spots probably have a small rideable wave but it’s very small today Friday.

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