Surfing Hurricane Larry in Puerto Rico and the East Coast of Florida.

Sunday WFL Surf WX 9am: Just a quick update as things have changed since yesterday in that the disturbance is getting better organized AND now headed for the northern gulf so nothing super concrete but a better chance for some small waves later this week. Check back tomorrow, thanks!
Friday on the EC- GC crew scores North of the Cape!!!

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

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Saturday 9am WFL Updater: Not much going on seas in the gulf are slight and it’s really calm on the beach. Looking ahead nothing on the radar for WFL. The disturbance in the western gulf is too weak at this point to make any waves. New today, a storm is supposed to form near the Bahamas next weak and move up the EC so maybe some more waves for them if that happens, maybe it will turn the wind at some point. Keep an eye on the EC forecast. PR still has good waves- it was late to arrive and late to leave. Some pics by Rosey from Friday:

Friday WFL 7am:
Hopefully between the EC and WFL you got some waves- got some reports of fun waves on both coasts yesterday. It was fun down here also, don’t you love September as long as your not getting hit? Great game last night also! The waves are 1ft range this am and seas are supposed to calm even more. Winds switch to the east this weekend for WFL. For the EC, maybe light winds down south tomorrow like Ft Pierce -but up N or the Cape looks to turn onshore if your going over for more Larry. WFL Tropics- The disturbance over Belize this am is supposed to head across the Yucatan to the BOC and then to Mexico. The models show some period on the very small swell next week but anything from 70% is likely to be tiny, so WFL looks to be on a small break unless something comes up from the channel, it’s blowing south in the channel this am but it’s gonna have to blow harder and longer to get a wave, keep half an eye on the best south facers over the weekend for a tiny 1ft grom wave. Have a good Friday.

Thursday Sept 9th 2021 WFL 5am DP Report:
Mindy bumped seas up to 10ft in the NE gulf overnight. This am the inside boy is 4ft at 8 seconds west which usually equals waist plus at the best spots. Venice, CLW and PORTS data all show SSW to SW winds so it may not be too pretty but there should be some waves to surf. It’s still dark out so no vizzy. Mindy Waves will be on the fade by later today and tomorrow looks 1ft/knee high maybe. EC has hard offshore winds all day today from Mindy. A backdoor front pushes down the state turning the winds NE by later tomorrow from the Cape north. Then the winds may go slack over the weekend so lots of good swell on the EC. Larry’s swell to me has been really way back behind the storm. Like the waves your getting now were from at least 48hrs ago. Really good surf here yesterday- first real full day of swell since May. Hurricane swells make good quality swell here. Wildo was double OH yesterday but with current. Domes was the spot here, it was crowded up top but I surfed my normal area with my kids and had a lot of fun. I hope you get some good waves. Go Bucs and Go Rays!!!
Wednesday 9/8 NW PR:

Peaky 14 second NE hurricane swell.

Kaitlin on a nice right.

My youngest daughter Cassia dropping in on a right. Sometimes I think all I care about is surfing with my kids 🙂 Thank God we got to surf together… seriously feels like washing away a long, hard summer. If we can make it thru the next 6 weeks with no Cat 3 plus hurricanes hitting us then todo bien!

Julie going left.

Great surf day. Photos: M-Dub.

Thursday 7am

Wednesday WFL 6am Updater:
Today does not look like much WFL surf as we try and figure out what the blob 91L is going to do. Tomorrow should have building waves during the day, waist high at least at the peak with onshore winds. Friday looks like knee high leftovers. North of the Cape this morning looks fun on the cams. When I checked the cam in Indialantic it looked to be closing out so choose carefully if you go over there but the Larry swell has finally kicked in. Down here in PR there is good surf today finally. I hope you find some fun ones…
Larry/91L Overview WFL 9/6: Bigger and better things this week. What if you lived 3hrs away from a really good surf spot? This week you will! As Larry swell fills in on the EC and the winds line up just right(at least in the mornings)… Try and check MWatson’s EC forecast on SL and see what day you can get over there, drive safe, send us some pics. 91L Monday- The flow in the entire gulf is really weak, less than 15knts and 1ft seas, good day to go fishing out there. A tropical disturbance, 91L is in the BOC and moving in the direction of Pensacola. It is not supposed to develop quickly and this morning on satellite its a disorganized blow up of convection. Still some 20knt SW flow is expected and WFL should have some waves as soon as Thursday. Right now it looks like building wind waves on Thursday in the knee to waist hgih range with thigh high leftovers on Friday. Besides that all the action is on the EC. Can you imagine that swell on the EC with 20knt offshores on Thursday?

106 thoughts on “Surfing Hurricane Larry in Puerto Rico and the East Coast of Florida.

  1. Rob

    Grace didn’t have impressive circulation by the time it hit the YUK. Still the 003 buoy at one point showed 6.6 feet at 11 seconds but the MWD was always south. The inside buoys never even really registered.

    A storm radiates through its upper right hand quadrant. And this one was weak sauce. In relation to where the YUK landfall was and where WFL sits (the would be upper right quad) – there was not enough wrap / convection / spin to give us any semblance of SW swell.

    That’s what was lacking

  2. Pat

    This next storm track keeps turning more and more east as the forecast keeps updating itself. Knees weak, palms sweaty, mah’s spaghetti, i dont like this one bit. The news never covers anything until the day of..Iv been tracking this for a week now and im sure im not the only one. surf reports need to stop acting oblivious as if they might be at fault for spot crowding. crowds wont go away until live beach cams go away in every county. so each reporter should atleast give a heads up when a major category hurricane could rip up into the gulf.

  3. hd

    at least when we actually get waves it quells those pesky poopstance, no paddle power, no style no flow maneuver attempter “wave riders” that call themselves surfers.

  4. admin Post author

    aren’t you guys stoked to get waves? Thanks for the reports. This is the way it almost always is with the gulf if WFL is getting surf someone else is suffering- tornadoes in Alabama, hurricanes in Louisiana- thats the dark side of this… hopefully it lands in the least developed counties.

    funny Pat we grew up and surfed for decades w/o beach cams and 100 people still landed in 1 spot during named, hyped swells. here’s an idea with so many miles of coastline look outside the box this time don’t surf N jetty or the other crowded spots go your own way, pull out a map and study the coast and the sand bars and score by your self and then come claim it or surf the ‘corners’, hope it brings you excitement and not anxiety

    hows the WFL WX? Looks killer with solid ENE trades and a lower dewpoint and rain on the way. That’s like the WX in NW PR in June and July.

  5. Pat

    A few days ago it was forecasted to go up into florida with some rain. Then it leaned towards the pacific as a major hurricane. Now look where its ended up. This thing is now going up into cuba just like elsa. Its way to close for how strong its looking and could make another turn towards us if it wants. There isnt any high pressure keeping it away from us so this could get ugly.

  6. Cde

    The humidity has dropped out a bit the last 24 hours so that has been nice. definitely enjoying the light offshores!

  7. M-dub

    The cyclone is forecast
    to move steadily northwestward around the southwestern portion of a
    deep-layer ridge centered over the western Atlantic. This track
    should bring the center near or over western Cuba late Friday,
    over the southeastern and central Gulf of Mexico Friday night and

    With the deep layer ridge in place good chance it does not hit wfl

    Northern gulf needs to start preparing now for a major

  8. Fuggin

    <—-super stoked. This one looks to be shaping up nicely for us. Unfortunate for someone but like Micah said hopefully it hits a very remote area or just does a couple loop de loops in the sweet spot before dissipating somewhere around Oct31 a week before our first official cfront 🤙🤘🤞

  9. D-Bot

    Hard to get stoked when Red Tide and some other algae I’ve never seen before is absolutely making the local beaches uninhabitable.

  10. admin Post author

    good point d-bot… check out the latest from the FWC

    another Katrina similarity. Katrina had horrible red tide worse in Manatee than Pinellas

  11. Pat

    Gustav repeat but with red tide. Its hard to say if its worth surfing because its still bad. It could be a rude awakening if all that crap down south gets pushed back up north.

  12. Rob

    Oh man. The red tide during Katrina was unbearable. That’s hands down the worst I have ever experienced. I can’t imagine it being worse than that. I inhaled a red tide foam ball coming up from a duck dive and lost my breath entirely for about a minute. Scary ish. Thought I was literally gonna die.

  13. admin Post author

    I remember Rob almost drowning from the red tide foamball LOL, but Rob those waves! Some of the biggest most solid surf we had got on the gulf in Manatee Cnty looked like Playa Hermosa in CR…

  14. Rob

    Yeah Micah … that session me you and Tony had was remarkable. I remember between the long drifts, walking back up all of us talking / debating if it was the best we’d ever seen Gulfside. In retrospect, yep. I think so. Definitely very much like Hermosa too, that particular swell.

  15. hd

    east winds and a storm moving northwest and entering the gulf just west of the keys. you know what that means boys, or do you? everybody paddle for the same barely breaking 2 foot glassy surgey long period closeout!!! at least we got spared again thank goodness

  16. Pat

    hd, thats a pretty accurate prediction. unless you have a storm that becomes a cat4/cat5 possibly. holyyyy cowwww dudeeee this thing could pump some of the best surf we’ve seen here. if theres a cat4/cat5 out there, i dont care how many dead fish or jellys there are.

  17. Pat

    Im kinda trippin knowing theres a storm of this scale zippin right past us out of harms way. one second we’re alright, and then another case scenario our lives could be completely destroyed. Surfing this weekend will be one heck of an experience to gain more respect for mother nature. Just remember this thing could upper cut us if it wants to over night if the path changes. i couldnt imagine, lets hope not. we’re still not safe yet

  18. hd

    venice la, delacroix, morgan city, grand isle, etc are as good as gone and its gonna be horrible. they already have blue sky flooding regularly. that area is FLAT and featureless. think south florida or east central florida but no dunes at all and hardly any vegetation buffer— not nearly the marsh abundance in the area anymore compared lake charles has east to the atchafalaya basin.

  19. Aberjams

    Red Tide has me not so stoked- Only a couple places aren’t registering high concentrations lately-
    Thinking of some options- We might take the boat out and check some of the N Pine Islands on Sunday- If the winds stay light.
    Panhandle is going to have the bombs- Such a long drive there … and back. Great wave when it’s on- This storm will throw some juice – Winds May be an issue- But the farther west the storm goes the better.
    Hope we all get some – Stay safe y’all

  20. JDH

    Aberjams, There’s good waves on Anclote on a south. Back in the day I lived in NPR and we’d boat or jet ski out there on different days and we’d find swell. The water is basically the same depth as the rest of Pinellas but the island which adds tons of sand every year faces southerly and receives the swell nicely. At one point before the North island was created there was a long finger that wrapped around and we’d surf really fun peelers.
    Swell doesn’t really make it into 3 rooker bar. Really up and down shoals offshore that zap what comes in but if you do go to anclote check the south side of the island. I’ve seen swell pass through the outside channel and lines come in there.
    It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been out there so things do change.
    Being out there catching waves with no condos around and looking south to clearwater from that perspective is an awesome view and great memory to have. If the winds for some reason go south, there’s a wave that breaks around the bend in the coast where cwb ends and turns into caladesi, has a bend north and it will be offshore.
    I’ve parked at the few parking meter spots by 880 and open lots back in the day when you wouldn’t be instantly towed and scored up there.
    Idky but people think there’s no waves north of sand key but there is. You just need a boat/kayak or walk your butt up there and look. The same with the North side of honeymoon. On a south swell before the winds go too onshore I’ve found solid thumpers within a 15 minute walk north from the last parking lot while the regular groin waves are weak and not connecting.
    If the western portion of the storm gets its act together early while we’re in the uppercut slot and the swell fills in more westerly it’ll be on. If the angle stay more south not as much swell makes it in up there… Just thought I’d add my experience on the nort Islands in case you do go. Shakkas and prayers for protection for those in the path.
    Pretty amazing how the bay still hasn’t gotten the big one yet…

  21. Leonard Skinner

    Today It was fun and I stayed away from the zoo areas. Just as good without eight people paddling out and six people trying to take off on your shoulder.

    Feel guilty somewhere has to get buzz sawed and we get good waves.

    Hopefully EC fish storms for the rest of the season

  22. JDH

    Ncwb was really fun from late morning till 1 when I left. By the time I left I couldn’t see. Long wait on the shower after of course. Lol.
    The waves were breaking all the way between the swim marker poles and with some thump.

  23. Fuggin

    It was pretty fun this am first thing. Clean chest high with head+ sets. Maybe favorable wind again in the am?

  24. hd

    i surfed saturday evening and had fun while it picked up. had a bad wangover sunday morning but didnt miss all that much looks like. nother classic overnight swell peak…sure beats not having power or running water for weeks.

  25. Cb

    Maybe it peaked overnight? What I do know, is as the tide dropped out Sunday afternoon there were a couple
    Hours were it was pumping. Felt like it “turned on” and definitely had a bit more west in it.

  26. admin Post author

    from a buddy: Great run of surf!
    Saturday night Piers drifty but real fun
    Sunday surfed in front of the ****** visitor center. Hollow 3-4 foot fun shoulders
    Surfed the ***** later 3-5 and real fun
    This morning surfed the ********
    2-4+ super clean and not too crowded- pleasant surprise!

    We are stoked!
    Thanks for the great forecasting!

  27. admin Post author

    if the 11 second west swell was on both outside buoys at 6am it should have been on the beach around lunch- not sure what happened… there have been hurricanes like this back in the day where the south fades out and the west fills in very distinctly… not this one? seemed to fade from SW to West dropping all the while… still good swell 🙂

  28. Ericito

    7.5 /10. Good! Not the most memorable of all time, but pretty good. This is all factors considered! Maybe an 8! Saturday right before dark, sunday all day, monday, and even a leftover today! Good swell for summertime!

    Even some weird unusual peaks workin!

  29. Pat

    This storm came up into the gulf very disorganized. Everything was scattered and unpredictable. Some fun ones came through, but still very inconsistent with wayyy to many messy closeouts. Im not impressed at all and wasnt worth all the damage that was done up north. Ill probably have more fun off this next windswell than what we had saturday and sunday. The last few swell events already filled my glass full so id hate to ask for storms like ida if this is what we get. Not worth the damage at all. Tropical storms and strong onshore flows are fine, with a good winter. Not a disorganized, devastating cat4.

  30. JDH

    The initial south swell seemed to be picking up before dark as the buoys were just starting to show a little west of 180° and what really seems to be the usual, the longer period south swell peaked overnight though not overall what we’veseenin prior storms. It’s very hard for that south to bend in when there’s a persistent east wind.
    However, By Sunday am, the swell angle was closer to 270° coming from an Ida who was well north of paralleling our coast… In my experience that allows sandbars to receive swell where it typically doesn’t.
    I’d give the storm an 8 overall. Those pics of ami looked pretty tasty. Idky anyone could complain.
    Straight drainers. Make a satellite beach loc dog jealous. 😄

  31. Fuggin

    I would say Ida was a solid 7. The swell was showing well at a few sandbars and not at others. I found some really fun waves Sat/Sun and Mon am was fun too but faded fast. Sat & Sun it was pumping chest high with bigger sets and this mid-inside section at a fav beach of mine was standing up tall with super fast clean rights and long sweeping lefts. It wasn’t an Ivan or Rita or Wilma or Micheal but if she was moving a lil slower along her path I think Ida could have topped those storms…wfl surfwise. I’m happy whenever I can legitimately bust out the shortboard so all smiles over here 🤙

  32. greg

    Tried to surf N Pine this evening. Waves were chunky fun but…holy crap! My eyes were burning so bad after 45 minutes I had to bug out. 3 guys at the shower with the jets spraying their eyes. Man it felt like getting maced! I have had the red tide get me coughing a little but this was horrific. Could barely drive home and it burned for at least an hour after I was out of the water.

  33. Tcure

    Surfed pinellas for about 2 hours last night. Got some fun ones for what it was. Everyone’s eyes were burning from the red tide

  34. admin Post author

    thanks for the reports guys, maybe the wind blew in a more intense red tide?

    got this report from Ida Monday: Chest high glass at ***** while the kiddo was in school! Best surf session in years!!!

  35. JDH

    Seems like those classic eastcoast fish storms aren’t very common many years in a row, now.
    I remember there being many more east coast storms while something coming up into the gulf was the rarity, year after year. Very strange “weather” we are having.

  36. admin Post author

    yes growing up Labor Day on the EC was hurricane swell almost every summer… like every other summer, Gabrielle, Hugo and many more I cant rmeber the names took this classic Larry track- if you can line it up with good winds it’s awesome

    the yearly WX goes in patterns also. GC lacked a channel swell for almost 10 years and then almost 10 in 1 year(2020)
    awesome that Florida has 2 coasts to choose from… PR also gets swell from a wide window- stoked to surf!!!

  37. JDH

    Yeah, PR sure is blessed like that. Easterly trades and north swells along with the possible southwest from a passing storm south of the west coast. You could probably surf every day of the year in PR.
    Good winds are everything for eastcoaat storms.
    Can go from perfection to blown out big slop pretty quickly. Hoping Pat or anyone that takes the drive over gets it good and has some awesome memories to look back on.

  38. RUSS-D

    I was just looking at wind forecasts on and it shows a little blob, that is in the southwestern part of the Gulf right now, forming into some type of system late next week. It looks like it skirts off of the Floria/Bama coastline for a day or two and then heads inland. Could be something to surf on with it pushing towards us for a couple of days.

  39. admin Post author

    Go East Young man, you will score- I would head north of the Cape but your call- please report back on your findings late Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂 thanks! My Tuesday call Im not an EC forecaster but it looks 2ft at 15seconds with west winds going east Tuesday afternoon- not the major swell yet but magnets like NSI and Ponce will pick up the perfect swell…. maybe Playalinda? more likely the inlet

  40. Tonmalon

    Give thanks! thats what I figured.. there’s already some ten second swell in the water from something else I believe… I was thinking those first couple long operiod sets could be very manageable and very fun for a gulf coaster… I always like the transition into a new swell and this one would be really fun to be a part of. better some than none. planned on surfing until It got dark tuesday.. I’ll be watching closely on the cameras Monday night to see if there’s any for runners just to kind of gauge and then I’ll be glued to the bouys before I leave Tuesday early just to kind of get an idea..the wavecaster you and even the models have it showing up sometime Tuesday..

    Can you imagine some of those reefs in the Bahamas how they are going to go off

  41. Pat

    Dude i say dont waste a trip on tuesday and wait for the next good swell because the gulf should be good this week..but fuahhhhhkk man tuesday could randomly just turn on with an epic crazy evening session. I did not plan on headin over till wednesday, but im gonna be so upset if i miss out tuesday. this redtide is killin me i need every bit of juice from the atlantic to cleanse my health.

  42. admin Post author

    hey guys the swell is late- tuesday am could very well be flat/tiny so check the buoy before you go over there

  43. DW

    5 days ago Russ predicted in these comments and this morning it showed up! 🙂 A fun swell from lil’ Mindy under a stiff straight onshore wind. Not the EC perfect conditions currently underway but decent size and fun for what it was from 8-9:30 at the usual TI spot north of the kook cam. Now maybe head east tomorrow and pray the ol’ back don’t act up. Doh!

  44. Fuggin

    After getting over not being able to hit the EC today (props to those who made it over, hope you scored), I scored some good old high tide sloppa choppa Gulf Coast style. I would call it waist high shorebreak with some bigger peaks and solid sets lining up every 5-10min underneath the chop. I’m thinking there may be some potential for early tomorrow to have some leftovers hopefully 🤙

  45. DW

    Went bi-coastal this week yesterday here and today there. There being Playlinda which apparently offered a lot more shoulders than further south and the sets broke through even on high tide. But it was best in the hours before it. Several guys there had mentioned way too may closeouts in the Satellite PAFB area and had booked it up coast.

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