Late January 2023

Easier than ever for WFL surfers like Gabe to hit BQN starting May 4.

Frontier Airlines is also adding a new non-stop flight to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (BQN) starting May 4. Frontier’s flights to Aguadilla will be TPA’s first scheduled non-stop service between TPA and one of Puerto Rico’s top beach destinations.Tuesday Wave WX below…

Classic GC shots: Chris Mariskal on a nice right.

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Tuesday Updater 6am WFL Last day of January: I don’t know man, doesn’t look that much different than yesterday- strong front, good hit but only 3-4ft seas at 7-8 for Saturday am- that with an offshore wind and low tide =small surf like knee to thigh maybe waist high peak at very best spots Saturday am and the front is so late Friday that nobody is going to have a chance to surf late Friday so you get this couple hour window of small waves Saturday am and that’s about it. There is 100% going to be a small wave Saturday am and it’s going to be glassy so try and surf but be prepared for small waves. Low tide Saturday is about 7am so maybe after 8 or 9am some water pushes in…
Waves this Week:
Friday 1ft southy building to maybe knee high Northern beaches right before dark. If you want to look check the last two hrs of light late Friday for maybe a small incoming wave.
Saturday: 1-2ft knee to thigh high west waves wiht NE winds at 10-15mph.

Monday WFL 1/30/23 Wave WX Outlook: GM guys, tough forecast but we’ll do our best. The good news is there should be some rideable waves at the end of the weak. Bad news it’s probably going to be small but hopefully not a skunk- Synopsis: Calm all weak until Friday when a cold front crosses the gulf. Models want to form low pressure offshore WFL and this bends the winds back NE. Right now, with the timing of the front it looks to come up after dark Friday, doh! Maybe N county has some wind waves before dark Friday. Then all of the westerly seas arrive on WFL beaches Saturday am to be greeted by offshore winds. The problem is how big will those seas be? Wave models say 4-5ft at 7 maybe 8 seconds into NE winds=knee to thigh maybe waist high at best spots, that’s the Monday call for Saturday am but check back this is an evolving situation, gracias y que pasan buen dia 🙂 …but right now plan on surfing Saturday am, fish and a log, 1-2ft clean surf…

25 thoughts on “Late January 2023

  1. Al

    There were nice shaped small waves from 8-10am at sunset beach today, but it’s gone now. It was fun.
    Your call of mid morning waves was a good call, but the size was small.

  2. Ericito

    Thigh high and fun for what it was. Mid morning +2 call. It was bad at dawn with the full moon low tide

  3. admin Post author

    thanks guys! La Ninya is almost over, better fronts are just around the corner, maybe next weekend. Any other reports from Friday? thanks!

  4. hd

    some really fun waves dp this morning. really beautiful but cold biting wind. got willy wonka as the tide/swell dropped and the north started to take over. maybe something left tomoro hopefully.

  5. admin Post author

    thanks for the reports HD. I got reports to my phone of fun surf in Pinellas that was very cold, beats not surfing for sure…

  6. DW

    Both Friday and Saturday mid afternoon incoming delivered the good to N P-county. Decent size for the gulf. today clean but super tiny, cold and miserable. Even the LBK and Naples cams show dink…tis da Gulf.

  7. Rob

    11:05 am update (Friday) – looks knee – thigh and clean at a few south Pinellas locations. Definitely some fun waves on a LB

  8. Fuggin

    I checked a few spots this am and the wait paid off, some 3-4ft sets filled in with the tide before lunch. Shortboardable and walled up on the inside and best of all clean water! Was still going when I left, hoping for some LB lines in the am 🤙

  9. ericito

    man monday morning was a good suprise. the cold front wasnt bad either but i just keep thinking back to monday. decent enough to short board, but no hype bringing in the crowds, and really nice long walls. i caught a couple waves that blew my mind riding the lil 5’2. just turn pump float turn float. i love those souths man. they hit just right like a favorite bass line.

  10. admin Post author

    Thanks Baytopper!!! Frontier Airlines is also adding a new non-stop flight to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (BQN) starting May 4. Frontier’s flights to Aguadilla will be TPA’s first scheduled non-stop service between TPA and one of Puerto Rico’s top beach destinations!!!!


  11. admin Post author

    Anybody remember ATA from the early 2000’s? they had a flight from St Pete to BQN but this is 1st one from TPA.

    Where would you rather go? San Diego or Aguadilla?

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