Fiona Bashes Puerto Rico

Sunday am Radar.

Fiona ramping up on approach.

Fiona next week stuck in the Southern Bahamas.

Hopefully waves on the way.

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Wednesday 9/21 WFL Wave WX Outlook 8am Generator Powered, Phone Tethered Report(just my take, make your own decisions) GM guys, trying to get back to work, get a sense of normalcy and routine to this crazy Caribbean life. Here’s my take on 98L: Lets go back and look what happened to Fiona- The EURO pretty much nailed the Fiona track but not the strength. The GFS was a little better on the strength but missed the track bad. With 98L The EURO has it going into Naples WFL as a hurricane, don’t freak out. This is like 7-8 days from now. The GFS has 98L headed to Louisiana, classic track and swell for WFL. If you split the difference you have an Elena 85′ style storm in the Big Bend. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. 98L to me does not look impressive on satellite today and many storms have taken dumps this season despite what the models say. Speaking from experience- you should check your supplies, if something did come your way- your getting a super early warning that may be nothing but it’s always good to be prepared. By this weekend you could get a more solid handle on it. Button up your stuff and start driving north. I’m not telling you what to do, it’s just an idea bc this sucks what PR/DR is going thru right now.
Fiona Crushing Puerto Rico, Hindsight is 20/20: I should have had more gasoline for the generator. I could have used a few more jugs of water. After Fiona AM radio was by far the best source of info. I should have had an AM radio. Make sure your windows are clean and tight. Forget the Models this Year: We thought Fiona would be a weak tropical storm(EURO) instead we got what I thought was a Cat 2 that kicked our butts- not as bad as Maria but Catastrophic flooding and a lot of people lost roofs and homes and lives. Fiona skirted the south coast rounded Cabo Rojo and ran over Mona on the way to DR all the while strengthening. Her big butt trained on Rincon for days, even today. 25 inches of rain at my house, some trees down, a little water in the house, 3 days on the generator so far I have no idea when the power will come back. PR needs a little humility- pride comes before a crash… This sucks but it’s life in the Caribbean it’s normal, it’s been going on for eons of time and any loss is nobody’s fault but ours… God has given and God has taken away let the his name continue to be praised…

54 thoughts on “Fiona Bashes Puerto Rico

  1. Rob

    That shot of Brandon might be the best (Gulf) photo ever taken. Mo was in the sweet spot to capture that. Need waves bad!!

    1. admin Post author

      i totally agree- Mo was the 1st and the best to get water shots of nice GC tubes!

  2. Eric

    MW…bringing the family down from the 15th – 20th. Kids are 12-14-16 and am looking for some fun family activities. Any recommendations? Would like to get them in the water to catch some small waves for them as well if you have any recommendations on that (and maybe where to rent them a board). Thank you!

  3. Ericito

    There’s been pretty much 3 days of short boardable waves this whole summer. Not too many log days either. And stating both is pushing it even.

    On another note I’ve surfed jobos a bunch. Seen people get chased out, drop ins every wave, pros, gramps, bull dogs, and kids. I’ve gotten some incredibly epic memorable waves though. When it’s pumping there are moments here or there when your in the spot and it’s yours. Hard to come by as the world grows more crowded tho for sure. There’s one specific wave I’ll never forget in prolly 2010. Just perfect, a few feet OH, way outside of everyone and just pristine perfect.

    1. admin Post author

      thanks Ericito sorry if I was being negative yesterday… I havent surfed in a couple weeks either now LOL

      I got some amazing waves at Jobos when I used to come here on vacay 15yrs ago- long rights and 5 turns easy- great family beach also back in the day
      i guess it’s just frustrating to have such a good wave and not really be able to surf it but FL surfers know all about crowds- like SI back in the 80’s
      only pros could surf 1st peak and you could easily get assaulted if you got in the way-but it was an awesome world class wave in the middle of a land of small
      long line closeouts back then -Hartley called it D-bah in Brevard county and he was right…

      Jobos got really good yesterday afternoon after the rain- tried to go and couldn’t, guess were all not able to get to the Pacific and getting frustrated with the lack of surf

  4. Aberjams

    Been in the panhandle this week – Surprisingly fun 2-3 glassy waves today. Place thumps

  5. hd

    guess what’s back? back again. red tide’s back, in central pin…

    low amount but it was there…here we go!

  6. Birdz.I.View

    Ya know, there’s ways to watch the Rays online? I can send you some links if you’re interested.

  7. Birdz.I.View

    They’re 13 games back of the Yanks but have the 3rd best record in the AL soooo….
    Toughest division in baseball! Even the O’s are hot this year.
    The usual: Lack of starting pitching, the injury bug has hit hard (esp. losing Wander)
    Probably get the wild card, then get worked by the yanks.
    #itstheRayslife We love them because they’re our team and it’s fun to watch them scrap

    1. admin Post author

      perfect update Birdz- thanks!!! I saw them at the trop beat the Phillies in game 3(?) in 2008 world series 🙂

  8. ericito

    surfed a couple hours. fun wedges knee to thigh long lefts! as the tide got lower it got dribbly

  9. hd

    i remember surfing— two months ago…no complaints really its too hot to enjoy anything under chest high/quiet tropics are good tropics.

  10. Ericito

    between the crowds, the heat, the blue green goo in the water, the water quality issues, the flatness, and the sum of all these parts I MISS WINTER! im consistently dreaming of surfing the shoal with my wetsuit on. COLD early mornings, hot drinks, wetsuit tan lines, days of CHOPPED UP NW swell and no crowds.

    man i cant wait for winter

  11. baytopper

    I watched Big Wednesday for the 100th or so time last night and love how they transition the movie through seasons and swell to convey the mood. I’m with Ericito….bring on the north swells. Ready for a season change.

  12. DW

    Pretty bleak forecast when shin high wind ripple is the next wave event in the gulf, kind of been that way. Peaks and valleys…in a rut for sure. Mid-season TS updates still calling for above average number of storms so maybe some actual surf later w/o the destruction vs. the forementioned wind ripple of the last few months. 🙂 And, if the La Nina fades this winter may shape better so, here’s to those scenarios!

    1. admin Post author

      maps are beginning to bump up a little and a pattern change may be starting… knee high south waves are possible Wednesday at best south facers more tomorrow, thanks guys for the comments and takes

  13. Ericito

    Little more west flow starting this weekend? Doesn’t look significant, but it looks to be blowing in our direction for a while.

  14. Heisenberg

    YEWW fun waves for the gulf next weekend to shake off this flat spell then some real surf in the atlantic afterwards. Its going to happen 100% guaranteed the forecast never lies. Two hurricane swells will definitely fill in perfectly on both sides of florida with offshores.

    1. admin Post author

      thanks man stoked on the Bucs… the break is just what Brady needs to have a great season hopefully

      hope for waves at the end of august, I could surf with you guys but not that likely looking at the maps… until la ninya goes away it’s gonna be tough but 50% at least that there could be a good hurricane swell at some point in the next 2 months. hurricanes love la ninya

  15. Tcure

    Wave starved…but ready for bucs season. I think Julio Jones is a great pick up, don’t need to rely on him but he can go make some big plays. I think Russell gage is going to do very well, underrated

  16. DW

    Tip, since we are watchin’ and not surfin’ this time of year. Watch WSL on YouTube rather than Its live also and allows you to wacth every riden wave in minutes rather sitting thru the entire 30-45 min heat with lulls and yada yada from the talking heads. That said KS provided some excellent commentary yesterday that was well worth listening to.

  17. Fuggin

    I usually watch on YouTube as well but they usually don’t show the finals on YT and I end up going to the WSL app or website. Definitely some crazy waves yesterday and the commentary has been blah but I do appreciate hearing what the athletes have to say.

  18. hd

    hype ^ we wont get anything from a boc storm (if it even verifies) that isnt a cat 3-5 and or doesnt sit and churn aside from a 1 ft 10 second surge lump.

    1. admin Post author

      the EURO is having nothing to do with a gulf storm- the EURO is all over an island storm for labor day weekend but keeps the gulf clear while the GFS insists-

      even if you split the 2 models you have strong tropical disturbance passing the channel with SE winds… not really any surf, 1ft southy- dont wax anything yet…
      but the flat spell has a very good chance of ending in September, even in the next 20 days…

      1. admin Post author

        to get a small swell from the boc you need a well developed, fully wrapped hurricane with enough water time to kick something back

  19. bob

    “Nice summer WX pattern. Feels Caribbean out like pretty good trade flow and afternoon storms and not too hot except in the late afternoon. Hangin’ on St Pete Beach last night, there was a little 1ft glassy wave as some big storms came across from the East. Lots of solid rain and lightning and cooler WX behind the storms. Big puffy clouds this am so that pattern continues and high 70-80% rain chances this weekend.”

    Nice local report recently “Feels Caribbean out.” Its beautiful here, this summer has been paradise without a worry in the world of any storms and destruction. The Atlantic has also looked fun all summer long from our point of view. Iv been amazed at how fun those trade swells looked. Guys over there are begging for a bombing storm swell, but if i had all those 2-3ft @8-10sec ESE sessions then i would have no need to ask of anything more. Hoping that prediction from the Euro keeps that storm away from the Caribbean and offshore from the states. Fingers crossed for A repeat of last years Larry swell.

  20. Rob

    The models are extremely flakey this year when it comes to predicting tight circulation (something that would be classified as a depression or named storm).

    I’m not sure why. I’m sure nothing has changed programming-wise from last year. The only correlation that I’m noticing that could be throwing them off is the Saharan Dust. Maybe that element isn’t built into the GFS or EURO programing enough?

    They (perhaps) are merely programmed to take the surrounding upper and lower atmospheric weather patterns into consideration – as well as oceanic currents, without taking into consideration the dust.

    And we all know that dust kills storms. My two cents.

  21. higgy baby

    this must be Gods way of telling me to put down the beer, get to a gym, and lose some weight so i can fit into my wetsuit, because i’m not getting any surf until winter.

  22. Fuggin

    Some funky 2 footers out there this am with a big tide already and incoming all morning. Breaking pretty close to shore but ridable ?

  23. hd

    theres some energy out there but huge tide drop this pm/side offshore wind. heres to hope for tomorrow…surf-wise at least for me.

  24. hd

    it was lully but there were moments of pretty fun knee to waist a frames and lines. got a ton of waves. some had plenty of power for a floaty shortboard and a maneuver or two. sandbar in good shape but got deep quick on incoming tide. 3 month surf drought over for me, finally. cheers.

  25. Fuggin

    My sandbar was still popping off some clean Knee-thigh and occasionally some solid waist high sets this am. Not quite shortboardable but fun on the midlength almost like a distant tropical storm swell 3ft@6-7

    1. admin Post author

      sunny and muggy this Saturday am in Rincon PR, Fiona has strengthened and is supposed to be close tomorrow. The GFS has Fiona on the classic path crossing PR entering at Point Tuna and exiting Camuy a lot like Maria as a strong TS or Cat 1 hurricane, no big deal right? I’ll let you know… Going to do some more prep this am, just bring stuff in at my clients houses so things don’t blow around. The EURO has Fiona heading up the Mona Passage right out my window- I’ll be able to see her go by :0 Next week we may get some fun surf after she goes out in the Atlantic. So to summarize GFS has landfall in Maunabo and EURO has the Mona, who will win? bets?

      At some point the power may go out, I’m gassed up for a few days of gen use if necessary.

      I think the models have performed poorly this summer all of them 72hrs ago the reliable EURO had a minimal TS passing PR now Fiona is 20knts stronger than forecast and strengthening. What’s with these models? You can’t trust them!

  26. Fuggin

    Hoping Fiona doesn’t impact the islands too much other than some rain and swell! Stay safe down there Micah!

    1. admin Post author

      we are getting our assess kicked old school …wind is like 80 plus and the rain incessant you are going to see some catastrophic destruction on the news when this is over if it’s bad at my house in the mountains the low lands are going to flood bad pray for pr at least we’re used to this garbage… fiona’s rocking gotta be cat 2 or close

      1. admin Post author

        can someone look at the models for the next two weeks and tell me if there is anything else coming to the caribbean? thanks no internet here limited lte

  27. Fuggin

    NHC does have a yellow 20% pointed at the Carib and the GFS and ICON are biting on it for what that’s worth… Staying South of PR and potential trouble for Jamaica and/or Cuba, Euro not on board yet. Hopefully you get power back soon, Fiona looked like she packed a punch for PR but she’s gonna make a lot of EC surfers happy.

    A tropical wave located several hundred miles east of the Windward
    Islands is producing an area of disorganized showers and
    thunderstorms. Some gradual development of this system is possible
    during the next several days while the system approaches the
    Windward Islands toward the end of the week and moves over the
    eastern Caribbean sea over the weekend.
    * Formation chance through 48 hours…low…near 0 percent.
    * Formation chance through 5 days…low…20 percent.

    1. admin Post author

      thanks Matt that helps allot

      sorry i can’t update maybe later

      still raining here in Rincón almost thirty inches of rain- never seen so much rain in my life. Fionas big butt got stuck over us, it’s ugly here. no electricity just the generator for a few hours am and pm. the ocean is the color of chocolate milk. i think the worst thing about Fiona is the slow fwd speed feels like three days of horrible weather.

      Surprise to me Fiona’s front side ENE had stronger winds than her back side. We had 80 plus here ENE but only 40 plus south winds. translation the EC is gonna get big surf from Fiona, i hope the winds are good at some point.

  28. Ericito

    sending good vibes and prayers to you Micah! hope yall hang tight and make it through the tough part dude!

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