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Come On Irene

Sunday am and still going in WFL.

Sunday 9am 8/28
: Lots of great reports coming in the comments. Both coasts had fun surf yesterday. Knee to thigh in St Pete this am, bigger at the best c-front spots probably waist high. It will fade later today all though the tide switch could help. 1ft from the west on Monday so try and find some waves today. Tuesday and Wednesday could see a 1ft South swell as a tropical waves passes to the south but it does not look ridable, good skim. Have a great week. on facebook

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  1. melbourne area just went off yesterday and after 11 am it just got ridiculous as the tide was slowly going out – long, steep walls and makeable barrels one after another… so tired on the drive home

  2. up early – gonna scrounge for leftovers

  3. e.alland- Are you talking about searching for leftovers east-side or on this side?

    I know that there was a little bump coming in on both coasts Monday and was just wondering which coast you were referring to.

    LOL… I just realized that what I am asking only happens once every few years if we are lucky how it turned out last weekend. Great surf on the EC and a rideable wave gulf-side for a few days from the same system which stayed in the Atlantic. Just can’t beat that!

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