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11am fun morning of surf in WFL. Mixed reports iin the comments. How did you do?

Tuesday 4/24 7am: Glassy everywhere this am, knee to thigh in St Pete. Knee to waist high plus in SRQ. Buoy is 6ft at 7-8secs from the WNW, winds are light to moderate offshore. Looks a like a fun morning to surf. Go find a wave on your favorite sand bar and enjoy, last call.

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49 thoughts on “Back on…

  1. admin Post author

    someone had to… the cams looked good, looked like the wind died in Pinellas

    what happened?

  2. David

    Scored some great rides at a N. Pinellas location. After the first line of storms went by the wind’s died and even shifted a little offshore. Lots of fun!

  3. K

    I gotta tip my cap to Micah. Hour and a half before dark it got really fun in south srq. Wst to + and really cleaned up. Nice call.

  4. ericito

    definitely some fun ones to be had this evening hopefully its just a precursor to THE GOODS

  5. RUSS-D

    South Pinellas was trying to get it together before dark, but the low tide wasn’t helping it out. Caught a couple of alright rides. Hoping this afternoon is good.

  6. Robbed72

    003 has a MWD of WNW and the inside buoy has a MWD of WSW ….lots of slop out there and energy that is going in a bunch of different directions.

  7. tonmalon

    surfed some shore pound bombs south of the bridge today. got some solid rides the gnarly conditions had me dead after 2 hours high tide made for some punchy and rather big nugs actually. 14 feet ot the bouys translates to what i was surfing on shore fshoo

  8. RUSS-D

    I don’t see a cleanup at all today fbc. tomorrow morning maybe. And I think, probably jinx myself saying this, I can get the morning off.

  9. Alwaysterry

    Maรฑana in the AM probably going to be everyones best bet for cleaner waves. Hopefully still a few sets over waist high. I’m hittin it before work ๎„

  10. E.Alland

    good posts – Glad for the SWFL, getting me stoked ……got some weather here monday & tuesday …..looking at Wednesday to get back in the water

  11. Joe

    LB was fun today. Supa windy, good lord. Hit an ariel, but couldn’t land it due to the strong N wind…

  12. RUSS-D

    swell is still comming in 5ft @ 7 sec. with NE winds at 10 -15 moh. I would think there is a good wave somewhere today in the waist plus range. Wish I had time to go South.

  13. Alwaysterry

    On my way, gotta good feeling about this morning after checking bouys and wind direction!

  14. Robbed72

    Pretty solid out back still … holding … knee to thigh is correct … very glassy / clean … will be fun somewhere.

  15. O23fish

    Swell on the horizon…heading S….I can think of at least 3-4 spots that will be fun to good. Go get it.worth the gas$$ fer sure…have fun!!

  16. Alwaysterry

    Scored this AM before work! paddled out at 7 and surfed perfect reeling stomach -chest high rights with 2 others.
    Not a bad start to a day. Hope you all got some ๎„

  17. Alwaysterry

    Don’t know where you were in srq K but it deft wasn’t weak at certain spots.
    Hopefully you were still able to get out

  18. capt j

    fun thigh hi sesh sat eve w/ my 7yr old at sunset, fun sun afternoon sesh w/ my homie(chst hi nugs) n btown, then finished off w/ some fun wst-chst nugs w/ 50 of my closest surf buddys at that secret jetty. btw the waves were very mushy in the afternoon but fun none the less. hope that helps mdub!

  19. gomexglider

    Best day in a loooong while here in the gulf. Super fun peeling rights from waist to shoulder high. High tide softened it. It should still be fun this afternoon on the outgoing.

  20. mdub

    cap j, youre four days of waves left us with a mini heat wave and super flat conditions, always something…

  21. Joe

    OMG I can only dream of how good it was this morning today while stuck at work. NSK was small after work, but fantastically fun and glassy! Totally exhausted now catching well over 3 dozen rides. Best day in quite a while, no doubt…

  22. RUSS-D

    anyone see the next swell comming???

    Neither do I!!! Sad I missed today, but work called(got to make money first now days) and I am now waiting for some good Cane ground swell. Gonna be a while, but I can wait.

  23. O23fish

    Yesterday was funzone for quite a while…I love “having” to go in late…dripping wet and no shoulders left. If ya looked enuf there was fun to be had,good to get wet…cool air on your back. Nice way to start a Wed day of work hope all got some- not crowded? Anyway…next! No soup for you-NICE morning have fun….

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