November 2022

Wednesday Update Below

Bad news and a December flatspell in the forecast. I so wish I could be calling for conditions like pictured here. SRQ in a good pattern…

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Wednesday 7am WFL Bad News Surf Forecast: The cold front for tomorrow is really backdoor. Not really any N winds expected from LA over to WFL it’s all NE winds. Wave models show a 1ft N line tomorrow that may be loggable on the right time and tide, shin to knee high, not sure what time of day probably PM. It will be clean and very small if anything. And then that’s it, flatspell time. La Ninya is super flexing right now to begin December and puts a blocking high over the SE US basically and sends a rapid fire jet up and over and into the ATL where low pressure is forecast to form NE of PR making for super windy, cool, stormy, big surf WX here in PR. This pattern sets up and every High just rides up over this SE US bubble and swings into the left behind the fronts making for backdoor-backdoor-backdoor, NE wind fronts. Not a good pattern. The forecast looks so bad I’m not even going to ask for donations, but thanks so much to the guys who helped out recently. These guys still take care of me even when the surf is bad, thanks so much, much appreciated.
Sad News in PR: So we had some young guys visit from a congregation in J-ville, twenty something worker guys who come to help out in PR and they want to surf so they got in touch with me to make it happen. I had never met them before but they are super cool. I meet them at the Rincon lighthouse and we go to check Domes from Deadmans and it’s like 6-8ft and windy and stormy and I never for a second thought to take these guys out there. I don’t know their skill set. I’d rather surf clean Doggies with them than that stormy mess. We are checking out Dead’s and it’s getting big and gnarly so we took off for Doggies, had a great session. They both caught solid head high waves and we were stoked. Come to find out not long after we left a 26 yr old kid from Cali drowned right there. 5 guys tried to pull him out of Deads in solid 6ft angry surf and they could not bring him back. He had been under too long, all these local guys are really good at CPR. One thing that sucks about PR is we have no lifeguards like Hawaii to warn people, no flags, not even signs to warn anyone and the ocean goes from tranquil to freaking upset and down right angry, rivers of rips and someone drowns every year. And now we have tons of windy 10ft surf on the way for next week and hopefully no-one drowns again but it was crazy to check the exact spot where the guy drown a couple hours before with my new friends from J-Ville…

What if we go all PR for the next week or 2 while the gulf is sleeping with strong offshore flow?

Deadmans. We have tons of clueless tourists here right now and lots of huge surf on the way.

28 thoughts on “November 2022

  1. hd

    pretty fun this afternoon. started to get kinda wonky as the tide dropped out. hopefully a window tomoro…

  2. hd

    i went today for a bit once the wind gusts on cwbf1 dropped below 35 knts. was sketch and wonky as hell but occassionally a huge teepee trampoline appeared. got like 5-8 rides in about 2 hrs and some crazy pitched falls. think its been a year since we’ve had anything close to that…

  3. Fuggin

    I managed to find a corner that was lining up away from my usual haunt. The water was clean and some fun 2-3 foot sets were lightning up a particular sandbar. Hopefully this upcoming offshore wind and cooler weather can alleviate this red tide.

  4. NateSmith

    Last couple days have been fun at sand key on a fish or log not much in the way of shortboard waves but stumpy short lefts closer to the jetty with some flofty rights that dragged along the sandbar.last two fronts were somewhat identical with a hard north in it. But I got a few before breakfast. Oh yeah and see you tomorrow

  5. Ericito

    Surfed wednesday PM thurs most of the day and the same for yesterday. Sand is all funky for sure but ill take whatEVER. Happy to have some waves 100%!!! Fun for sure!

  6. admin Post author

    did you get some? stoked…

    hey bad subject: but what do you think of Asian pop out Firewire’s 20% off sale? Check the Compound! I would poo poo it but that helium construction is amazing I’ve surfed these
    boards and they are super light and lively and strong… is it worth it?

  7. Birdz.I.View

    As a bigger dude, 6’6″ 200, i got the Dominater a few years back and I love it! Looking at the Mashup next. It’s a Machado collab. as is the Seaside which looks like a fun board. The redesigned Dominator II looks legit too. I get the hate but the helium tech is solid, esp. for my tall ass in these weak waves. To each his own.

  8. Heath

    That was one of the best scores at that spot. Haven’t seen it break like that since that swell. Thanks for the flash back in time.

  9. hd

    i will never ride an epoxy/carbon/non traditional surfboard. cant beat the feel and flex imo of foam glass and poly. just get the right shape for the right conditions/your skill level and body fitness.

  10. higgy baby

    I feel that every board that is hand shaped has a soul and pop out’s have none. I would rather have my boards shaped by a guy named Bob, Robert, Ricky, Brian, or Hobie lol

  11. Fuggin

    I definitely think this front is weak, but has a good scrape across the top of the Gulf for a solid LB wave and maybe even a mid or fish Monday 🤞

    I own a couple pop outs and a few mangled softtop logs that can still catch waves esp those 1 footers we get. But really nothing compares to a board that’s hand shaped by someone who actually surfs or has surfed the same waves (which is short-mid period beach break and mostly onshore for us unfortunately). I think WFL & FL in general has a lot of options for really good handshaped polyester/foam board for FL waves especially Mids & LBs that are advertised locally here and elsewhere. That being said, I think some of those proven high volume HPSB shapes they choose to mass produce will do well in good/solid conditions especially if you find the right volume and shape for your own style & ability. If you think about it though we don’t enjoy those solid conditions very often. Now if you’re traveling to Hawaii/PR/Cali or anywhere else that’s another story.

  12. NateSmith

    Fun Log sesh at sunset, tide was super low this am the tide brought a little log line in around noon-1:30, was good clean long peeler longboard conditions. The wind vortex was ideal for N pinellas but it wasnt looking as good.

  13. Fuggin

    I found a Knee-waist line today, sets were fun on the fish, long waits of knee high and less then out of nowhere some solid bumps would come though. Dead fish showing up in Sarasota county 😔

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