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Saturday Surf stories… – MW… Saw your post this AM. Was going to send some comments in from the other day. Took a day or 2 to scout out where we could get the boat out and anchored up to score some surf. Found a spot near ××××÷÷**+ just south of the ****÷+×× Island boundary. Zoomed into the map it goes by “*** ****.” Slowly motored up into this little cove and anchored up in thigh deep water, not sure of what we’d find thru the path to the beach, but we scored waist to chest high typical cold front surf! Just me and a friend for 3 hours. Took a few drifts and got out while we could. Not epic but the entire experience was awesome and well worth it! Hope you and the family are well down there!

I was hoping for some cool surf stories like: ‘I snuck thru a condo and scored a spot I hadn’t surfed in years’ type deal but the comments they’ve taken a political turn. I don’t want to be accused of censoring but I’m shutting them down for now while everyone cools off. I hope my words below provide comfort to 1 person even if they anger others. Hang in there guys it could be worse(see picture above).
Friday 4/3 8:30am WFL Take a deep breath… Focus on what’s important, life. Stop right now and count all the good things you have going and give thanks. Seems to be the day that everyone goes into mourning over loss. So whatever you’ve lost try and step back. I hate to tell everyone but the virus is super real. Its’ all over the world, its super contagious and it makes your lungs so you can’t breathe and many people are dying and many more will daie if things dont change. the question is what’s more important the economy or lives. That’s what the choice is so take a deep breath. As surfers, you guys are already part of a counter culture so your going to be ok you will get through this. Words of an ancient prophet: “Your strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust.”

End of next week.

Still watching some cool looking set-ups for next week. It’s encouraging that this has been showing up on consecutive runs. We will keep an eye on it.

CNN article on Surf Photography
Things to do for Social Distancing: Read old surfer mags, fix and clean your surfboards, read ‘Barbarian Days’ for the 4th time, watch old surf movies, garden, cook healthy, exercise, skate. Try and stay active.

PR is going to get a big swell and everyone is freaking out bc no one will be able to surf it.

Need an attorney that understands you? Check in with Scott.


43 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. mattyb

    Thanks for the great call on Thursday afternoon. The 9 second swell made all the difference. Turned into such a fun session with hardly anyone out. Chest high and running. Killer sunset to top it off. Thanks for the heads up on Tuesday that was clutch!

  2. admin Post author

    i think you are right on and it’s just a matter of time before it fills in and gets fun, good on ya Russ!

  3. Fuggin

    Just got out of the water in Sarasota. Knee-waist high short/mid period swell and side offshore. Got some fun wedges and double up sections now I’m off to cook for the snowbirds.

  4. Fuggin

    Last night was pretty fun despite the wind never really turning but relaxing about and hour before sunset. Tiny this am and chilly. Guess I’ll go to work early…on to the next one! Can March/Spring produce for WFL like Jan & Feb have? If I recall, I was in the water quite a bit the past 2 Springs.

  5. admin Post author

    Greg was surfing super good! Huge airs! thanks Rob

    Thanks for the reports guys! from afar this system looks like it could be really good then I check the middle gulf buoys and it’s slow so far… but keep an eye on it. Friday incoming tide could be fun

  6. admin Post author

    thanks man, hang in there. keep an eye on Friday am for a small log wave. good job w your fam! I’m in your shoes my wife gets surgery tomorrow.

  7. admin Post author

    the number of infections here in PR has leveled off at the moment. does that mean the lockdown is working?

    this island is a good social guinea pig, the US has knwn that for a long time…

  8. Ericito

    Welp. This sucks! Both restaurants I work are basically shut down. In leui of everything I start a 7 day a week 8am to 4pm job doing yard labor. Dont know when I will get to surf next, if at all anymore!

    Family is more Iimportant than surfing, just sucks how everything is going.

  9. JJ

    I know this is a surf site, however this is of the utmost importance:
    As the world comes to a slow down, use this time wisely to be still, seek, pray, get to know the love of God, and study His Word. Today is the day of salvation. If you would hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts…
    Love y’all.

  10. hd

    sarasota county closing beaches, brevard closing beach parking lots, clearwater beach closing…

  11. admin Post author

    Sorry about your beaches… That sucks
    Aurasurf is over?
    The Corona virus hits us 2…

    I’ll try and keep it going with the forecast. Not giving up. Sorry

    Try and stay positive. Make a list of things to do to stay busy till this blows over

  12. baytopper

    Beaches are shut down everywhere, but can still SUP and boat in Sarasota and Charlotte counties. There are always a few secret spots to hit the water and still social distance. Especially for SUP surf if we ever get waves again. Good time to play Kenny Chesney’s “Everything’s gonna be alright”. We’ll manage through it. Hope you all stay safe!

  13. admin Post author

    cool man thanks so much for the update, it helps to have someone on the ground giving a report esp now…

    it’s been quiet in here but I know this site is still active

  14. Nelson

    I’ve never seen so many people out walking… If there is one good thing about telling people to work from home, Saturday and Sunday you can almost guarantee they won’t be on the couch. It’s been nice weather and since the beaches are shut, my wife and I have been taking the baby to the bay. She can’t swim yet so she sits in a float with legs kicking in the water and she hasn’t a clue the world’s gone mad.

    Bummer to hear about the lockdown extension in Puerto Rico. Hopefully we can get behind this soon and move on with life.

  15. Ericito

    Quit my day labor job today. Idk not worth it to get sick. Cancelled my costa trip next month, so ive got some extra saved due to that. Craziness is ive got friend in st pete whos got the virus, hes in st anthonys and hes really sick. They almost put him in a coma yesterday because his body is shutting down. Freaks me out how close it is.

  16. RUSS-D

    Damn, I hate to hear your friend is sick with this virus Ericito. Hopefully, his body can fight through it and win bruddah. I am just staying home as much as I possibly can and limiting my interactions with people. I have a health condition that puts me way high up on the list of people getting really sick or passing away. I am wishing EVERYONE the best of luck and greatest of health through all of this. It is going to be a very different world out there when this is all over.
    p.s. I hope you all get some waves from this next front, but please practice social distancing while doing it.

  17. Nelson

    I just read that Charlotte to Pinellas County Beaches are closed…..
    If someone has read something else please correct me if I am wrong.

  18. Fuggin

    I think there are a few options for surfing tomorrow. There area few obstacles though. Parking lots are closed for one so getting access is key, locals are walking to and enjoying non public beaches on the cams. Law enforcement may enforce the rules differently, locally and from shift to shift. I have a little game plan and hope to score some waves somewhere. Looks like it could be fun. Stay safe everyone!

  19. RUSS-D

    Inside buoy is at 6′ 7s from 254º(west) . There are definitely waves out there. Locals on the beaches will have the advantage of access without having to find parking and sneaking on the beach 😉 I am sitting this one out as I have work obligations that I need to tend to. Be careful and stay away from each other. 🌊

  20. admin Post author

    my dad who lives in Seminole right next to Mad Beach said all Pinellas County beaches are closed. 🙁

    thanks for the report Russ.

  21. Greg

    Beaches are closed (Pine) with police tape strung across access points. A local sheriff that lives in my neighborhood told me that they are only targeting groups of people and if you went to surf it “most likely will not be a problem”. Take that for what it’s worth. I paddled out into the blown out chop last night and actually caught a few short rides. Normally would have had a look and just left but I have to work most of the day Wed and may not be able to get in so…Hope you all are doing ok both in health and finance. I fear the virus may be the less of the two long term impacts we feel.

  22. DW

    I was the April Fool and surfed this morning. Little story…ck’d the buoys knew there was surf. Live in Seminole and work from home is driving me stir crazy. So has my wife drop me off by the old Suncoast Seabird location in Redington Shores and did a drift to the Redington Long Pier where she picked me up. It took just over an hour to drift that almost mile of beach! Forecast was correct – waist high but solid chest high sets, managed to snag a few funs ones, so the ol’man is stoked and back to work…at home. 😊
    PS, lots of cops were cruising up and down Gulf Blvd but I ducked thru a beach access when coast was clear, as all alone and both bothered me. BTW the Long Pier remains are being dismantled by a work crew. Would be nice to see a public pier go up there but more likely another tall condo building. ☹

  23. admin Post author

    OMG that’s genius and awesome DW!!! Stoked me out. I lived right by there. My mom would drop me at Redington Long Pier or up by the Seabird Sanctuary in 1984 when I started surfing full on. I did that same drift 1000 times. Super dumpy hollow wave along there back in the day. Im sure it still is. Glad your stoked, got me stoked too.

    Site-note: I removed some comments from a month ago so more would fit on this page. After 50 comments it starts a new page over.
    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  24. DW

    Glad you liked it MW. First time I surfed that stretch in forever. Back in those glorious tropical swell years of ’04 and ’05 that area from the little pier north of Seabird to the rocks at the Redington park fired up on so many days. But lately is seems the only surf options were either Sunset or Sand Key with little in between, so today but some faith back in the local breaks.

  25. Higgybaby

    My girlfriend made me watch Endless Summer again because I looked so depressed, glad to see a few people got out for some waves ,🤙✌peace and hair grease ya’ll

  26. LBE

    Surfed pinellas with zero issues thankfully. Waist to chest and clean at times, mainly sideshore. Bothered by people blowing up surf spots via instagram or other media. Two spots/ local jems down south are getting blown up in particular. One of them in is being used in advertising to sell breakfast, “cool.”

  27. admin Post author

    could you elaborate LBE which spots? JK… sorry I have not seen it but it looks like another flat spell coming so no crowds anytime soon, sorry for the bad news about another waveless period coming

  28. Greg

    Was able to leave work and get in N Pine around 6 on Wed. Felt like a crook stepping over police tape, but no hassle from anyone. There were a few people walking the shoreline and one other guy on a longboard. Pretty small and not very clean even though the wind was down. Better than nothing and might be all there is for a while. Not sure how this state wide order is going to work. I was really pumped about heading East for some solid swell…

  29. Fuggin

    Last night(Wed) was windy but fun waist-chest swell under the sideshore chop. Suprising to see about 20ppl on it. Parking lots barricaded but a few street parking spaces available. This am there was a desperhardcore 1-2ft wave. Clean and occasionally thigh high. Only the sets were ridable, otherwise it was lake flat. Fun on the LB and hopefully not our last surf during this 30 day stay at home order.

  30. admin Post author

    here in PR you will get arrested and/or fined if caught. hopefully not shot at like in Costa Rica, you will also get put on the news… we have a really quality swell on the way… im so depressed

    thanks for the surf reports and stories it helps guys

  31. hd

    idk what the order will mean but surfing is pretty essential imo. why can you fish bike run and hunt (stated examples) but not surf? i get that fishing and hunting you can get food but not all do it for that (except hunters pretty much) i think golf
    courses are still open as well. i doubt that youd get in any real trouble, sheriff bob said they wouldnt write citations a couple weeks ago and that enforcement would be nearly impossible, plus more and more
    cops are being quarantined…tampa and st pete already issued basically the same ordeal weeks ago, so nothings changed except for the bumblefu** counties that hadnt issued anything. this is all one big experiment in usa. p.r. has been in crisis mode for years now so theyre not taking any sh1t.

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