July 2024

Friday July 12, 2024 WFL Wave Outlook below 11am:

Having a great vacation in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. The best thing is it’s cold out!! Quetzal photo: M-Dub…

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Friday 7am WFL: Good morning guys, I’m down in the mountains of Costa Rica. It’s been chilly here which is a nice change from the heat. Amazing wildlife, no surfing yet but we’re headed to the beach today. I took a look at your weather map. It looks like a week from now you might get some SSE winds from the Keys to pop a wave, that looks to be the next chance at surf. The weekend looks calm and hot… Stay cool! Can somebody give me the last word on Beryl? Any waves? What a destructive little bugger! .5 million in Houston still w/o power in 90 degree heat….

Details by Diaco updated 7/12 For best south swell spots. St Pete will probably be smaller.

Friday 7/12 calm.
Saturday 7/13 calm.
Sunday 7/14 calm.
Monday 7/15 calm.
Tuesday 7/16 calm.
Wednesday 7/17 calm.
Thursday 7/18 calm.
Friday 7/19 calm.
Saturday 7/20 1ft PM.
Sunday 7/21 1-2ft wind waves.

1pm yesterday when the swell hit. The lefts were very good just a long wait between sets: Domes Beach, Rincon, PR.

How I will remember Beryl: That first day we got reverse swell from Beryl was amazing. I was calling Domes Padomes bc the lefts were roping, starting behind the rocks at Deadmans and peeling into the middle of Domes, like 3ft at 15seconds… I got some long lefts but I would give them all back to spare everyone the destruction he wrought… Nervous about the rest of hurricane season…