AMI Crew scores the Ultimate Surf Week in PR and the GOMEX plus July 20.

Updated Forecast for the Week of 2/10 Below

Table Rock looking silky last Tuesday.

Table Rock fits John’s style perfectly and he caught a lot of good waves out there. Photos: M-Dub.


Tues WFL Updater 7am: Forecast below looks on track. Thursday pm will be worth half a check at south facers as we are expecting gusty SSE winds in the southern gulf (not quite Yucatan) about 12-24hrs earlier. Thursday- PM, knee high south swell maybe thigh plus if some southern gulf energy pushes up at south swell spots. Low confidence the later the better… Friday: Knee to thigh and clean at best cold front spots. Not sure about the dp but incoming tide could have a fun little slide on Friday.

Monday 2/10/2020 7:30am WFL Surf Forecast Low pressure over Texas on Wednesday will move thru Tennessee on Thursday and exit New England. The system will make for some wind in the GOMEX. The next chance for surf is late week, most likely Friday. The week looks calm. S winds will get breezy on Thursday and a very small south windswell will come up, it does not look too rideable Thursday. Friday a small WNW swell fill in during the day in the knee to thigh range at best cold front spots with NE winds keeping it glassy. This small swell will be good enough for a late week slide on a very floaty board. We are not expecting too much more than this but check back.

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The Ultimate Surf Week (NW PR 1st week in February week in Review): AMI Crew scored great waves on the gulf on Super Bowl Sunday. That night they flew to Puerto Rico and caught a great week of waves in the Caribbean. Tuesday am a new NW swell showed up in NW PR. Our plan was to surf in Aguadilla but it was not that good there. I was leaving Rincon to go up there and decided to check Aguada. The gusty trades had gone SE and the swell was 4-6ft and no one thought to look at Table Rock except us so we scored one of the premier waves in PR to ourselves. By 11am the trades got on it so we went to Dogman’s and found it straight offshore there- chest to head high. The rest of the week was super fun. The guys left Thursday night and scored the gulf AGAIN last Friday with some leftovers for Saturday also while NW PR went flat. Talk about perfect timing and a great week, awesome score! Below are some pics:


Shawn Childress.

John Purdy.

Photo: Mike Dolan

2 Photo: Mike Dolan

Photo: Mike Dolan.

Andy Malloy at Dogmans. Photo: Micah Weaver.


Mike Dolan.

Mikey shredding.


Brice Hamilton was charging at Table rock.

Josh Cady from SRQ scored great waves also. Photo: M Dub.

Wednesday Night Video from Indicators:

Caribbean Blogger- Summer trip to the N Coast: When I’m at home I am always working. There always seems to me so much to do. I am not the type to sit and watch Netflix in the middle of the day, I have to be getting something done. My poor kids have been home a lot due to Covid. I was in between jobs yesterday and when I finished the aura ‘book’ I saw 9 second ENE swell on the SJU buoy so I piled the groms in the car and we went up to the N coast(that ENE swell does not make it to our beaches, it was flat/1ft down here). Traffic was not that bad. Takes us just about 1hr to get up there to Jobos. Jobos is such a good wave! It compresses on the reef with power and that big rock blocks the wind. Problem is everyone knows it and loves it. There were 20 people out, some who do not know what they are doing and it’s stressful when out of control people almost run over your kids. It’s hard to get a wave. I was not surfing(well, not too much). This day was for my kids. I help them get out and I push them into waves sometimes. I help them find a wave and try and keep them from getting run over… We go way past the pack but once you move off the reef(down towards WRV where the cam is) the waves get really mushy and closed out so we caught some fun waves but we got a little frustrated with Jobos. We piled back in the mini van and get to Surfer’s Beach at noon, winds are light. There are 4 people out and the waves are waist high and perfect for groms and beginners. It was awesome to take my kids surfing there after the stress of taking them to Jobos. I’m so glad I took the day off and took my kids surfing. Not sure when that will happen again but stoked we got some waves(below are the pics from our N Coast aventura). Hopefully we will get a small LB wave here close to home soon.


Groms having fun!


Surfer’s Beach.

Julie working on her cutback.



Surfer’s Beach Burger. Jobos is a better wave for shredding but this softy is perfect for the groms.

Skating after surfing.

Skate Lessons.

52 thoughts on “AMI Crew scores the Ultimate Surf Week in PR and the GOMEX plus July 20.

  1. admin Post author

    What fin set up is your favorite? I got the Kelly K 2.1 from the Compound awhile back and they are sick! FCS 1. They hold in the tube and slide at the end of turns. If they only made them in futures!?

  2. Fuggin

    I found a few waves yesterday after work on the big board again. Pretty fun thigh high set waves every 5-10min… lake flat in between sets and just me and the dolphins out there. Fins are so dynamic and there are so many options. I like the Futures box and go with the Stretch Quad on my Floaty fish and mini planing fish. I also love Machado’s twin keels. I have a 6’6 single(a 7in hatchet/boomerang fin is good for projection down the line and holding big sweeping turns)that is really fun as well and playing with different fins almost makes a new surfboard. My noserider has a ridiculous 10in hatchet and holds like a diving board. I don’t ride thrusters much anymore but bust those boards out when its pumping on the east coast. If you have some older fins you want to play around with you can always sand them down, might be an option for the inside foil.

  3. Anthony

    Passionfruit was shipped and arrived in 3 days. They are absolutely delicious and worth 30 bucks. Thanks Micah!!!

    1. admin Post author

      omg had a nightmare last night they took 6 days and arrived bad- hahahaha so stoked you like them. More coming… next summer is gonna go off purple and yellow!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks man!

      The low-latitude jet stream the storm track this year this winter has been very active in low-latitude storms check out Miami Beach that was crazy

  4. Jackson

    Also – I noticed the low latt low coming through end of month too and thought, when was the last time something that strong came in that low? Assuming forecast holds true. The frontal low the weekend after New Years had a similar setup

  5. DW

    MW nailed it, “fun LB slide”. From 9-11a (mid-incoming) yielded glassy lil’ knee, occ.-thigh high rights at Sunset Bch. aka “gulf waist high” as the VJ guys sez.
    Perfect for LB cruisin’ 🙂

  6. Fuggin

    Chinese/Lunar New Year maybe? Just got out of water, it was knee-thigh but rather inconsistent. But just me and the pelicans so set waves for my choosing. Pretty fun on the LB

  7. Fuggin

    Yesterday afternoon was so fun, top 3 of the season for me. DP in Sarasota this am and it’s still knee+ gswell. I’m out there ?

  8. Rob

    I think that the owner of this website should bring back the aura t-shirt purchase button. Clicky click … XL tank top please… do it MW … back by popular demand ?

  9. Fuggin

    Sun am dp was firing in Sarasota. Had the best 1hr Gulf session in recent memory. Solid chest lines and opening up all the way to the inside. Also just a few guys out trading rides, hooting and being respectful. By 8am it was getting crowded and I had to go to work. Not sure when the wind switched back onshore but I scored hard. PM sesh was choppy but still solid swell in the water and I even scored some small LB sliders this am. Nelson, I think they would but there’s even more Venice Jetty guys at the Jetty. They don’t bother me but I see how it can be frustrating and dangerous.

  10. Fuggin

    Rich, that’s kinda what I was getting at. I’m ok with them showing up where I surf regularly and we trade waves and I don’t get dropped in on often. Venice reminds me of popular EC breaks (Canaveral Pier, New Smyrna, or Ft Pierce) where there are lots of surfers and lots of different skill levels with a localized hierarchy. If VSJ was my home break, I would seek waves elsewhere as well. I do surf there on occasion with no problems but prefer less crowded waves personally. I’ll take 2ft smaller on another sandbar and take the sets to myself.

  11. KB

    That is precisely why city govt needs to build more jetties and piers instead of renourishing sand which gets washed away with wind and tides. Something more perminant needs to be installed so that sand bars build up and give surfers more options and places to go. If u build more stadiums, then that means more places to play w less crowding and therefore less hassles and bickering and resentment. Too bad that green paper is the only thing that govt officials obey and listen to. It seems like they are blinded to the truth and refuse to listen to reason and common sense. Just saying….

  12. Ericito

    I surf venice prettttty often and cough cough …I dont live there. Been going there for 10 years though, and I have gotten to know all the LOC dogs pretty well on a first name basis. IMO while being crowded some days, the vibe is one of the most easy going at sj. Lotta hoots lotta smiles people chatting and high fiving. The polar opposite of say…… The zoo! I love sJ and everything about it.

  13. JJ

    Eric, I enjoy surfing around ya too man and your humbleness. Unfortunately there is some major greed for waves when it gets crowded. My biggest problem is people ditching their boards (Very Dangerous!) and not yielding to the surfer that has the inside which a lot of the times they do see you coming down the line. Anyway, looking forward to seeing ya out there as usual. You know I’ll be on the outskirts of the crowd saving myself and my board some pain 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      love surf skating! sector 9 fo eva thanks Jud! Hope you guys score today and tomorrow.

      In all my time surfing WFL there were not that many spots that could handle 13-18ft swell. N Jetty in Nokomis could get big and the Twin Piers area in Bradenton could handle heavy swell. I saw my biggest WFL gulf waves near Cortez Ave. So if you want to get some big waves today check the few spots that can handle it. Normal beach looks small. Get someone to take pics so we can see some chunky waves today. Thanks

  14. RUSS-D

    WOW, 14.1′ @ 9 sec. on the 003. I hope I don’t have to work late today. Loading the boards and going straight to the beach as soon as I can this afternoon. Hopefully, winds die off a little by then.

  15. JJ

    Didn’t catch a ton of rides this afternoon; however I did score some nice sizable chunk way out the back! 🙂

  16. Fuggin

    Some heavy sections out there today. Made a few, got obliterated on a few more. Will tomorrow am deliver the goods?

  17. RUSS-D

    I srufed Sunset last night and it was not great but there were a few chunky fun sections to be had. The swell still has a lot of West in it this morning, according to the buoys. But it seems to be dropping fast now. In the past 40 minutes(from 3:45 am to :4:25) it has gone from 4.1ft @ 10s from 264° to 3.9 ft @ 8s 259°. I am going to look at dawn and hope there is still some swell rolling into the beaches.

  18. JJ

    Darn buoy dropped like a rock out of the sky. Well, there are still some waves out there at least 🙂

  19. hd

    4 foot tide drop plus offshore wind…coming in again now but gonna be small. it was a good season fellas. till next time. <3.

  20. RUSS-D

    JJ, I am about to head out and start looking. 3 boards, coffee, and low expectations. And then at least I know I will have some good coffee. If there are fun waves that’ll be a great bonus.

  21. KB

    Low tide in Pinellas early on this am then tide starts to come in. Even tho the swell has dropped a bit there is still enough to produce some rides. Favorable winds should help the quality as well. I’ll be on it 1st thing. Last night sunset cleaned up and kept its size. Wind died down but sun faded away so the fish got the best of the quality last night. Head high to overhead peaks last night was super fun and got a couple poundings to mix in as should be expected. Overall a rare sunset sesh and the sky lit up like fire and ice last night. Beautifully scripted I’d say. Have a good weekend everyone.

  22. Greg

    My take for Fri/Sat. I got in at Clwtr beach around 4 and no hassle from the lifeguards. Wind protection from the pier was pretty good and there was some good size if you stayed patient for one with some form. Made some bad choices on a few and got pounded on a close out …but also picked up some really good ones. Sat was just disappointing. Went at dawn further south and it was barely a ride. Very satisfying to get the solid surf on Sat. Wish it had carried over for the smaller clean up.

  23. Fuggin

    Sat dp in Sarasota was knee-waist and super clean. Like a mini version of last Sunday’s swell. Very suprising how it could be 2-3ft overhead the day before and just 2-3ft the next day. Super low tide probably killed it but I heard it filled in a little around 9 from a few peeps(I had to work at 8). I got out of work around 330 and it was still knee+ but inconsistent, shut the sandbar down alone on the 10 footer. With the right equipment, 2ft@8sec is a blast!

  24. Robert Hyypio

    Regarding Saturday, I got up super early and was over the bridge by 6:30 am. I knew it was going to be small, but I didn’t overthink it and went to the spot that holds West good on big days. A quick look confirmed what I thought it was going to be like: Waist high; consistent though …

    Suited up without giving it another thought. First time I had to wear booties this year. Got maybe 7-10 keepers with a very spread out line up (everyone was surfing about 40 – 50 yards away from each other) Went back to the car at 9 am and was home by 10 am.

    I won’t say that I scored, but I got waves and think that I made the right call based on some reports that friends gave me from *elsewhere* nearby

  25. RUSS-D

    I surfed Sunset Friday evening and right at the end of my session I got a cramp in my left calf. It wouldn’t have been so bad except my board was tombstoning and my leash was pulling on my leg making it worse. I ended up with a torn calf muscle from it. Pretty much couldn’t walk come Saturday morning. I still went to look for a wave though. It was small and very low tide so it was easy for me to just go back home and rest the leg. It feels a lot better this morning but I am still walking with a limp and pain if I sit too long and start walking.

  26. KB

    Russ-D that brings up a great point and I’m sure u already practice it but stretching before paddling out is very crucial. It helps loosen the muscles and tendons and gets the body ready for exercise and fun. Too many times I see people rush out and paddle without putting in a little time to get the body ready for what’s to come. It helps ur surfing and believe it or not improves ur surfing and movement thus minimizing injury. Sometimes accidents are beyond our control but as atheletes, we can at least reduce the chances of injury by putting a little time in before the fun begins, and the body will thank you every time. Sorry to hear about your injury. Heal quickly and hope to see u in the lineup soon.

  27. KB

    Btw paddle board surfing has helped me tremendously and it is a blast when the waves get smaller. I surfed the pass for about 4+ hrs on Sat and had a blast riding 100+ yard rides about waist high with larger ones mixed in. Come on out some time and give it a try. You definitely will not regret it I guarantee.

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