AMI Crew scores the Ultimate Surf Week in PR and the GOMEX plus July 20.

Updated Forecast for the Week of 2/10 Below

Table Rock looking silky last Tuesday.

Table Rock fits John’s style perfectly and he caught a lot of good waves out there. Photos: M-Dub.


Tues WFL Updater 7am: Forecast below looks on track. Thursday pm will be worth half a check at south facers as we are expecting gusty SSE winds in the southern gulf (not quite Yucatan) about 12-24hrs earlier. Thursday- PM, knee high south swell maybe thigh plus if some southern gulf energy pushes up at south swell spots. Low confidence the later the better… Friday: Knee to thigh and clean at best cold front spots. Not sure about the dp but incoming tide could have a fun little slide on Friday.

Monday 2/10/2020 7:30am WFL Surf Forecast Low pressure over Texas on Wednesday will move thru Tennessee on Thursday and exit New England. The system will make for some wind in the GOMEX. The next chance for surf is late week, most likely Friday. The week looks calm. S winds will get breezy on Thursday and a very small south windswell will come up, it does not look too rideable Thursday. Friday a small WNW swell fill in during the day in the knee to thigh range at best cold front spots with NE winds keeping it glassy. This small swell will be good enough for a late week slide on a very floaty board. We are not expecting too much more than this but check back.

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The Ultimate Surf Week (NW PR 1st week in February week in Review): AMI Crew scored great waves on the gulf on Super Bowl Sunday. That night they flew to Puerto Rico and caught a great week of waves in the Caribbean. Tuesday am a new NW swell showed up in NW PR. Our plan was to surf in Aguadilla but it was not that good there. I was leaving Rincon to go up there and decided to check Aguada. The gusty trades had gone SE and the swell was 4-6ft and no one thought to look at Table Rock except us so we scored one of the premier waves in PR to ourselves. By 11am the trades got on it so we went to Dogman’s and found it straight offshore there- chest to head high. The rest of the week was super fun. The guys left Thursday night and scored the gulf AGAIN last Friday with some leftovers for Saturday also while NW PR went flat. Talk about perfect timing and a great week, awesome score! Below are some pics:


Shawn Childress.

John Purdy.

Photo: Mike Dolan

2 Photo: Mike Dolan

Photo: Mike Dolan.

Andy Malloy at Dogmans. Photo: Micah Weaver.


Mike Dolan.

Mikey shredding.


Brice Hamilton was charging at Table rock.

Josh Cady from SRQ scored great waves also. Photo: M Dub.

Wednesday Night Video from Indicators:

Caribbean Blogger- Summer trip to the N Coast: When I’m at home I am always working. There always seems to me so much to do. I am not the type to sit and watch Netflix in the middle of the day, I have to be getting something done. My poor kids have been home a lot due to Covid. I was in between jobs yesterday and when I finished the aura ‘book’ I saw 9 second ENE swell on the SJU buoy so I piled the groms in the car and we went up to the N coast(that ENE swell does not make it to our beaches, it was flat/1ft down here). Traffic was not that bad. Takes us just about 1hr to get up there to Jobos. Jobos is such a good wave! It compresses on the reef with power and that big rock blocks the wind. Problem is everyone knows it and loves it. There were 20 people out, some who do not know what they are doing and it’s stressful when out of control people almost run over your kids. It’s hard to get a wave. I was not surfing(well, not too much). This day was for my kids. I help them get out and I push them into waves sometimes. I help them find a wave and try and keep them from getting run over… We go way past the pack but once you move off the reef(down towards WRV where the cam is) the waves get really mushy and closed out so we caught some fun waves but we got a little frustrated with Jobos. We piled back in the mini van and get to Surfer’s Beach at noon, winds are light. There are 4 people out and the waves are waist high and perfect for groms and beginners. It was awesome to take my kids surfing there after the stress of taking them to Jobos. I’m so glad I took the day off and took my kids surfing. Not sure when that will happen again but stoked we got some waves(below are the pics from our N Coast aventura). Hopefully we will get a small LB wave here close to home soon.


Groms having fun!


Surfer’s Beach.

Julie working on her cutback.



Surfer’s Beach Burger. Jobos is a better wave for shredding but this softy is perfect for the groms.

Skating after surfing.

Skate Lessons.

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  1. KB

    Btw paddle board surfing has helped me tremendously and it is a blast when the waves get smaller. I surfed the pass for about 4+ hrs on Sat and had a blast riding 100+ yard rides about waist high with larger ones mixed in. Come on out some time and give it a try. You definitely will not regret it I guarantee.

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