Nico a WFL Wave Maker?

Monday 9/13/21 WFL Updater Below

Still dreaming of last week’s perfect waves! Florida going off from Hurricane Larry!

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

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Monday 7am WFL Surf WX Report… Nico exploded with convection this morning. The warm waters and tranquil upper atmosphere over the Gulf just blow up tropical systems. Unfortunately Nico is pegged against the Tex/Mex coastline and not strong enough to put a good swell across the gulf. When Nico makes his right turn towards LA, SW winds are forecast in the middle gulf. WFL could see a small 1ft at 9 seconds west swell from Nico and his tail on Thursday that could be loggable and that looks like it for swell chances. If Nico stays over the water longer or turns right sooner those chances could improve but right now WFL looks to stay small this week with a chance for a small line on Thursday. Locals winds on Thursday are south at 10knts so there may be a pesky sideshore wind on it.
Summary: Calm on the gulf this week with the possibility of a small west swell in the 1ft range on Thursday and maybe Friday. I would keep an eye on the buoys Wednesday night and have the log ready just to get wet even if it’s tiny. Have a great week!