August 2022

Friday August 12, 2022 WFL Summer WX:

Jacob Sheilds surfing in Mexico.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Friday No Wave WX Paragraph 7am WFL: I feel like we are in a reverse ground-hog day 🙂 The sand-piper saw his shadow on the beach and now we have at least 3 more weeks of summer before things get interesting. Nothing new to report today other than 1ft chances. The current onshore/almost variable flow (it’s so light) is supposed to get more onshore next week and some 15knt west winds are possible Wednesday. If this was to happen a knee high log wave could be expected next Wednesday. 97L is a blob headed for PR on late Sunday. It’s supposed to cause urban flooding. Maybe an uptick in waves on the N coast. That’s all I got today. Have a good Friday.

Good weekend to go skate.

IMO how to get thru a gnarly GOMEX multi month flat spell- There really is no way to comfortably get thru a gnarly flat-spell save for leaving the area and going somewhere with waves and many guys have taken trips to surf areas this summer. When I was a kid there were really gnarly flat-spells and I would just skate every freaking day. That’s all I did thinking back now I probably learned to surf by skate-boarding. I would describe my skate style as pretty surfy. People say I look like I’m surfing. I have loose trucks on a wider skateboard. I can olie, slide and grind and bust out some old 80’s tricks like a boneless but I’m not like a street skater as far as flip tricks. So skating is how to get thru it. What do you think? Its just best not to think about surfing. Best case try and wait for a 1ft wave and sneak out before dark at some shallow sand-bar and catch a couple tiny ones, shin high if you can. That helps. Going to the EC helps. Just realize it’s a bad pattern and the lock out is full on but eventually it will end. Until the triple dip La ninya leaves it’s not looking good. Until that blocking high and higher storm track leaves it’s hard to get any westerlies from fronts, troughs or anything. Skate thru it!

WFL is blessed with so many cool skate spots now. There was none of this in the 80’s when we were growing up. Take advantage of it.

23 thoughts on “August 2022

  1. Rob

    That shot of Brandon might be the best (Gulf) photo ever taken. Mo was in the sweet spot to capture that. Need waves bad!!

  2. admin Post author

    i totally agree- Mo was the 1st and the best to get water shots of nice GC tubes!

  3. Eric

    MW…bringing the family down from the 15th – 20th. Kids are 12-14-16 and am looking for some fun family activities. Any recommendations? Would like to get them in the water to catch some small waves for them as well if you have any recommendations on that (and maybe where to rent them a board). Thank you!

  4. Ericito

    There’s been pretty much 3 days of short boardable waves this whole summer. Not too many log days either. And stating both is pushing it even.

    On another note I’ve surfed jobos a bunch. Seen people get chased out, drop ins every wave, pros, gramps, bull dogs, and kids. I’ve gotten some incredibly epic memorable waves though. When it’s pumping there are moments here or there when your in the spot and it’s yours. Hard to come by as the world grows more crowded tho for sure. There’s one specific wave I’ll never forget in prolly 2010. Just perfect, a few feet OH, way outside of everyone and just pristine perfect.

  5. admin Post author

    thanks Ericito sorry if I was being negative yesterday… I havent surfed in a couple weeks either now LOL

    I got some amazing waves at Jobos when I used to come here on vacay 15yrs ago- long rights and 5 turns easy- great family beach also back in the day
    i guess it’s just frustrating to have such a good wave and not really be able to surf it but FL surfers know all about crowds- like SI back in the 80’s
    only pros could surf 1st peak and you could easily get assaulted if you got in the way-but it was an awesome world class wave in the middle of a land of small
    long line closeouts back then -Hartley called it D-bah in Brevard county and he was right…

    Jobos got really good yesterday afternoon after the rain- tried to go and couldn’t, guess were all not able to get to the Pacific and getting frustrated with the lack of surf

  6. Aberjams

    Been in the panhandle this week – Surprisingly fun 2-3 glassy waves today. Place thumps

  7. hd

    guess what’s back? back again. red tide’s back, in central pin…

    low amount but it was there…here we go!

  8. Birdz.I.View

    Ya know, there’s ways to watch the Rays online? I can send you some links if you’re interested.

  9. Birdz.I.View

    They’re 13 games back of the Yanks but have the 3rd best record in the AL soooo….
    Toughest division in baseball! Even the O’s are hot this year.
    The usual: Lack of starting pitching, the injury bug has hit hard (esp. losing Wander)
    Probably get the wild card, then get worked by the yanks.
    #itstheRayslife We love them because they’re our team and it’s fun to watch them scrap

  10. admin Post author

    perfect update Birdz- thanks!!! I saw them at the trop beat the Phillies in game 3(?) in 2008 world series 🙂

  11. ericito

    surfed a couple hours. fun wedges knee to thigh long lefts! as the tide got lower it got dribbly

  12. hd

    i remember surfing— two months ago…no complaints really its too hot to enjoy anything under chest high/quiet tropics are good tropics.

  13. Ericito

    between the crowds, the heat, the blue green goo in the water, the water quality issues, the flatness, and the sum of all these parts I MISS WINTER! im consistently dreaming of surfing the shoal with my wetsuit on. COLD early mornings, hot drinks, wetsuit tan lines, days of CHOPPED UP NW swell and no crowds.

    man i cant wait for winter

  14. baytopper

    I watched Big Wednesday for the 100th or so time last night and love how they transition the movie through seasons and swell to convey the mood. I’m with Ericito….bring on the north swells. Ready for a season change.

  15. DW

    Pretty bleak forecast when shin high wind ripple is the next wave event in the gulf, kind of been that way. Peaks and valleys…in a rut for sure. Mid-season TS updates still calling for above average number of storms so maybe some actual surf later w/o the destruction vs. the forementioned wind ripple of the last few months. 🙂 And, if the La Nina fades this winter may shape better so, here’s to those scenarios!

  16. admin Post author

    maps are beginning to bump up a little and a pattern change may be starting… knee high south waves are possible Wednesday at best south facers more tomorrow, thanks guys for the comments and takes

  17. Ericito

    Little more west flow starting this weekend? Doesn’t look significant, but it looks to be blowing in our direction for a while.

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