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Friday November 26, 2021 WFL 5am Wave Weather Discussion A cold front will pass tonight. Winds in the gulf are mostly forecast to be 15knts(lets hope they get closer to 20). Seas 2-4ft NW at 6 maybe 7 seconds. That usually equals knee to thigh at the best cold front spots on the right time and tide. So I’m not so sure about the DP but it’s worth a check. Hopefully there will be a small wave to slide tomorrow. It will definitely be glassy with NE winds at 10. Check 036 and 098 hopefully it’s like at least 3-4ft at the buoys tomorrow am. Take a log and low expectations. Somebody will probably find a small fun wave tomorrow at some point. My best guess: Mid morning down south or N County. I hope you find a fun slide!
Thanks for checking in, have a great Friday! If your thankful for the forecasts and you feel like throwing a donation there is a Paypal link on the side. My venmo is Micah-Weaver-8 it’s so easy… I’ve had some unexpected expenses with my PC crashing so it’s greatly appreciated and inspires me to go early and hard as we go into December! Check out the Compound today!


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  1. Rob

    Micah – that spot was world class for sure. I’m glad it breaks again, but it hasn’t been the same since that dredge and removal of groins. When it was good – it would be good by anyone’s standards no matter where they lived in the world.

    Rays are down on the series right now 1-2 against the Sox. Game four of the ALDS is tonight and it’s do or die. If they force a game 5 they’ll play at home Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Gotta win tonight though or that’s it. Go Rays.

  2. JDH

    I’ve never surfed it. Only heard about it later after I moved from Sarasota in 96. I’ve only been fortunate enough when I was an adventurous young buck, to sneak through a construction site in South LBK in the winter and catch perfection breaking off the many little piers and ground down there. Sand wasn’t as groomed and there’d be long peaks breaking all over the place. Very difficult to get to now. Whole Southern end has been developed for awhile now. Really cool pic.
    Speaking of groins, i found an old aerial photo of irb/is from the 70s and alongside the old IRB pier were 4 or 5 other shorter piers and a groin sticking out and the coastal bend around there wasn’t so smooth but more jagged. From searching lots of old pics from our coast it really seems like not too long ago the sand was much less groomed along the shore but with more undulations and features and as we know, that’s what makes breaks. I’m pretty sure this is why it really was better in many areas in years past. Really cool pic. I’ll take a 1988 stiff board, cheaper living, and less angst amongst people over Anything today’s world has to offer.

  3. admin Post author

    amen guys thanks for the comments! IRB had a old sunken bridge offshore Central Ave down by that pier, so cool but buried under the dredge

  4. Ericito

    Man this lull is rough! Cant wait for some waves ANY waves!

    I always say it, ill he surfing less than stellar waves and people always respond “that isnt very good wtf?”

    And i like to respond with, but yea it gets flat for months at a time all the time!

  5. admin Post author

    it’s coming Eric, Sunday is going to be fun when that swell fills in, hang in there bro thanks

  6. Aberjams

    I hate to be a Debbie downer- But the red tide patches are still alive and pretty brutal in the Tampa Bay Area- Our water is still funk- They don’t want to report it on the news and scare away tourists- I’ve never seen it this bad for so long…
    There are little pockets of death up and down the coast.
    Check the FWC red tide maps before going to the beach.

  7. admin Post author

    dont get mad at me for jumping on the bandwagon last season- I was there in 76′ 0-16 i wore a bag on my head steve spurrier garo yeprmium eric rhett james wilder courtnety hawkins ugggh they were so bad!!! Doug Williams was awesome!! I have to pinch myself watching TB… omg who would have ever thought dude is unreal, the GOAT playing for us the creamsicle losers… so stoked!!!

  8. Ericito

    Took the fam SUPing last night after school, or at least tried too. Red tide was insane. We just went home. Tuesday there was none, yesterday it was bad. Comes and goes.

  9. Fuggin

    Got out around 1030 today and found some clean 1-2 footers on the log and no red tide. Hopefully the evening sesh has a lil more juice 🤙

  10. greg

    Found some small clean fun at the zoo and the water seemed fine…no smell at all. It was best from 11-1 then started fading away. I doubt there will be much for evening.

  11. Fuggin

    I have been spying the models a bit also(I didn’t look directly at it and with sunglasses on) and they have been consistent with the Halloween banger. Looks like this one could was some sand away 🤙

  12. greg

    What the heck? Friday looks as big as it gets for the Gulf…but lots of howling onshore wind. Where is a place that handles that much energy and wind? I may be hunting a bit.

  13. Bird

    Stock up on eye drops and fresh water! Rumor has it, the Red Funk is blowing onshore in full force on AMI!

  14. Fuggin

    I went to the beach with intentions of surfing yesterday but it was just blown out 2-3ft windswell, surfable yes but not inviting so I did not get in. I may check it here in a bit as it looks like it could be kinda working. As for thur & fri hopefully the wind lays down for a bit somewhere but that doesn’t look likely. There really are only a few spots that can handle it when it gets this solid and good luck staying on top of the sandbar. Prepare for some drifting, don’t charge it alone and keep an eye on those noobs getting denied . I do think there is chance for some high tide glory, someone is gonna get shacked, and an old jetty may reveal itself if enough sand is washed away 🤙

  15. gulflines

    yesterday 12-3pm, waist to chest+ chunky, rippable, near empty lineup and super fun at an undisclosed gulf sand bank. however, red tide was an issue with the 10-12mph onshore winds. right eye wanted to close after an hour in the water. pushed session for 3 hours cuz it was too fun, eye balls are still recovering today. not looking forward to Saturday onshores!

  16. Aberjams

    Man I wonder – You know how we pump air into aquariums to help he fish breath, I wonder if we could lay some tubes or hoses down to do the same in parts of the coast?
    I know it’s a weird idea, and I am not a scientist- I also don’t like the idea of putting some sort of adverse chemicals into the water that may also have some side effects.

    Hoping for clear eyes during the chunk this swell!

  17. JDH

    NOTICE: I’ve never seen anyone really here in a good many years so.. but when I discovered it when I first got a car and was passing over the j.p bridge and seen guys floating in the water so I pulled over and to my surprise there were spitting leaky weirdness that would come bumping up against the center bridge wall and throw this little first peak type thing. I was on my way to work so I couldn’t go out but watched for 15 or so. Whenever I’m in the pine hunting waves I’ll give it a look and have only seen a fragment of what I saw that day which was a straight across the gulf long period blown out mess like what’s in store tomorrow.
    I can’t get out but if anybody could please just take a peak tomorrow late afternoon/evening time?
    I haven’t checked the tides but if the peak energy coincides with a high it could really squeeze hard in through there and get magnified off the wall.

  18. JDH

    ^Said “Peak” a bunch of times because that thing was throwing a crazy peak that day. 😄 Wish I knew who the pack of 5 who were out there that day to verify.

  19. Pat

    Whoever is in charge of that offshore wind prediction for tomorrow needs a pay raise because that is just the perfect recipe to score the gulf as good as it gets

  20. Fuggin

    I did a few drifts today around lunch and it was quite unruly with the wind but there were some gems underneath. Oh man if that wind model verifies late am might go magical for a moment!

  21. JDH

    I’ve always got respect for those who charge these conditions. The adrenaline and sheer baddassery of not sitting at home and taking on the frontal assault of the weather right in your face duck dive after duck dive. Sure hope you guys were out the back sitting in the precise spot where the current and wave lined up for ya then went flying down the line..
    Yo Fug, how much sand drift you seeing eventually exposing your go to? Seems like at that one site where we can see the beach there’s a good 10 to 15 maybe ft pulled back from where it first was after the dredge. I know on days like this your go to was so much better before the dredge. Out front there seems to be doing better than several months ago.
    Wondering if you’re back surfing down there instead of one of the bars up by the point.
    Dude, I live vicariously through your and everyone’s reports.

  22. Fuggin

    JDH, I surfed there today, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was exposed tomorrow or Sunday am. It was really Victory at Sea out there today but I had the time and it was breaking closer to shore right there so I decided it was an easier paddle and a bit heavier than up the beach so I went for it. The first couple drifts I was dealt head high closeouts and on the third I was able to sneak into a wave that made it worth it but that was all, 2 more drifts all slams lol. That’s how it goes sometimes. Tomorrow should be a lil more approachable so I saved some energy in case that surfline and NAM wind model are correct because I don’t want to miss that!

  23. JDH

    Right on man! I like your attitude. It sure is how it goes sometimes. Turn up empty but there’s always another day which for you will hopefully be those lighter patch of winds. Early bird gets the gulf snapper. Good to hear that it’s getting exposed just in time for when I’ll be able to head down there more often. Thanks a lot for responding.
    Prayers for you and your family.

  24. hd

    i can relate, fuggin. on days like yesterday i just take my time and be smart/selective. ill only paddle for the absolute biggest and best waves which, in an hour and a half session yesterday, amounted to 4 lol. all were probably 3, 4 foot overhead jacked up teepees. free fallin…

  25. RUSS-D

    Looks like a lot of people are getting in on this chunky, washing machine fun going on out there. I am going to get out and at least do some shooting later today. I injured myself on Monday(figures) and haven’t been able to surf at all this swell. If you see me out shooting throw a shaka my way. 😀 I hope all you maniacs get some fun chunk today. Maybe the winds will lighten up later today? I hope so.

  26. Fuggin

    I got a few hours in this am and timed it right for the wind. Micah, thank you Sir for spying and sharing that wind map. Solid waves out there, head high plus late am with light offshores. Grinders on the mid section with drainers on the inside where I was, LB guys getting some roll ins from the outside. Doesn’t happen here often!

  27. Tcure

    Surfed south of skyway first thing this morning. Chest-head with light offshores. Awesome morning, and we picked an empty spot

  28. JDH

    I went to HMI yesterday from 1 to 2 after work and shot some video. Didn’t surf. Like poor Russ my injuries said absolutely no but man was it one of the top 3 days I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have seen there. While the rain was still coming in it kept the winds light. At 7am on 19 in palm harbor the flags were blowing straight east. Just wanted to point that out. It’s what made me go take a look. Anyways, this was the best I’ve seen it since they installed the new t groins. Micah, any way I can send them to you?

  29. Rob

    Yeah – it was going off. I was able to surf Saturday, but like some of the other guys here I was also hurt. Left shoulder is all jacked up right now. Could hardly even paddle … hurt bad (go figure).

  30. listen2bob

    JDH, indeed I have been hitting that spot since 94 and it was about as good as it gets this weekend. Was there 8-1 Saturday and Sunday both days were really good behind the rocks. Pumped on how that sand is stacking up for the winter. Saturday morning the peak behind the rocks was insane and hardly anybody out. Sunday was a few more people but nobody else seemed to want to sit behind the rocks with me so I got as many peaks as I wanted while everybody else battled for the wide sets.

  31. Jack

    I was thinking about heading ec this weekend because it’s supposed to be going off but I’m not sure if the winds are gonna be clean for the swell. I found different sites are saying different things so what do y’all think?

  32. RUSS-D

    East Coast way down South should be going off today. Strong N/NW winds should push that swell into those beaches with no parking and multi-million dollar houses.

  33. greg

    Went to the zoo Saturday afternoon= small garbage day. Oh well, better than nada. Responding to Hypto Krypto question…love that thing. Rented one down in CR in 2017 and it performed in everything from 3-4 foot softies to the 7-9 foot bombs. I had a shaper make me something very similar and its the board I am usually on.

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