Great Weekend on the East Coast. August 7th and 8th, 2010.

Not to be outshined by HB and the US Open which was going on at the same time this is Volusia looking very California-like.

Finally a swell that lived up to the hype. Solid swell hit Saturday mid-day. Low tide was going off and while it got a little fat late with the higher tide it was super fun all the way till dark on Saturday. One of the best swells I’ve surfed on the EC in a looooong time. Not really too many closeouts just lots of throbbing rights and slopey lefts. Sunday was smaller and windier but still plenty fun. All photos by Brandon Fraley and Micah Weaver. A chance for waves in the gulf? For the forecast and Weekly Outlook check the comments. Tuesday 8/10 6am 94L UPDATE located in the comments.

Me... about to get pinched.

Saturday afternoon. It looks fast but totally makeable even on a fish.

The rights were really good.

Steve Kepler was ripping. Here he is slotted on a right.

UI enjoying pristine conditions.

Looking like Wildo, but grey and w/o the reef.

Nice Left.

Crunch Time.

32 thoughts on “Great Weekend on the East Coast. August 7th and 8th, 2010.

  1. Jason Gossett

    Dude, nice pics… I went from CB to NSI on Sunday DP and yes it was still fun but oh so crowded even early… thanking God for some swell for FL I was about to go nutty. what is your comment on the low that is crossing over to the gulf in the next 48 hrs?

  2. Ray

    NSB was fun! I just recently relocated to Orlando, but I am stoked to be closer to the EC. Thank you Colin

  3. mdub

    Took the Fam to Daytona for the weekend. Got some good rides by the pier and did the tourist thing at night. Surfed from 9-4 on Sat with a lunch break and surfed today from 9-3. I’m soar, rashed up and stoked! Good vibe over there as well.

    from Anthony

  4. admin Post author

    Weekly Outlook Monday 8am: Low pressure is hovering over the state of Florida. This low will be moving out into the warm waters of the gulf and upper level winds are conducive for development. If it was to try and get going it would be late Tuesday or Wednesday before we saw a small S swell. I give it a 50/50 shot. At least it will be cloudy and not so hot. So gulf coasters coming home to good news in the local weather. Can you believe the water on the EC? It was like 75 and exhilarating. I thought I was diving into a spring. How can the ATL be 75 in Volusia and 89 over here in the gulf? In my opinion it was not as hot on the EC either as it has been here. I am digging NSB right about now… The one downer was the gnats and no see ums, even on the beach they would getchya.

  5. admin Post author

    I was about to go nutty too. We needed that! Yeah the vibe was good and where we were not crowded at all. If you got in a pack you could just walk or paddle down the beach and get back on one of the peaks and out of the crowd.

  6. Anthony

    There was def. an upwelling overthere. I’m thinking the west winds blew the surface water out to sea and the deep water filled in. Just my theory. It was chilly, but refreshing. I remember sweating over here in the water during the Alex swell. LOL!

  7. JG

    yes, it felt nice… after watching shark week I would quickly jump back on my board after each ride… i always feel safer when in the midst of other surfers but shark week gets gnarlier each year… there have been some attacks in JAX recently and I know those little sharks are patrolling the whitewater for fishies or feet that look like them!

  8. Rob

    Best waves I have caught all year I think. Very good quality. Nice pics too Micah … looks like you guys found a little more size then we had up the beach … it really started grinding in the late afternoon after that storm passed.

  9. e.alland

    — thanks for the pics!!! and the WX update was wondering what your take on it was – I see a lot of dry air behind it, but the SST’s are so high and once on the water… there’s plenty of moisture ~Going w/your call 50-50

  10. Clayton C

    kepler always rips when there’s a little size to it. you do too, micah. love the first shot, nice form. what a great weekend of waves…stoked! and what about little EG winning the Open Junior. great weekend for fla all together.

  11. admin Post author

    Tuesday 6am: 94L coming together off Naples. 42003 showing ENE at 13knts. Pulaski Shoal showing W at 15knts. That’s a very even spin. Pressure is falling. This low is forecast to strengthen as it moves away slowly from our coast and head towards LA. Based on the models our best chance for surf will be Wednesday as a SSW fetch sets up. There is a chance there could be waves late today esp for Lee Cnty. Shout out to Naples and Marco Island, Sanibel get ready… For us up here look for building S swell on Wednesday there is a good chance the wind will be on it and it will be choppy but there’s also that chance that esp Wednesday am best S facers could wake up to a clean little wave. That’s all I got for now. The phone bit the dust on the EC so no tweets on this one.

  12. e.alland

    LOL – I’ve been scanning the WX since 5:30 this morning – LOL – waiting on your thoughts — looks to be getting a spin, not sure if it’s stacking up right yet.

  13. JG

    cool thanks for the wx update and the forum to ventilate the excitement… what a fine site… if your crew ever surfs down south give a shout would like to surf with you guys and talk shop.. also, donations by mail would be good for those who have suffered identity theft via computer… any p.o. box info?

  14. JG

    lived here 4 years now and just getting somewhat of a grasp on wx and how it affects surf. I am still surprised sometimes and have caught mysto swells here and there that no one really called. your forecasting and knowledge of local conditions is pretty darn cool

  15. e.alland

    JG – stick here and you’ll learn, I’m surfing 4 years (late bloomer – my kid taught me for mother’s day)…..I started coming to Aurasurf after Hurricane Charlie – Micah was one of the only people (even among professionals) who called the storm correctly. By consistantly checking the forecasts, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come understanding/learning weather on the GOMEX. I live for those mysto swells & the clues they are appearing are usually found here. : )

  16. JG

    thanks, e; yes WFL is a great place and when there’s good swell it’s perfect… good vibes and few tribes! pray for invest 94L

  17. Sean

    Fun waves fer sure…much needed face time…glass too! Funny so many GCr’s in the same area…and never saw one of ya haha…ne way fun surf. I agree got good after the crazy electric show storms Sat PM-all in all too much fun. Now…MORE plz lots more-here is hopin for a good(maybe windy) S swell here…spin baby spin….shoulders bout rdy after Sat-Sun….Have fun!

  18. mdub

    thanks for the love and the comments. look for building surf on Wednesday, S facers should be waist to chest high and choppy.

  19. Rob

    Never mind praying for waves. Pray for me: I have to work and there’s no way getting out … I’ll probably be loony before day’s end tomorrow. Hooray!

  20. mdub

    Pulaski shoal blowin up w 27knt SSW. if that sustains best S facers will see surf in the am.
    this is cayo hueso… too bad I gotta work!

  21. to tall

    i feel like a giddy little school girl even tho i got chest high glass at cocoa on sat just comin home to some surf makes me all bubbly inside lol i really hope i dont get dissapointed

  22. fueledbycereal

    hey micah venice/casey key area was easily chest high occasional plus, choppy but not closing out and fun lots o’ guys out

  23. Sean

    Best S facers could be W-C chop easy,gotta look…I don’t doubt it…Esp With-MW and R werkin he he…nice to get some home stuff…even with a bump…have fun…!

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