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July 2017

EC Hurricane Surf someday but maybe not next week. Carlton Ward Jr photo.

Wednesday July 5th, 2017 7am WFL/EC WX take: Jumping the gun. Donny did not have a good 4th, drank too much got borracho, ate some bad hot dogs and faded back a bit. NWS SJU called Donny a ‘strong wave’ this am. Ouch… So back to doldrums at the moment. EC will see more of a wave but it’s been put back a bit. They may see some chest high sets but it will be Monday or later next week, with offshores for a couple hours in the am or after storms. Gulf is snoring. Not even any wind just pretty calm conditions thru the period.

HectoR Electric, super fun to watch him surf. 4/6/11 9am FRESH. Lots of new shots going up at