Saturday Report Below…

How many swells did WFL get this summer?

Map pre Greeks- Cristobal, Isaias, Hanna, Gamma, Delta, Eta, Sally, Laura, Marco, Beta and Nana… Nana, Hannah, Gamma and Isaias were small but they count. Help me out bc the storms I didn’t get to surf do not stick in my head like they used to. I do remember Teddy, Paulette, Epsilon and Theta though…

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Saturday WFL Update 6am: A great week for WFL surf has faded back to calm. Looking ahead the Monday front looks really weak and backdoor. Maybe a 1ft N line late Monday and down south Tuesday but gusty NE winds are forecast from late Monday on for the rest of next week. New on the maps today is a cold front for the following week 10 days out right before the holiday. We will keep an eye on it. To the guys I surfed 05′ season with- which season was better? 05 or 20? I think 20′ for shear quantity of storms but that’s from 1100 miles away… Site Note: I’m taking a couple days off, going to SJU with the wifey, much needed moment of space- back on Tuesday, late.

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