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Saturday 1pm, not gospel but something to watch out for.

Friday 6am WFL DP Report:
SE winds are firing up today offshore. A 1ft south line is all that’s really expected today. Maybe look at it with half an eye late this afternoon to make sure it’s tiny…. Sat: there’s going to be a little swell filling in tomorrow. A low is in the gulf this am. Models actually show some 9 second swell filling in Saturday afternoon from Venice south. Those models are not gospel but it’s something to watch out for. With this low/front hanging up in the gulf it could happen. Saturday probs has SW waves at dawn slowly clocking west just after lunch. Don’t think this will be a bombing west swell but thigh plus is definitely possible winds will clock north and there is a chance for fun little waves tomorrow, esp PM. Maybe right before dark the best time to surf. Sunday am we’ll be dealing with another clam digger i think… Maybe by Sunday mid morning you can make the last call for a knee high slide but keep an eye on it. There will be a small leftover west swell on Sunday in the 1 maybe 2ft range depending on the spot. Stronger front Tuesday. Have a great day. NW PR below…

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NW PR Friday More Lockdown for PR: Wanda put us back on lock-down towards past 3 Kings (epiphany) 7 de January. Duro- a hard spanking for all the businesses and people here but she’s trying to contain the virus on this island. If you come to PR to surf be prepared to have a Neg Covid test and you will not be able to buy beer or alcohol from Friday PM thru Sunday. Restaurants are 30% capacity allowed. Bars are closed on the weekend. Masks are mandatory everywhere even on the street. Beaches are open for surfing but not gatherings.

Thursday 6:30am WFL Forecast Super calm this am. The small, glassy surf from yesterday is gone today. The models are much faster on the weekend cold front today so big changes… Synopsis: A series of cold fronts will move thru WFL bringing more NW surf. Friday south winds fire up, 1ft wind waves are expected in the afternoon. Low chances for rideable surf at best south facers on an LB. Saturday the front is moving thru at dawn with building SW wind waves clocking to NW waves by Saturday afternoon, waist high range, best time to surf late Saturday. Sunday am has glassy leftovers in the knee to thigh range. Monday now looks calm. Tuesday, another front has come thru with knee to waist high surf and N maybe NNE winds. Wednesday still has gusty N flow and surf knee to thigh from the NW. Summary: a few days of NW surf coming up with lots of N winds and near shore waves in the 1-3ft range. Back tomorrow with some times to target.
Clam-Digger not nice to small leftovers: When I checked the waves yesterday at dawn in Venice it was super tiny it looked like 1ft to me. I think that was that clam digger low tide and offshore winds but there was enough leftover small swell in the gulf that later in the morning and afternoon it got back up to thigh high so keep that in mind on the day after swells. They may actually be a little bigger and better mid morning than the tiny conditions we often see at dawn. I even saw guys catching fun, glassy thigh high slides later in the afternoon yesterday.