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Friday November 26, 2021 WFL 5am Wave Weather Discussion A cold front will pass tonight. Winds in the gulf are mostly forecast to be 15knts(lets hope they get closer to 20). Seas 2-4ft NW at 6 maybe 7 seconds. That usually equals knee to thigh at the best cold front spots on the right time and tide. So I’m not so sure about the DP but it’s worth a check. Hopefully there will be a small wave to slide tomorrow. It will definitely be glassy with NE winds at 10. Check 036 and 098 hopefully it’s like at least 3-4ft at the buoys tomorrow am. Take a log and low expectations. Somebody will probably find a small fun wave tomorrow at some point. My best guess: Mid morning down south or N County. I hope you find a fun slide!
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  1. hd

    the captiva (and even ami, venice if you really wanna debate. dont @ me) effect is not fetch driven. its all tide and time. yea yea in certain really specific pinpointy swells theyll differ. but we all get the same waves—its a matter of whether or not the sun’s out or a 4 foot tide pulled all the momentum down the bend. the fact that ami is “so much better” than pinellas. the egmont buoy was at 7.5 feet overnight , but by the time the sun came out locally the tide drained out completely and couldnt contain the swell (maybe if the winds were directly onshore). the reason you “always” see the southern areas looking better is because people consistently capture (and post) the best few waves of that day while hardly anyone at the pinellas spots are taking pics or even surfing the brunt of the swell. ill go in more detail if you really want to hear/debate but yea, the gulf is always greener on the other side of the bay…

  2. MattM

    Aside from a dying swell and tidal flow… it’s definitely deeper on the other side of the bay and that’s what matters. Pinellas county has a lot of shallow water offshore. 5 miles out it’s only ~30ft. It takes about 30 miles to get to 100ft of water. We may all get the same swell but it feels the bottom a lot sooner around Pinellas county. Swell height plus wind wave height then multiply by 2.5 and you get the depth at which breakers start forming. So based on the last swells numbers we had a Max swell around 1ft and wind waves 8ft, 9×2.5= 22.5ft. so at a water depth of 22.5ft the swell starts losing energy as it’s now touching bottom. https://usa.fishermap.org/depth-map/gulf-of-mexico-tx-fl/

  3. Pat

    On a plus note, corys shot sequence woke me up. Now im seeing drive thru crew in nsb. WTF is going on?!? From me living under a rock the past few years to now seeing all this, im tripping. Benji and Dono starting drive thru america back up and now theyre here stopping by. Kelly went to go surf and left his car door wide open with all personally belongings unguarded for 2 hours to go meet up with the crew. Just shows how the drive thru stoke brings out the grom stoke in all of us to go charge any kind of surf especially at murky nsb sharky windslop. One of the greatest series to come out of surfing.

  4. Ericito

    Its all circumstantial. Take for instance last friday. Pinellas was BANGIN. While down south was not.

    Granted south usually is better or bigger. Usually. But theres always exceptions.

  5. RUSS-D

    I agree that the Drive Through series was pretty epic. I am super stoked to see it returning. I really hope I can surf this swell and it is worth the pain I will endure afterwards.

  6. Fuggin

    I got a nice sesh this am early 645-830. Chilly air
    but water is warm down here. There was a knee-thigh line coming in from the North and there were some sets coming from the west it seemed that were more solid, almost chest high….maybe wrapping around the shoal? The buoys still looking solid so I’m hoping for another round later on Hope everyone gets some!🤙

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