May 2024 South Swell- THAT WAS COOL!!! SUMMARY BELOW…

Table Top has a cult following. Aaron Geiger. Photo: M-Dub

Aaron Geiger, Table Top.

Monday May 19th 2024… 7am WFL Wave WX Headlines- Good Waves Last Night but Way Smaller Today… Sorry no viz the cams are all pretty dirty, updated forecast and details below…

Solid swell on Sunday.

Fun swell Sunday PM. Pics by Al Barbour.

sunset gc.

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Monday 7am WFL: There is a 1ft swell leftover this am but it looks weak, the cam near the south facer is down but it’s probably still rideable knee to thigh. The small 1ft swell is supposed to last all day today and into tomorrow when the wind finally goes offshore so there is still a log wave at very best south swell spots on the right time and tide but by mid day tomorrow it’s even more calm… Future Forecast: Calm after tomorrow the rest of the week. There is a chance this pattern could happen again next week but not as strong, check back…

Good pattern for May.

Summary: May on the WFL GC almost NEVER has waves. It’s just a transition month with weak patterns but this was different! What a cool set up. High in the ATL and Low over the SE made for a southerly fetch across the entire southern gulf and Yucatan. Why couldn’t this happen more often? In 40 years of observing WFL GC waves and WX I would estimate 4 Mays have had patterns like this, that’s 10%… Just love it! So cool, so many reports of fun SWELL, not wind waves but swell… Stoked. It could happen next week but on a smaller more brief scale, check back!!! How was my forecast? Freaking nailed it and let the other guys copy it, LOL… Thanks for checking in!! PR is so HOT and FLAT, even JObos is flat, SS is 1ft at 10… I need to go on a surf trip! Deets updated Monday…
Details by Diaco updated 5/19, forecast is for best south swell spots…
Wednesday 5/15 1-3ft south swell, 2ft@8seconds, south winds@10knts.
Thursday 5/16 1-2ft south swell 2ft@8-9seconds acc models, SW and west winds@5-10knts…
Friday 5/17 1-2ft plus at best south facers, close to flat at normal beach… with light and variable winds. Maybe more of a wave PM…
Saturday 5/18 1-2ft plus building south swell PM, onshore winds.
Sunday 5/19 1-3ft @8 maybe 9seconds south swell, light winds, TARGET.
Monday 5/20 Small south swell in the knee high range 1ft@7-8seconds, knee to thigh at best southy.
Tuesday 5/21 1ft clean southy, knee high at best spots AM, maybe loggable, offshore winds…
Wednesday 5/22 calm, does not look rideable at this point.
Thursday 5/23 back to calm…
Friday 5/24 calm.
Saturday 5/25 calm, watching Texas for another low pressure.

Caribbean summer WX, flamboyan trees are stoked. If you make it to PR this summer hopefully Isabela has a wave, hit me up…

18 thoughts on “May 2024 South Swell- THAT WAS COOL!!! SUMMARY BELOW…

  1. hd

    saturday am had a very brief window of knee to stomach/rare chest wedgy glassy nugs. all i got during that event but im just glad to be in a good new job,
    better apartment and that my arms healing. cheers.

    1. admin Post author

      Here’s several photos that summarize the 23-24 winter season.
      It was a lot of waves. Thank you for the accurate forecasts.

        1. admin Post author

          been super busy Im sorry Ill post the pics soon… watching a little weather and weak front Monday and Tuesday next week slightly better than Monday but not waves yet, check back

  2. Nelson

    My winter take was more surfing than normal. Partially due to what I believe was consistency in the wave department and lighter work responsibilities than years past.

    Caught a handful of days this year I couldn’t have in years past. Ranked up there as best year for me in a while.

    1. admin Post author

      oh wow i see it… thanks for the heads up hd, it’s on the NWS marine forecast for coastal waters, it’s called Wave Detail… offshore forecast does not have it. coastal forecast has 2ft at 5 tomorrow, hopefully a log wave mid morning at south swell spots. what we really need is a better wave model

    1. baytopper

      Who turned on the heat? 90 degrees today and the heat index showed 106 on my phone! I was burning up in the water today and it’s only the beginning of May. Man, I miss winter ????

  3. Cb

    Legendary session today at the secret spot in Pinellas county. Not huge, but so fun. Where was the wind? 2 hours of what can only be called “too glassy” where the waves are indistinguishable from the overcast sky. Definitely felt some 8 second period in there and all of that garbage sand they trucked in and dumped on the beach is finally getting groomed into decent bars.

  4. Ericito

    The last two mornings at sunset have been *chefs kiss* !!!! So surprising! No crowds. No winds. Good waves. Special direction and period. Just a memorable couple days.

    1. admin Post author

      so glad your scoring guys, I watched your video report on IG stories Eric @caloosa thanks for the update, sounds rad!! keep an eye on the weekend, more swell headed in…

      1. admin Post author

        report… ‘we got really fun waves at **** wed and thurs. Wed got clean mid am after storms for a few hrs, chest sets. Yesterday was clean all day until about 230, shoulder sets in am, then dropped to chest sets about 10am. Really good conditions’.

  5. hd

    finally got to paddle out this am and had some fun wedgy lines knee to rib w some punch. here comes a flat spell…

    1. admin Post author

      got this one: “Great forecasting by the way! We have been scoring waste to shoulder high super fun waves at ******* all weekend!”


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