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Low pressure forecast in the gulf late weekend.

Wednesday 2/15 Weekend Outlook: Low pressure and a cold front will sweep the gulf this weekend. Look for building surf on Saturday at best S facers knee to waist high by afternoon. Possibly plus if the low pressure is stronger than currently forecast. Sunday behind the cold front look for waist high west swell with NW and N winds. By Monday am it's over and back to work so enjoy another weekend of surf WFL. Posted the PR report on the Rincón page, click the link above.

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  1. WOW!!! The Gulf is a sneaky little girl for sure. One minute she is all quite and shy, next she is dancing on the pole, and stuffing money in her panties. 😀

  2. Cool, surfs up! Now I just have to be able to find time to get out there before dark…

  3. Another wave event on the weekend!!! Things are looking up!

  4. Haha …. at Russ’ comment

  5. cowagbunga!

  6. WOWZA!!! good thing I came in for a peek!!! Lady Gulf & El Norte’ look like they’re going do some swingtime.. No problem…. I’m w/ KingNeptune the dude comes w/ WAVES & Horses – Board is WAXED and in the car – GIDDY-UP!!!

  7. woooooot woooooot7

  8. bouy under LA has 42 mph winds headed for us 🙂

  9. The Gulf is about to be a big churned up glass of chocolate milk … with froth on top … yum …

  10. I really hope a couple spots down south we finally get to surf this year. fingers crossed.

  11. Torn MCL & Meniscus from surfing east this week, down for months… New board just showed up & ready for wax. I’m going to lose my mind! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

  12. OUCH Bfisch, heal fast. I am just waiting for it to fill in a little bit, then heading out. Already getting chilly out there, hope everyone is ready for the cold .

  13. (((bFISCH))) prayers on that knee – getting ready to go look – wind has ElNorte’ chill – but the sun is brite now

  14. Heath – what are your doing tomorrow morning? Want to give that one spot a try? Call me later today … perhaps we can score it? Despite low tide tomorrow am, I am thinking about just hitting it early anyway. Last time I over thought the situation, I missed it entirely (Tony also) … see ya in the water Gulf coast

  15. that knee will heal.. I did the same thing.. avoided surgery. I hope you have the same luck!

  16. Thanks all! Go get shacked, I’ll have the camera ready! Surgery’s not until next week…

  17. Finally! I have not surfed in months!

  18. fun this morning at the Zoo, and then it got choppy but a lot more punch behind it this afternoon.

  19. Not much for getting shacked, but NSK was fun this evening. One mini barrel. That wind getting out, OMG COLD! My feet are still thawing out, over an hour and a half later…

  20. sk was crazy windy after 3.. Hopefully fun tomorrow

  21. im freezing my rastafarian nuu nuus off!

  22. hoping that pinellas is fun today, gonna stay local as I got stuff to do this afternoon.

  23. Bouys 10 ft at 9sec with 10-12mph nne in venice. hmmmm

  24. has anyone checked sand key yet??

  25. Anyone have a visual? Brrrrrrrr!

  26. I just got back from SK, it was pretty fun early, but then the tide bottomed out and it is way to shallow now. Maybe with the incomming push it will pick up. Down South is where all the swell is heading, you can see it on the horrizon.

  27. S srq. Clean, but weak. Thigh hi with occ + sets.

  28. sk around 1 during the incoming had a few waist high sets.. Nice and clean.. My face is still numb

  29. Stuck working on flooding installation still. God, I wish I could be out surfing! I work to damn much!

  30. 11-2:30–incoming push brad/srq was waist with chest high peaks semi clean. COLD AIR and the water felt pretty good. Always better than flat. A north facing Cuban beach is probably going off…

  31. Did it ever stand up down at VSJ? I checked a couple of times throughout the day but it was pretty mushed out.

  32. Screwed again by work. Suited up, drove to beach around 4:30 and swell gone. Damn it, if only I were rich…Hope you all had fun earlier today…

  33. no jack no. not at all! saturday was really fun at sk but today was frustrating. checked every fun spot i know from ami down to the elbow looking and trying figure out set ups for future swells. gotta few new spots dialed in but man what a bunch of driving for waist high coldddddddd surf. i coming soon micah. very soon!

  34. i use to think less and score more. i miss those days!

  35. I had to travel to Humacao on EC of PR yesterday… on our way home we surfed a rivermouth on the S coast of PR that was really fun waist occ chest high rights. about the same size as the gulf but a bit warmer 🙂
    It’s super flat here in Rincón today with massive surf on the way for tomorrow. got a back pocket secret spot that can handle the size.

  36. I also used to think less and score more. We’d get up and just GO … and not analyze every little aspect of the swell …. and we’d have a lot success by JUST GOING … early. Early is key

  37. WOW MW, looks like the swell is coming up quickly down there. It was flat as a lake when I checked the cam early, now I see sets breaking past the rock. Don’t be a barrel dodger and pull into a thicky for me! I’ll be thinking about ya.

  38. wish you were here to charge into them also, check back for pics

  39. what a fun-looking wave I could use a trip down to PR but not in the cards this year

  40. ENJOY Amigo — looks like you got the LOVE (waves) today

  41. wow PR has been getting some really good swell. I can’t make it this Year, going to Hawaii in a few Months, but maybe next Winter I can do a quick trip there, would be fun to go again.

  42. way to charge Tres MW

  43. so jealous, i’m moving when i can

  44. I knew you would not let me down! Way to charge! That board size looks perfect for those size waves, what size was it?

  45. 8ft with some freak 10-12ft sets esp late in the day it got even bigger.

  46. Way to charge it mw! Wish i could have got some of that

  47. whoever’s been praying for surf thanks

  48. your welcome -bawahahaaaa
    actually I do….. : ))

  49. haha I should’ve known thanks again

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