July 2021

Monday 7am WFL

Waiting for some tropical swell. Photo: JP

Check out Whitney’s Restaurant on Longboat Key.

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Mon 7/26 9am WFL Surf WX Discussion and Outlook The St Pete Crew found some small LB waves before the Sunday wind switch. Muggy and boring this week with variable to weak onshore flow. The WX maps look so boring -at least no one is getting hit by a hurricane and we are not in the heat wave that is going on in the middle of the country. I saw the 1st heat ever at the olympics with Italo pulling it out. The guys from Japan and Indo are really impressive. The waves and the lighting have been really disappointing to me. Is it the time of day? That side-shore wind is always bad, seems. Conclusion: This week looks pretty calm for WFL maybe a 1ft wave at some point but mostly 10knt flow when the onshores kick in so not expecting much more than 1ft if that. How’s the red tide situation? Have a good week.
Looking for a camera cleaner. Surfline’s cam management informed me they are looking for a camera cleaner for Spring Ave on AMI. If you live on AMI, close to Spring Ave let me know- they are offering a 1 year sub to Premium in return for cleaning the cam every so often. Right now it’s filthy. It’s super easy you just go out there with a damp paper towel and a dry one give it a quick cleaning takes all of 5 minutes at the most… info@aurasurf.com

This is my cam down here in PR. I maintain it and keep it clean for Surfline. This beach is called Sandy Beach. I don’t surf here too much but I use this cam as an indicator to what other N side spots are doing.

I’m not asking for donations at the end of July if you were going to donate to aurasurf.com please give it to Captains for Clean Water, Surfrider or someone else who is helping to clean up Tampa Bay, Thanks!!! Who is helping the cause? Sorry I am the biggest planet loving, tree hugger!

The only planet we have.


19 thoughts on “July 2021

  1. admin Post author

    did the late Tuesday swell come from the windfield north of the Keys or the core of Elsa? let me know thanks

  2. Ericito

    Red tide is crazy in pinellas right now. Took the grom out yesterday to btown for a surf fun!!!

  3. Tonmalon

    Even if st. Pete Beach had six foot spitting tubes I don’t think we could surf. This year’s red tide of it has been stronger so far that anyone I’ve seen in my 30 years of living here in St Petersburg.. then you add all the new parking regulations and the droves of new Surfers thanks to Instagram..

  4. Nelson

    Red tide off the beach of Longboat Sunday was crazy. Pins and various small fish littered the area.

  5. admin Post author

    its the same here everyone wants to be a surfer- so many beginners trying to surf 1ft waves
    la isla del encanto has become la isla of everybody is already there- our water is pretty dirty also
    my daughter got lepto from the waterfall and the ocean is off color and full of sargaso

    did you notice on the FWC map the hottest areas of red tide are where the spills are up in TB? Coincidence?

    anybody see the Rowdies game last night? they probably lost bc of the red tide across the street- the last 15 minutes of that game were great the Rowdies peppered the goal non stop but couldnt get it in

  6. Ericito

    I was at the game! The bay was full of fish right there. I walked around and took video by the stadium. Just gross. Red tide down in ami now too.

    Last wednesday i surfed and it was the worst red tide ive ever experienced. Horrible. Worse than 2 years back mid srq in the thick of things.

  7. OriginalJud

    Surfrider has a march against red tide organized for this Saturday 7/17 morning 10:00 a.m. downtown St Pete at the pier walking the shoreline to the volleyball courts at North shore. It’s late notice but if you can get down there.

  8. Pat

    Those photos are mesmerizing for how blue that water looks. Cant imagine how it feels surfing perfect Caribbean Indo

  9. M-dub

    Thanks Pat i actually had my balls in my throat that day I caught 3 good waves i think. I saw a tube you could drive a bus thru it was so big.

    The water color is real not photoshopped… Aguadilla is amazing. I’ll tell you guys how to score it soon

  10. M-dub

    Sorry guys I’ve been super sick hope to update soon but not any surf wx on the way yet. July may go out flat for all of us

  11. Pat

    After scoring the last few summer swells i was prepared to embrace the summer flat spells. I wont get in the water during the doldrums for weeks to a month if thats how long it takes. But this next small onshore flow would be perfect to go out and catch a few fun longboard waves. Tomorrow night and saturday morning should be fun but the red tide might get spread down along the gulfcoast because of the swell direction. Ill be real upset if theres fun waves the next 2 days and i cant get in the water. I did not prepare for this and im not ready for a 2018 repeat.

  12. admin Post author

    if you find some waves or red tide let us know- flow looks super weak but I hope a seabreeze pops for u-

    i’ve been snorkeling a local reef the last couple days just to get in the water- been super cool to check out all the tropical fish and swim with my fam…
    try and enjoy your summer and your family- stop working so much LOL

  13. Ericito

    Drove down south. Wayyyyyyyy south with the grom yesterday. Ewood had a small little grom wave and no red tide. Went to the very end of the island at the park. No crowds, miles of beaches, and clean water. I just needed to get wet! Lordy i hope this red tide is outta here soon.

  14. Jack Flenniken

    Just a little note on BDT Panama, I have been going there for 16 years, never missing either surf season and I have to correct you on one thing. its not 6 foot at 9 seconds all June and July. While it can pump then, it can also be flat for days on end then and flat there is very much like gulf flatness. The place has become much more crowded in recent years mostly due to surf media, so please encourage travelers you motivate to go there to respect the locals. The main spots have a hard core pecking order with local regulators who are not shy at all to send disrespectful visitors back to the beach. Most of the spots are very powerful breaking on shallow nasty reefs so visitors should be realistic of their ability before paddling out.

  15. admin Post author

    awesome to have a BDT 2x a year charger check in w us, that is not an easy trip

    thanks for the correction it’s only 6@9 when the swell is there which was recently but even bigger- that pic was from when Cory went

    So don’t go to BDT unless you are a hardcore charger who is used to surfing black diamonds- I surfed an island on the Caribbean Panama called isla grande and it was gnarly, shallow, sharp and powerful… also- salsa brava tambien that whole coastline gets gnar- there is a reason why they call the Pacific the Pacific, it’s much more calm than the ATL/Cribe

    send us some pics Jack we are day dreaming-

    if I could go anywhere right now? witches, pavones- rancho in Nica, barra in Mex… so many places… probably northern CR…

  16. Jack G Flenniken

    The Cory photo was from March 2016 at Outer Dumpers, that was a really good run of later season swell that year. There were even a few good Silverbacks days on that one.

  17. admin Post author

    funny story- Cory was here in PR for the O’neill/Corona Domes contest- which was held in tiny conditions that year and we had a good swell headed in that Monday after the event- I asked Cory if he was staying for the swell and if I could shoot him and he said it would have been cool but he was headed for Panama the next day and then a few weeks after that- that shot turned up on SL.

    I was doing a dreamy tribute to Centro and that was the best Panama shot- I heard dumpies is so gnarly- props to you guys for charging it- thanks Jack
    we had almost gale force trades here which is the start of the fetch for BDT- i heard silverbacks was named after a local girl from a bdt guy here

  18. Jack G Flenniken

    I have heard the same Silverbacks story too. Lol
    I haven’t been to Isla Grande but I’m sure it pumps too. There are so many good waves along the Caribbean coast between there and BDT it’s insane. Access to much if it is by boat only. I have been to a few spots up that way and was not disappointed. It is definitely raw swell with all the power you want, be careful what we ask for!

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