Taking a Break…

Growing up in the 80’s this is what it was all about.

Sunday 8am 12/25/2011: The mid-week wave event is looking better and better. But calm the hype machine, look at it out of the corner of your eye. Don’t beleive it untill you see the bouys off Texas with W and NW winds at 20 to 30 on Tuesday. A lot of us have the week off work between X-mas and New Years. That may be a good thing on Wednesday. It’s looking more and more like solid swell and favorable wind conditions. With the notch up on this am’s run we could be seeing waist to chest high ground swell with morning winds NNE at 10. Let’s hope it plays out La Niña could still pull the rug out from under us but so far this is the best looking set up we’ve seen yet this year. Enjoy your day.

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Here's Cody again. This time killin

Cody pulling in... he made this one.

Pushing his Bulatowicz thruster off the bottom.

Across the coping.

Cody and his crew got to Wishing Well early today before the locals knew the new swell had arrived. They had chest to head high barrels basically to themselves for a couple hours.

If you come to PR, pray you don't get this Hyundai from thrifty.

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43 thoughts on “Taking a Break…

  1. tdawg

    looks like i’ll get waves when i get back, course im gunna need a wetsuit and a board, sure my boys can hook me up, s jetty

  2. K

    EC Saturday, light winds with possible offshores and an early morning low tide. Chest to Head. Lookin gooood!

  3. RUSS-D

    oh yeah, tomorrow should be good on the EC. I am leaving at 2:30 a.m. so i am on the beach and waiting for light. Got to bail at 2 in the afternoon for something I can’t get out of. But that should leave me enough time to get a wave or 3.

  4. capt j

    low tide spots down south should be fun over on the e.c. dang russ, 2:30? you know it’s only a 2.5 hour drive over there right? headlight surfing is fun and all i guess. ha ha have fun. i will be there too!

  5. RUSS-D

    by the time I get to the Beach I am surfing it will be light. And I might just head over tonight and stay with my bud Erich. Then I can wake up fresh and ready to go.

  6. RUSS-D

    Saturday was just too much fun. Perfect chest high peelers all day long. I found a great little sandbar down south, Iknew it was good when I saw Tiptime dropping in on a wave. If he is there it is usualy one of the best spots around. And it was.

  7. Gulfsyed

    Anyone else get waves on Sunday? The incoming tide had the push and was best from 1-2 pm then faded by 4, saw one guy out on the shallow sand bar getting one footers but a short walk away where it was deeper they were pitching up and going all the way into the beach. They faded fast and lost power but with that hard north got a few a hundred yards down and you could move on the wave to get speed all the way down the line. Used the fish for the first hour and the LB the second. Some close outs and a long long wait but no wetsuit and just enough sun. Hope we get some south lines like that this week, ready for some lefts- was down south with just enough north, not sure if they got anything way down south but it was headed that way

  8. Fisch

    Sat EC was so much fun, then surfed hollow wedging shore pound mid day and some fun thigh long lines into dark…

  9. admin Post author

    We have had tons of friends in town, the kids wanna surf and the swell has been solid so we have been surfing some of the tucked away spots I almost never get to surf. surfed Steps the other evening, chest high, low tide and thick sucking up on the coral, i was a bit conservative on my turns, that wave is so rad, reminds me of some so pac setup. the EC pros(CT,etc.) who were here two weeks ago were attacking Steps like it was a sandbar. got to surf little malibu for the first time in 6 years, cool little wave and my kids have discovered the right off the jetty at the marina. Rosey it learning to do cutbacks on it. the WX is as cool as it gets here, pretty much sweater WX for PR. meteor showers and earthquakes, exciting down here. that’s my surf story.

  10. capt j

    Family time bro, family time. Sounds like your girls are loving it down there. Stoked for ya! Saturday E.C. was so fun. Easy soft peelers with long lines, like a playground in the morning. Skinnable or top, spring suite at most. the wind glassed off at high tide for about two hours. Tasty hollow nugs were had! I feasted! Two days later and still smiling.

  11. gulfsyed

    One foot lines at noon, lined up not too windy on the beach, not expecting much but the tide is coming in

  12. GCtoEC

    South of SRQ…There is a 1.5ft south swell. Actually, I was at a new area of intrest and had some long rides. WHAT!? It was small no doubt however every bar has its day.

  13. tonmalon

    actually i dont know a recent ping says 5.6 ssw winds sse?? i went skimmin in 2.5foot shorepound lines today with se pings a like 4 feet maybe a site with info is correct yet again

  14. David

    Great morning session. Started off semi-clean and then got choppy. Seem to be dying down by afternoon. Glad I got on it, nobody else around.

  15. tubeTime

    Looks like we’ve one the biggest loser contest.
    Below from Surfline’s La Nina Article (note the biggest loser)

    Gulf Coast

    A La Niña pattern is typically not a favorable one for the region due to a lack of storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico compared to El Niño winters.

    The weaker and further north storm track will likely result in fewer significant pre frontal S/SE windswell events for the Texas coastline, followed by weaker post frontal NE windswell events for the southern part of the state.

    The Panhandle of FL can also expect weaker southerly windswell events due to the more poleward storm track.

    The big loser when it comes to a La Niña winter is probably the West Coast of Florida. Less storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico and a lack of NW winds will likely result in a poor winter for surf for the WFL region. The pre frontal S/SW windswell events are also likely to be weaker due to the storm track moving into the Great Lakes region.

  16. admin Post author

    I would move all of you and your lives to centro if I could… it’s gonna get better.

    I remember being a 12 yr old kid, surfing the gulf was easy. wait for stormy day and go ride the crashing waves. you progress and the worst part is the flat spells. you really need to find your happy place be it fishing of biking or some other interest because these la niña years are enuf to send a WFL surfer off the deep end. latest run shows it weaker……. the models don’t like us either.

  17. Joe

    Scored some really, really small rides at TB yesterday. An occassional descent wave would show up once in a while. Not much, but at least it wasn’t freezing yet…Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless…

  18. gulfsyed

    Centro is calling- Check out the Low off Texas alot of West on the back side and its supposed to drag east acros the gulf for a couple days…if only

  19. fbc

    oh yesss, it’s looking like swell will arrive at our shores… these mid-week surf events really force me to get crafty with the work schedule

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