Enter the Dragon, Bruce LEE.

WFL Monday Night Wind Call: Tons of swell still moving in for WFL. Chest high plus for Tuesday morning. Unfortunately it is forecast to be windy and choppy for Tuesday am. One model shows the wind backing down for Tuesday pm so watch for that. Otherwise look for blockage. Posted shots from Katia in Puerto Rico here

Monday 9/5 Labor Day: Reports range from waist to head high… South wind getting on it. Find the N side of a jetty for blockage. Lots of chunk filling in according to the buoys… Have a great surf!

Sunday 8am: Knee high in St Pete this am. Bigger elsewhere. Look for building SW swell today with winds from the south. Late in the day it could get chunky. Monday looks head high and even Tuesday should have chest high surf so wax em up. Wednesday will have fading leftovers and a clean-up does not seem so likely. Maybe the wind will shut off after a rain squall briefly. Otherwise maybe find some blockage. Also models lock in the pattern with another possible gulf low late this week. Post your reports in the comments. The Compound has hot new Sharp-Eyes! Have a great surf!

Saturday 9/3 7am: Still waiting. Less than 1ft and flat in St Pete this am. Best S facers may have a knee high LB wave. On the buoys in the western gulf it’s hard to find a lot of SW and W wind. It should develop today and WFL should see building surf on Sunday. Monday looks solid as the energy in the gulf heads this way. We are expecting swell in the head high range when it hits later Sunday into Monday. At some point on Tuesday or Wednesday am there will be a weak front in the area starting to wash out and depending on how far south it sags it could shut the wind off or push it light offshore while swell from the middle gulf is still working it’s way in. So watch for that. Groundswells spots with deeper water offshore should be significantly bigger than you avg beach breaks. One more day, sorry to keep you waiting.

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47 thoughts on “Enter the Dragon, Bruce LEE.

  1. brad

    Micah, thanks so much for all the updates, even from miles away. We really appreciate it here. East coast was amazing last weekend, now maybe some fun waves over a holiday weekend, about as good as it gets. Thanks again.

  2. JT

    Thanks for today’s forecast…I was beginning to doubt a swell. Even though earlier in the week I was expecting anything until Sunday. After surfing Irene I need some Gulf surf and I don’t think I can make it East this week. I suppose I could if it was the only option. It’s good to have options:-)

  3. RUSS-D

    I am looking forward to Gulf surf as well. But I am considering East on Sunday for cleaner waves. Also looking at going over on Thursday to get the end of Katia.

  4. Rob

    Quick visual from out back … interesting to see little shin high ground swell lines breaking right on the beach with a solid and steady east wind … and swell on the horizon … but nothing rideable yet. Tons of energy out there, just not pointed at us yet. Truthfully, I don’t MIND the wait cause I am working today and if I can’t surf, then neither should any of you either. LOL …

  5. admin Post author

    I’m feeling left out… the Katia swell has hit the N coast of PR. Jobos is really good with 15sec swell chest high plus. Rincón is not seeing any of it. it is way too east. tomorrow but N coast is pumping right now!

  6. Alwaysterry

    Mellow,knee/thigh high peelers all day in Venice. Didn’t bother paddling out because the fishing was insane!! Later today and Monday should be solid.
    It was nice watching perfect Little groundswell all day though.

  7. Rob

    I am not at work today so I can’t get a viz … cams look knee high … ground swell right now … rideable somewhere! Debating going out while it’s clean

  8. charlie

    Surfed in TI 9-11:30. Was waist high. a lot of south in it was causing the waves to break kinda funky. still fun. wind is starting to get on it. going back at 3!

  9. Joe

    Great sets coming in at N.J. today. Really fun, with exception of a few bozo’s that think they are God’s gift to every wave that comes in. Take up skateboarding if you wanna be a shthead. Other than that, really cool peeps out today, good times…

  10. Rob

    Caught some fun waves today … real fun … stoked that we went to a few spots. Didn’t go to the Zoo … rather elected to get away from the crowd. Rashed and surfed out for the day. I am tired.

  11. RUSS-D

    I caught it realy good at an uncrowded spot. Surfed for over 7 hours today, got rashes in places I don’t want to talk about, am so tired i don’t know how I am even typing this, and I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow, and Tuesday. Then heading East on Thursday if the swell forecast holds.

  12. aber

    caught some fun long waves today. stoked when swell pulls through. glad i brought the log though. it was getting more conisistant towards the evening heading into sunset. more consistant and cleaner.

  13. Capt J

    never seen sunset so crowded for such crappy waves! it was a fun family day with mellow waist high sets but def not that great. fun little mushy waves with hardly any punch! def gonna venture south 2mrw!!!

  14. JT

    Buoys are as big as they’ve been at 8.5 ft. this morning. The period is only around 7 or 8 seconds. It should be at least as big as yesterday right now. Wife sleeping in but after I get the kids breakfast I’m there.

  15. olivia

    I surfed IRB yesterday for 10 hours straight I was so tired lol. It actually stayed pretty glassy all day and the wind never really blew that hard. Now I’m heading out again.

  16. Jeff King

    sunset and spots near were on fire morning/late afternoon yesterday.. heading out for some wind chunck now!

  17. Heath

    Hey nice pictures of a very uncrowded spot on Gulftster. Thanks for posting pictures can’t tell where its at. That’s sarcasm…

  18. cw

    So is the wind machine likely to last through the rest of the gulf swell? Didn’t seem like a clean-up is really predicted. If that’s the case anyone got a take on the best day to head east?
    Caught some decent waves near the curve in Brandenton yesterday – decent size but rides weren’t connecting to much. More than one turn is always nice.

  19. Rob

    Heading back out for round II in an hour or two … evening sesh hopefully is better then the morning one … big let down from yesterday’s nugs. But waves. Can’t complain

  20. jack

    Thanks for the ‘casts, guys. I didn’t even bother with the board today. NJ is the only blockage i know of around here and it was packed from end to end, not to mention the minefield of swimmers in the shorebreak. Took the fins to V-beach and caught some of the best bodysurfing rides I’ve ever had.

  21. gomexglider

    Man! Heavy news from my brother in Christ. But even through all that . . . even through all what I thought I could never handle . . . he has shown amazing faith in GOD. HE (GOD) is truly awesome despite our limited vision.

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