South Flow

Friday 6:30am 1ft wind waves.

Friday 9/17/21 WFL Updater Below

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.

Friday 9/17 6am WFL Nico Update: coming…

12 thoughts on “South Flow

  1. JDH

    MW, when was the last time you were able to head east my son? That drive isn’t getting any better. All the way through Lakeland now to Kissimmee is a standstill crawl during the week until you can bust the right on 528 or if you’re headed up to Volusia you still have to drive through the Orlando DT hell and Up through Seminole. So much worse than when I first started driving it. It’d be so much harder on the Lopez parents getting the boys over so much.

  2. admin Post author

    i have not done that drive in probably 11 or 12 years for a swell- what about 3 in the morning?

    been watching the GFS so anxiously as we come up on 4 years since Marias 9/20- the GFS has a storm in the area in 1 week, the EURO follows Larrry, Go EURO Larry… anyways Im up early tomorrow going to home depot to get some supplies I need

  3. DW

    “the world is turning, I hope it don’t turn away” – Neil Young “on the Beach” circa ’73, 74? Ck it out cool tune.

    Having made that drive for damn near 50 years (I was a grommet passenger in the beginning) I can tell you it only gets worse every year. I-4 corridor is shot to hell. Choose your route 60, 192, 417, 528, I4 to 44…cross state travel is a pure horror story now. MW is right that leaving between 4 and 5 makes for smoother sailing but the same day return trip is a nightmare. What happens when a state’s population increase by 1,000 rubes a day due to unbridled growth. Welcome to Fla-duh, Florida Man welcomes you!

  4. JDH

    DW, you ain’t kidding. I’ve tried every route there is and they are all bad and I’ve kicked myself in the rear end by making a longer trip than if I had just sat through the I-4 misery. I hit a stretch years ago where everytime on the way home there’d be an accident. How good we had it and we didn’t even realize it compared to now…
    Yeah MW, after Maria you’ll never forget and that anxiety every year won’t ever go away.
    I’ve met so many Boriquas who’ve moved to central Florida after maria. Over 100k+ I believe it is.

  5. admin Post author

    more than that JDH- I think like over 200K left after Maria. Since I moved here 10 years ago- 700K people have left Puerto Rico whereas 3 million plus people from all over have moved to Florida.

    Most of the people who stayed here in PR surf hahahaha. Larry was super crowded, everyone starved from lack of waves. Maybe it was bc I was surfing Domes with my kids, seems to be the only place they like to surf.

    If you google map Pinellas to New Smyrna what’s the time? Is it accurate with traffic?

  6. Rob

    Regarding the drive to the EC – Me and TC made it over in 2 hours flat last Friday. Left at 5:45 am at from the normal meet up spot. We even stopped once – doing the normal speed otherwise too. Did we get lucky? Last time I took the old 275 to I-4 to 192 route though it was a little over 3 hours. Where it slows down (assuming no accidents) is Poinciana all the way to where the commercial ends if you are taking the “back way” … can’t imagine what the drive to WPB is like now for the rare Reef Road strike. I used to do 75 to 70 to SR 710 fairly regularly.

  7. JDH

    That’s quite a substantial loss of population…
    Surfing with the kids is probably fun regardless of where you’re at. Super cool to see your girls out there and loving it.
    Google maps says a little over 3 hrs from TI. I don’t think Google maps ever accounts for traffic but 3 hours is a really good time. I forget what storm it was in 2016 that I drove to nsb and my back was so bad I couldn’t even paddle out. Just watched big sets roll in at Flagler Ave. I haven’t headed over since. Old guy can’t take the driving and hopping right out into waves anymore.

  8. admin Post author

    definitely seems to be less traffic esp at rush times, i love surfing with my kids but I get anxious when they are getting snaked and not catching waves… there are plenty of other spots but they are not interested in my weirdo spots LOL, still feel super blessed and happy for the good sessions we have

    hope your back feels better

    Rob wish I was with you and TC for that one!!

  9. admin Post author

    “Islands in the Caribbean, particularly the small islands not large enough to produce their own thunderstorms, rely on weak tropical waves to bring needed rainfall and a break from the heat. The system dubbed 95L could provide just that early next week, provided the system does not hit as a potent tropical storm or hurricane” AccuWeather

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