Early May

Sunday WFL 5/9 7am Report below…

Sunday am 1ft waves in AMI.

Sunday WFL 9am Report:
A distant low pressure will move from Iowa to Virginia bringing SE and S winds today from the Atlantic- Will it get rideable today at best south facers? We have 3ft seas paralleling the coast this am. It might get knee to thigh later today, keep an eye on it. The rest of the week looks pretty warm and then late Wednesday a back door front is forecast to pass with NE winds… Next weekend things get really wired as a low tries to form in the area of WFL. Something to watch but as we get close to summer I don’t have high hopes for more fronts but maybe some small chances. Here’s how it looks: Monday- 1ft south line. Tuesday 1/2ft to 1ft south line Wednesday 1ft south line. Thursday 1ft N line. Friday a chance for knee to thigh N waves in the afternoon, best c front spots only. Saturday- calm with offshore flow. Enjoy your Sunday, hug your family!


13 thoughts on “Early May

  1. Rob

    Aaaaaand …. now that May is basically here – now we can talk about the flat spell that’s to come. I wasn’t able to surf much at all, but March and April produced pretty nice. Definitely a good two months of surf west side.

  2. Pat

    Definitely the weakest home stretch of winter so far but what about a nice front next weekend? Last 2 months was ehh but right now next weekends forecast looks better than anything iv seen in months, but it probably wont happen 😉 We havent had enough massive victory at sea swells this winter. Wouldve loved to have had a few of them each month where its bombing onshore winds all day and super drifty head high wedgaroonies. Maybe this weak winter could mean another strong summer.

  3. Pat

    Could be a bump everyday next week monday night – saturday morning. Best conditions could be from a small coldfront forecasted thursday and friday. If it comes as predicted, then prepare for it to be the last one till next Winter. But if it not then summer is already officially here. Flat spells and highs of 90. The only plus is the water temp is below 80 with this last small south swell, then thats it. Time to head east.

  4. Fuggin

    I had a pretty good time this am. I saw
    098 2ft@7 and almost snoozed it but decided to check 097 and it was/is showing significantly more size around 4ft@7 so I hit it and I’m glad I did. My only regret is I didn’t take my shortboard because it was a waist-stomach shorepound session with dredging lil closeout barrels. Only me and 2 tourists on boogers getting slammed. A good way to start the day 🤙

  5. hd

    i surfed right as the second high tide started incoming and found a few fun ones and saw several others but it was tricky to stay in the right spot and the chop and tide took over after a couple hours. sandbars in good shape though. hot as piss out…

  6. Fuggin

    Got the goods this morning at a popular Manatee county spot. Waist-chest sets, long lefts, fast open rights and most importantly not crowded. It was really fun, this has been an overachiever for a lil southy for me. I’m hoping for a quick sesh again tomorrow before work, don’t snooze it 🤙

  7. admin Post author

    great reports guys- let us know if you surfed today again, thx!!! My report- Tuesday was so good here- waist to chest with shoulder high sets and breaking really good then I went on Wednesday am to get the leftovers but it was tiny I should have been on a big board, caught one fun left and left, that was it, just about summer down here in PR. We went from a super windy drought to super wet. We’ve had about 8-10 inches of rain in the last week to 10 days. Everything is green and lush and the WX is awesome, not hot- just great with E trades making it feel so nice out- we are locked in this pattern 70% rain chance today and even more rain on Sunday as a tropical wave passes us. Clear, cool and beautiful and no Sahara dust yet.

  8. Fuggin

    The was swell in the water this am but the beach I checked has red tide warnings everywhere and the water looks very poopy. No dead fish just poopy algae and stink. Hopefully it’ll go away soon and not get as bad as years past 🤞

  9. Ericito

    Been a really good week. Just graduated with my ass in ed. Hoping we had waves and we did! Ive surfed every day, couple times a day, 5 days in a row i think! I’m looking at the live winds and see a good NW up in the panhandle pointed at us! Got my fingers crossed for tomorrow chewwww

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