Waves Today?

Saturday 6:00am WFL Surf Update 4/10/21

Hoping for more WFL waves. A small south line like this Monday? Wait and see. Photo: M-Dub.

Saturday 6am WFL 4/10/21:
I think the system is a bit late moving into the NE gulf and thus the 2ft buoy yesterday when it should have been 3ft… This am it’s just starting to clock around no waves yet. Offshore WFL winds are SSE at 20 N of the Keys. Check it later this afternoon for some short period, choppy, south wind waves. Models continue to show a better chance for swell later Sunday into Monday and even Tuesday could have a small south swell. Tweaking the details below. back this afternoon with an updater.
2nd Week in April 2021 SOUTHY- Synopsis: A low pressure trough is forecast to sink in over the Northern gulf this weekend. This causes the gradient to tighten a little more and now the entire GOMEX looks to be swept by south winds all weekend. Saturday Knee high building to thigh high at south swell spots with gusty south winds. Sunday starts knee high plus but could build to waist high swell as a stronger pulse fills in from offshore, 3ft at 8 seconds SSW for Sunday PM, target that. That south swell continues into Monday. Monday looks knee to thigh SW swell conservatively and Tuesday knee thigh SSW swell also as a little swell comes up form the southern gulf/Western Cuba/Yucatan…. With a stationary trough/front in the area the winds could blow hard south or they may die at some point Sunday or Monday.

Awesome Atlantic Storm!

Hoping for waves like this. Photo: M Dub.

NW PR Surf Take 4/8 A lot of people have asked me about not this weekend but the following, must be some good sale fares- this current storm cranks into next week but I think it will be on the fade late next week. A cold front next week could keep us from going flat but we may go on a break that weekend of the 17th.
There are signs that later in April another storm could fire up and head towards us. Right now the next strong pulse hits this Sunday NNE and should continue into middle next week. If you can pull the trigger and come this weekend for 5 days you will score. The winds supposed to chill out on Sunday/Monday. I surfed Pistons yesterday from 1-3pm with my daughter. It was waist to chest and crowded with beginners and pretty windy also, la ninya has everyone packed into that section bc it is the only place where the surf is clean. But the trades are forecast to die on Sunday and if the wind chills out it will open up 10 times more options. I am available at this point for guide photo services next week…