The Compound Crew and Mision Mexico

Jacob Shields surfing in Mexico.

Jacob Shields surfing in Mexico.

The Compound Crew just got back from doing a work project in Chiapas, Mexico.
This was our 12th trip down to the southern part of Mexico, where we have teamed up with an orphanage, Misión México, to help them become more self-sustaining. As a store, we have done a few fundraisers over the years to help raise money for this project: building a space for the organization to expand their education, work training, and surf programs. We are getting close to the final stages and will be, hopefully, finishing up over the next 2 years! Once the project is finished, it will be a place for surfers, families, and groups to enjoy and give back to some peeps who really need it. One hundred percent of all the proceeds of the surf camp and restaurant will go to help the children of Misión México. If you have any interest in joining us next summer on a trip to Mexico and have any construction skills at all, we would love to have you on the team! It’s a great trip: surf for a couple of hours in the A.M. before the wind comes up, then donate your time and talent so that the kids of Misión México Childrens’ Refuge can have a bright future. Here are a few shots from our latest trip. If you would like any more info feel free to email me, Jacob Shields @ or check out Misión México’s website at









The Compound Rocks!

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  1. Bfisch

    Sandbars not working well at Smyrna inlet. Searched and found some great waves further north for high tide.

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