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Dog Days

Get your fish on!

Friday 8am WFL Updater Slightly more wind ruffle this am with light onshore flow. Waves look 1ft or less on the cams. Outer buoys have bumped up slightly and you may find an LB wave this afternoon in the knee high range. Vigorous tropical wave entering the Caribbean this am but no models show development. Happy Friday! Summary: If you need to get wet there may be a small wave late in the day. Check out the Compound tomorrow for the Bigfoot Snook Challenge Captain’s Meeting 7pm.


Sunday morning….. there were more waves…… peeling off my sandbar. Photo: M-Dub.

Evy’s Surf Story: Sunday morning….. there were more waves…… peeling off my sandbar , between the blue house and Aussie Pines — so perfectly, so morning fresh gorgeous , I lost my breath – Here, Right Now, At this Very Moment were the perfect size & pulse waves for me – as if I had custom ordered. Neptune had flipped the switch, dialed in my name and turned on the WaveGarden.
Three hours of Waves-w/no-Fangs… rips… pitches….easy peasy drops and down the line — no fear, only pleasure,…..completely relaxed and in partnership with water –MotherNature. Riding each wave with a knowing I could possibly wait 2 years for just such a perfect set-up to happen again …or *bigsmile* I could see a repeat in 2 weeks,,, delighting in the mind-games one experiences interacting with the untamed forces of nature.
As always, I was more or less alone feasting on those waves, my hunger was initially insatiable — the mer-girl released from dry-dock riding every wave possible, re-fueling & recharging every cell in my body, hydrating my soul & spirit with life. Every Fly-Away an intoxicating dose of liberation.
The shoreline was crowded with folks – so alone was relative – I either looked 100% Kook or I had some nice drops and down the line long board rides worthy of photos – I have learned to always do a quick glance at the bikini top to ensure no ooopsies -that said, there were moments of knowing after years of practice – the ol grey mare simply nailed it.
Observant, I noticed a young girl watching me with focus – She was a tough little critter, taking waves full on in the face – a solid tumble body surfing….. being satiated of waves –I felt the desire to share. Paddling over to her Mom, I asked if her daughter agreed, would it be ok for her daughter to belly ride the board. Mother and daughter agreed – The young girl was a natural and we played together for a while. Afterwards the mother came up to me and thanked me — she told me her daughter is a walking miracle, finally recovered from liver transplant, to watch her daughter have this experience meant the world to her and her father. God is Good.