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Surfing The BVI’s in May

Josiah’s Dream. BVI story below.

BVI Surf Video: this is what this place is like when there is solid swell.

Happy 25th Anniversary.

Surfing the BVI’s on our Anniversary Trip: Even though we live in the Caribbean our lives are just as hectic as when we lived in Florida. We have three kids going in three different directions. Add to that work and responsibilities and we needed a vacation so bad. 25 years being married was a big deal for us so we wanted to go someplace nice, someplace we had not been before, someplace we could discover together. We had not really been away from the kids for almost 5 years. A weekend staycation here and there but not anything where we could totally unwind and relax. Google has an app called ‘Google flights’ and we were checking to see where we could go. Our 1st choice was Spain or Italy but we didn’t have the time or the money to go so far. Tortola was an island we had heard so many good things about. It was going into the off season and we found a nice house for a good price. They made a deal with us. The house is awesome. it is big, new, comfortable and it overlooks Cane Garden Bay.

This is the house we stayed in. Callwood Villas on airbnb.

This was not going to be a surf trip. Good thing too because the waves remained small the whole time. The first couple days we just hung out at Cane Garden reading books, relaxing and enjoying the local drink they call “the painkiller”. After a couple days we rented a car and started exploring the island. Tortola is naturally beautiful. It is very hilly and the hills are steep. The prettiest spots to me are the numerous bays. They have pristine beaches surrounded by lush green forests, aqua blue water, so gorgeous. Still driving around it surprised me to see a lot of broken down cars and houses so it’s still looks like the poor Caribbean ghetto in some places even though the avg annual income per capita is over 40k. It is one of the wealthier islands in the Caribbean. It is also called the sailing capital of the world so there are lots of wealthy white tourists on boats, way more than in PR where I live. There is also offshore banking here so people have tons of money.

Virgin Gorda chasing a turtle.

On the weekend we went to Virgin Gorda and snorkeled at the Baths. That was amazing. Lots of underwater geology and colorful fish. The island also has some good setups for surf, believe it or not, it’s tucked away but solid swell will get in to Virgin Gorda.

Josiah’s Bay trying an 8’0 out.

Josiahs Bay was so gorgeous and there’s the BVI Surf Camp there so you can rent boards. I did not bring a board from PR. They charge you every step of the way: Plane, taxi, ferry and taxi again so we had a budget and I spent $35 to rent a board instead of $200 to bring mine. I picked out a …lost mini driver, it worked great! The surf came up a little bit and I was able to get a few rides. I surfed a spot that I always dreamed of surfing, a little bay with a punchy right and left. There was not even swell. It was like 2ft @10 NE and the waves were small but fun. I see the potential of this place. The BVI’s have so many nooks and crannies the wind is always offshore the water is the colour of blue raspberry Kool-Aid and there are not that many surfers here. I would definitely come back in the winter when there is swell. My wife said she would like to make this our new vacation spot, sounds good to me dear. Our last day a cruise ship came in the beach filled with a hundred funny looking tourists. Everyone wants that perfect place in the Caribbean like out of a dream and this is it.

This island is so pretty you can’t help but take a selfie. Carnival Cruise empties onto CGB.

Surfing the BVI’s

Jamaican Surfer Icah Wilmot surfing Josiah’s Bay in the BVI’s on Tuesday. The swell has been small but rideable.

Stoney Left.

Small but fun.

My friend Lemeal took us around the island.

Lemeal surfed for the 1st time. Tremendous resource in his back yard and Josiah’s is the easiest wave to surf in the world BVI Wai ki ki.

End of the Bay.


Banking off the left.

A rare right. No wonder TC loves this place!

I was stoked on the …lost mini driver.