Monthly Archives: March 2017

Stella March

Friday 3/31 4pm Knee to occ thigh high , def lonboardable. Buoy is 3.6 at 5 SSW. It’s small but rideable on a log or fat fish.


Thursday 7am WFL Update: SE gradient fires today then clocking SSE a bit tomorrow. Watching the southern gulf to keep an eye on the 15 maybe 20knt SSE fetch N of Cuba. Maybe some knee high south swell on Friday and Saturday. Seas look to be running from the south at 1-3ft for those days. Keep an eye on 42098. Maybe just enough to get that spring time log action going. Something to get wet.

Wednesday 6am WFL Surf Forecast: Bad news is it not looking like a full on surf day later this week. Good news is there should be some small south lines. Friday and Saturday. Possibly rideable at best south facer. Did they ever put the swim buoy back? Just that little pitcher mound of sand gives a place for wave energy to focus. The better news is next week should be windier from the south with some opps for south wind waves starting Monday. Stay tuned but the summary is keep an eye on the cams Friday and Saturday for a small south line in the 1 maybe 2ft range at best south facers. Ill be back tomorrow with an update.

Friday in PR