GC Tubes and PTC 1/Alex the Tropical Storm

PTC 1 before it became Alex made these waves in Bradenton, Florida… June 2022 wave event…. venicejetty.com

Test driving a Firewire Spitfire Helium.

This summer has been so fun so farm stoked!!! All photos by Tyler.

Puerto Rico is beautiful.

Lilac Alvarado yesterday at Wildo.

This is the bottom section of Wildo yesterday.

Gulf Coast Tubes-

WFL Hurricane swell.

Nothing like a good gulf coast tube.

Hoping for weekend tubes.

MW- Venice Pier Y2K

Middle Jetty Sunset Beach, Hurricane Ivan. Experts predict a busy 2018 hurricane season. Spring is starting early.

Send more barrels.

Dolly Tube 2007, photo: Mo

Ocean and Earth. Photo: Micah Weaver.

17 thoughts on “GC Tubes and PTC 1/Alex the Tropical Storm

    1. admin Post author

      congrats!! Looked so fun!

      got this from ndbc…

      “Micah, Station 42098 is a waverider buoy operated by the Greater Tampa Bay Marine Advisory Council (GTBMAC). While we do not manage the station, we will inquire as to when it will be repaired. Thank you”

  1. Fuggin

    Knee-waist high windswell here in SRQ county and solid 20kt wind and tide too high making it look not very inviting, at least at this spot. Definitely bigger than yesterday am.

    1. admin Post author

      thanks for the eyeball report Matt. I hope somebody is surfing!! Maybe next weekend?

  2. Fuggin

    I’m thinking if the wind backs down some it might just get fun later. Or just let it crank some more to get it a bit bigger. I prefer my windslop at least waist-chest lol….Going fishing for now. Also, GO BOLTS!⚡⚡⚡

  3. Ericito

    been surfin every morning these last couple days. good or bad. this morning was a little wonky for sure but there were some gems at the jetty. i actually rode my 5’2 for a couple hours and bagged some keepers! def fun where ive been.

  4. OriginalJud

    There were waves yesterday on treasure Island in front of the public beach across the street from the Publix, of course I didn’t bring anything to ride but we had fun body surfing all day was a blast. Tons and tons of seaweed clogging up some of the surf zone though

  5. CNT SRF

    I’m up in destin. Staying for 3 nights. Was really hoping that dig wouldGinger 3 create some southwest pushing in. Yesterday winds were showing 20-25 pushing under Louisiana pointed toward the coast bit now it looks like that’s off the table..
    I’m just east of Hendersen Beach. Took the boogey out around 4 with hinds blowing around 15 or so side offshore coming from the northern part of Louisville but it generated what I call 2 foot plus wind slop that had just enough juice on it to get some steep drops and a few turns on the boog.
    If that same wind set up happened on the Westcoast it wouldn’t have generated what it did.
    Really shows that difference in nearshore depth really amplifies the swell.
    On a side note, yall know that feeling of when you think things are lining up for you and then they don’t at the end? That’s me right now. At one point the models were showing a tropical system heading west of here. Had my hopes up. That’s life though isn’t it? Just gotta say oh well and enjoy everything else that’s not surfing.
    Final note
    Driving into the area there’s a massive swath where Hurricane Mathew just devastated the pine trees far inland. Looks real eerie driving through.
    Still looks rag dolled really bad. When I head back I’m going to check out that Mexico beach that took the eyeball. Were quite fortunate that we keep getting missed in the Bay..
    It’s so neat being up here from a born and bread bay boy.

    1. admin Post author

      Panhandle is so cool! Glad your getting some… my fave spots up there was ft pickens to the pier area p cola, blue mountain… shell island is sick and cape san blas, those guys get good waves up there, almost like you gotta live there type place, 7hrs from everything…

      2ft side offshore back in the 80’s bellaire used to get that on backdoor fronts, the dredging messed up the bars

      thanks for checking in J

  6. Ericito

    Caught a really fun session Friday morning out back at the old jetty. Surfed my 5’2 all morning and got some keepers! Nada Muchas Saturday. Barely a grom wave, BARELY. Hope season kicks up soon

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