The AMI Crew Invade the Caribbean February 2023, New Frontier Flight, BQN to Tampa

Gulf Coasters Invade the Caribbean February 2023:

What a cool crew!! Score!!

Where are we surfing today?

John running from the locals.

Been awhile since Andy was in school but here he is ripping in the schoolyard!


John on a set wave.

Attack Attack!!

Nothing like surfing with friends.

Dolan enjoying Island Time…

Shaun down the line.

Rick taking a break from the NWS to rip some waves.

The crew at the Mix.

Non stop laughs.

It’s the golden age… So easy, I’m coming back at the beginning of July.

My mom broke her hip in a fall last October and she has cancer also but she is doing really good! So stoked on Frontier Air getting me to WFL so we can hang…

I told you guys I would give you an update on the new Frontier flight from Aguadilla to Tampa.
I flew into Tampa Friday night and you know it’s just a big city bus with wings on it! What can I say- it left on time, arrived on time. Nice new plane, good ride, it’s amazing… I paid $137 for a round-trip flight to come see my mother in the nursing home in Largo for the weekend and it really worked out well… So I think that if your bringing a surfboard, extra luggage- you can purchase that online while you buy your ticket and that is the way to go and then show up with your board (unless it’s a big huge longboard they may mark it oversize). But point being it has never ever ever been easier to get from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to Tampa! First time in my life after coming here for over 20 years I was able to catch a nonstop, direct flight. 2 1/2 hours- and you’re there for less than 150 bucks… I would just like to say thank you to Frontier Airlines for making it possible for me to go spend the weekend with my mom. I think for you guys, it translates into making it really easy to get down to PR and surf. Too bad we don’t have any waves(Inches on the south coast has small waves). If you did want to come down (who knows how long this flight will last but the plane was full that’s good). Keep an eye on the Jobos cam not that you want to surf Jobos, but you can scroll down to the forecast, and I always look for the period. I don’t even care about wave height I just need period. Like if it’s under seven-8 seconds like it is now I don’t bother going up there, it’s just dribble. But if there’s a pulse in the trade swell that bumps it up to nine seconds, like say 3ft@ nine seconds, yeah that’s worth a trip to to Isabela, so you could do a summer trip to PR. You just got a watch for a longer period… Like if that tropical storm comes towards the islands next week we might not get waves down here, not in Rincon but Isabela will get fun surf and for less than 200 bucks you can probably come down here. So let me know if that works out for you or if you have any other questions, thanks guys. I do guide work, we’ll catch some fun waves and I have boards to rent also- all we need is a little 9 second swell!
Summer in PR photos: Summer trip to PR? Here’s what you could expect:


22 thoughts on “The AMI Crew Invade the Caribbean February 2023, New Frontier Flight, BQN to Tampa

  1. admin Post author

    From Fuggin(thanks!)


    Here’s another red tide map, I do find the FWC one to be accurate byt only updated every 2-3days. It’s really frustrating and I’ve sat out the last 2 swells over the red tide. I refuse to get sick over some 2-3ft waves. The fish kill is pretty significant in Sarasota Bay this time and it really stinks. I’m considering selling the house and moving from this spoiled coast. I agree, it’ll probably get worse before and effort to fix it happens.

  2. hd

    alas, the dreaded sse se s windswell…it looks like its gonna break–wait is it building? could it be? no, no it is not. save your arms lol. unless u have a log or a skim…havent surfed in a month and am fiendin

  3. hd

    there was a rideable knee to waist slop peak dp this morning . high tide took over locally and not gonna build really till tomoro. south bars in good shape tho ..

  4. Skrims

    Knee/Thigh glassy sliders in S Pinellas. Bunch of guys catching fun little loooong rights.

  5. hd

    it pumped for a bit mid morning at sekret spot then the north wind picked up and north windswell funked it out .

  6. Fuggin

    After my red tide hiatus I finally dipped back in the Gulf this am for some fum 1-3footers on the LB. Some solid waist high sets rolling for a bit ? stoked on some clean water and Gulf swell!

    1. admin Post author

      thanks so much for the reports guys!! No wonder not many gulf-coaters use that site for forecasts, negative Nancys over there…
      stick to aurasurf to get some waves!!

  7. Ericito

    Althought i live far from the compound i give them mad PROPS! They give back and help the community more than some non 4 profits. Big ups to them! Much love!

    1. admin Post author

      thnaks man!!

      On another note from 1100 miles away that looked like the WFL winter was the warmest ever? was it? what a rip-off!! not to be depressing but April 1st and there are no more fronts for the next 10days at least!! and that’s not a joke… so weird!

  8. hd

    and yea worst winter here that ive experienced–it got cold (cold is below 40 air according to my dictionary) only once–over christmas. there were only a handful of legitimate cold front swells…xmas eve frozen dp was the highlight imo (one big but bad angle day forget when) and there was another super fun day i posted about i think was feb? maybe jan? after facing threats like michael and ian i dont really care about how much i get to surf tho after going on a 3 month hiatus last summer this winter sucked majorly…

  9. Aberjams

    25-35 knt West wind in the middle gulf Fighting 30-40 knt east winds in the east gulf.
    Wonder why the models show flat flat?

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a little bump sneak through later tomorrow or Friday

  10. UnderCoverKook

    Our local shipwreck beach break had some fun chest high sets. Mostly close outs but if you found the right sand bar, it opened up for some pretty fun sections. Super punchy
    Yewwww ????

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