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Wednesday Update Below

Tuesday report below…The Compound Crew in Puerto Rico Monday 9/23: The Compound Crew came to PR and the ground shook! We scored super fun waves both days they were here. As they were waiting to catch the middle of the night flight out of Aguadilla and back to WFL, a 6.3 earthquake hit PR and shook everyone up! No damage or injury was reported but man it was exciting. Not as exciting as the waves we surfed! Love how you can come to PR for 2 days and score and go home noodle armed, surfed out, stoked and happy! Try and time a swell and c’mon down this season. The Compound Crew did great they were super cool, and fun and gracious to hang out with. I think they should come down all the time, thanks guys!

Pookie shredding!

Mel off the lip! Gulf-Coasters Rip!

Mel on a rad Sea-Farer fish.

Jake was frothing like a grom and surfed till he puked, or almost… They surfed ALL day.

Compound Benny on a bomb!

Benny 2.

Mark on a glassy wall.

Rachel did awesome!

My middle daughter Julieta Bliss on a solid wave at Domes. She had a blast surfing with the Compound Crew.


Mark 1.

Mark cutting back in the shorey.

So stoked to hang out with these guys!

The Compound

Wed WFL which had a pretty good summer before September just got stuck on the wrong side of the high pressure/low pressure pattern going strong in the ATL. That pattern shows no mercy. Another burst of east winds is on tap for Florida. The EC which looked fun and clean yesterday is going to go onshore again. At least the beach WX and fishing is good for WFL, right? It’s not as humid as it was during mid summer. Surf Chances: 20% and another Yucatan wave make for some wind in the channel. During a normal scenario best south facers could see some little south swell BUT with the strong east winds forecast to fire back up there is no way… I don’t think 1.3ft at 8 seconds SSW is going to make it into WFL. Will WFL get a cold front during the 1st 7 days of October? Lots of questions, few answers as the flat spell rolls on.

NW PR Update: Yesterday I did not think about surf. With my wifey in FL I have been Mr Momming it, so dang domestic, takes all my time(miss you baby, love your wife). Wind was bad too, hard N. Then at 4:30 it clouded up and the wind switched and I grabbed Cass and WJ and headed to Domes. Got to surf w Herbalist Brent from St Pete. Some 15 second swell showed up and started A framing up by the jetty. Fun session, what a surprise. This am more Long period pings… Im out there. We lost power last night for 10 minutes then it came back, More aftershocks .20 inches of rain, thanks for nothing Karen, NON EVENT piece of garbage tropical storm. At least it’s cloudy and 5 degrees cooler than it was. The little 15 second swell is from a distant storm maybe Humberto or right behind him, so cool. I would love to surf 4-6ft Indo tubes but Im totally happy surfing small LP swell.

Tuesday WFL and NW PR 8am 9/24/2019: I don’t think we can bank on Karen too much. Both the GFS and the Euro have come off their line a bit today. The GFS keeps it a ATL storm, the Euro is bullish in putting her in the GOMEX but it takes 240hrs and she is weak by then. In the meantime the E and NE winds are calming a bit in the short term. The EC may glass off and it could be a good time to road trip, check their forecast. By next week instead of seeing a organized cyclone in the GOMEX what is more likely is a Canadian high pressure will slide into the ATL reinforcing the Bermuda High and another surge in elevated E and NE winds will be on the way. Totally CLIMO for WFL for this time of the year. Way out in Lala land at 240 hrs the 1st week in October the GFS puts a full on cold front coming into the SE. When will the 1st cold front passage be in WFL? Would you rather have tropics or cold front? Tell us in the comments…

NW PR: the waves have been hot and so are the temps- 93 during the day away from the beach and 84 at 10pm last night it’s got to be some kind of record overnight high temp! it is so hot! It has not rained in a week and the farm is surffering so I am hoping Karen brings some rain and cooler temps but she is really disorganized and her convection is weak. Here in PR today it is another hot sunny day… so c’mon Karen bring us some much needed rain.




Domes fired all day on Wednesday. This was mid day at it’s best.

9 passion fruit(organic parchas, 2Lbs) shipped to you from our farm in Rincon, PR. Shipping included. The price is $30. I also take Venmo to Micah Weaver. Thanks for your support. The parchas are rad!

September Classic. Manatee Cnty, 11am 9/22/05, Rita. Photo: M Weaver.

Nothing better than a a good day of surf on the gulf! If you appreciate the stories, reports and forecasts click the button below. Aurasurf gives as good as it gets! thanks!

Playa Jobos Isabela, Surfline Cam Monday 9/30 Lorenzo swell has the N coast firing.

Surf Story: I surfed Middles for the 1st time in awhile yesterday. It’s not that I don’t like that wave, I like it a lot. It just has not been that easy to get up there for me. Life is busy and complicated sometimes- just like it is for everyone. Middles is an awesome wave- a short-board wave with lots of juice. A meaty peak, a bowl, a barrel section. Great wave- Yesterday it was intense! About 15 guys in the water, 1 shifty peak, swinging short, swinging wide, but mostly focused right in the middle. 10 days until the Corona contest at Middles so lots of PR pros out practicing. I couldn’t get a wave for like almost the 1st 25 minutes, stink eye, paddling around me… You know what? I really like it, it got me so pumped! That feeling of competition. I was super pumped to surf… Here where I live, I avoid crowds like the plague. When I do surf in a crowd it’s not with pros and most of the times it’s with friends so it was cool to jockey and paddle battle and nobody would give me a sniff, stoked. Everyone was shredding so hard! Busting airs on every wave so I had to try and surf my best to get any respect. Not that I want to surf in crowds again all the time. But for me it was another case of middle age nostalgia. Reminded me of surfing Sebastian Inlet or NSI back in the day. The crowd was so intense. Nobody would give a wave away and if you were in the wrong place you were going to get sprayed or run over. Nostalgia is what stoked me out to surf in an intense crowd and not catch many waves hahaha. What a powerful force nostalgia is, gonna have to try and surf Middles more in the future.

82 thoughts on “The Compound in PR

  1. Fuggin

    Camping at Jetty park in Canaveral and TD3 has delivered some fun waist-chest nuggs at the pier. Thinking about heading North maybe Playalinda this afternoon. I’m here until Thursday, should I head home early or stay on the EC? I hope you guys score, models look interesting

  2. admin Post author

    more wind waves this time not so much swell like Barry but at least there is fun looking surf

  3. DW

    Some fun waist occ. + windswell at Sunset Bch yesterday late afternoon. Packed some punch :)…expected to be LB’ing knee high surf and instead rode my fish!

  4. Matty B

    Yesterday bigger than expected in N Pinellas. Pleasant surprise. Buoy got to 4.6 @ 6 seconds. Today it’s around 3ft @ 6 seconds.

  5. Rob

    I got 3 days of surf in July. All 3 of the days were fun and quality surf days. Prior to the last swell, I know a few people who were catching knee high waves every afternoon on a few days where the gradient was tighter. I think we got more than 7 days. There were small windows of opportunity that produced … (usually when I was working of course) LOL

  6. admin Post author

    welcome back Rob! your trip looked epic! 3 days of waves in between exploring iceland right? stoked man thanks for the update

    i’ve been sliding 1 footers behind my job on the west side but yesterday I actually got up to Jobos and it was really fun, chest high on sets, lined up rights -my first real surf since Bradenton in mid June… cant believe how much surf N coast of PR gets… they have wind waves every day. I got to get up there more

  7. Nelson

    It’s taken me a while to fully understand the 25-35 mph wind underneath the Dominican. You made note of it last year and I thought sure but what are the odds that it’s consistent enough to wing a trip…… Then I remember my dad taking a trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica about 15+ years ago and telling me how rough it was running out the river mouth in a little panga looking for tarpon. The dots are connected.

  8. admin Post author

    what a freak of nature. check that coastline on… perfect setup 6ft at 9 seconds then the wind shuts off and goes offshore and that wave is so heavy!

  9. Rob

    Yeah MW thanks bro!! – I took my daughter … we went around the whole country. I found waves, but didn’t surf. I met a few surfers who cued me in on locations where it can get good. They, like us here on the Gulf, are always fighting the wind. There is a lot of swell, but the wind is often times on shore.

    The country is awesome. If you kept up with my facebook, I documented everything daily … kinda did a travel blog. My instagram didn’t have nearly as many details and pics, but I posted some there too. It was a great trip. I’m super stoked to have gone

  10. Rob

    I like that question you asked: “why do you surf in a crowd if you don’t have to?” Tropical systems (especially strong ones that are in the money part of our window) provide multitudes of options to surf spots that otherwise don’t really break. For me – that’s the best part of surfing over here … and through the years we’ve discovered little side streets and beach accesses where literally nobody was out.

    During Barry, we took a little time to explore and find a wave where nobody was out (credit Heath for the find actually) … but it ended up being solid shoulder high … head high sets … with punchy lefts and rights. At a spot that none of us had ever surfed at. Needless to say, everyone left stoked … days like remind me how good it can be when you score it good, do a little exploring, and get to trade waves with your primary surf crew. There’s nothing better IMO, really!

  11. Ericito

    Volusia tomorrow? Ponce and Smyrna cam are Pay only now arghhhh. I would love to surf some Ponce semi point break barrels, but I can’t even see if it’s breaking lol. Anyone have a take? Saw a picture from nsb this morning it did look fun.

  12. admin Post author

    Jobos has fun waves too. does anyone pay for surfline? the cams make it worth it (premium that is)

  13. Nelson

    The cams are a great help for the nasty customer service calls when you work from home……

  14. Tobin

    Just post it already, the Tampa guys need to know how good Ft Desoto can get. The secret spot map that is.

  15. admin Post author

    dude I cant find it the ft desoto map… it’s lost forever unless Rob has it… I can only post it when radical swell is imminent- to direct intrepid surfers to the barrels of their lives

  16. Rob

    I still have the original map saved and I have a digital copy too. I’m pretty sure that you can find it in the Aura archives and that it’s floating around in internet land still …

  17. DW

    Old archaic surf forums? Had to get my two cents in on that! Circa early 2000’s there was one that had a guy from IRB who’s handle was the “Big Ripper” and MW & TC used to just crucify the dude for his over the top posts calling him “little ripper” and such all in good fun. This was back in the old days…when Upham broke and SKP often didn’t. Guess we have all matured some since then but what is great about surfing is it brings out the inner child in all of us. 😊

  18. OriginalJud

    You know being a desk jockey all day, Surfline was my go to daily for surf fix. Seems to have lost that Magazine feel to it and I find myself more on Stab and Aurasurf.

  19. admin Post author

    speaking of Stab(also red bull) props to Ashton from Venice his show ‘no contest’ is like my favorite now… can’t believe he bungee jumped that bridge in south africa. how much did they pay him for that?

  20. Rob

    Ahhhh. Yes … the old Gulf Surf Forum (GSF) … those were the good old days. Too bad it came to an end, but it definitely had it’s glory days before running it’s course. Paul did a great job with that site, and I miss that guy. Haven’t heard from him in years. I even miss doing the daily report on there like I used to. And the Ft. Desoto thread …. (hahaha – EPIC … yes … I still have the original map) …

  21. admin Post author

    El niño está muerto
    Hurricane season 2019 is now forecast to go notch up
    The only thing right now is the Sahara dust and upper level winds. Hope for northern storm track, swell and no destruction…

  22. Fuggin

    Took the grom out this evening for a few prone tandem rides on the soft top before the storms moved in. We zipped down the line on a 2footer and we were all smiles. The stoke is alive in my 3yo yewww!

  23. Ericito

    Waves have been semi rideable every day almost. Havent nade it every day, but have seen waves for like 10 days strajght or something.

    My question is, will this Trop season ramp up? It doesnt feel like it, but it could happen right?

  24. DW

    MW waxing nostalgic this morning! Is that a Ford Matador or Chevy Vega? Can’t tell from photo but I remember taking surf trips in both when I was young. My grandpa had a lil Vega station wagon that made a decent surf mobile. 🙂

  25. m-dub

    Vega Man saw a lot of fun waves!

    Hurricane season was recently forecast to go notch up I think significantly. 2017 was a nightmare and flipped on a dime very quickly. That could happen again.
    Like all quiet for the next week or 2 then a bunch of hurricanes fire up.

    I just hope the track stays north and recurve…. swell and no destruction

  26. FBC

    cool thanks for the inxs post MW, takes me back to 15/16 years old. I drove to Padre Island almost every day to surf wind chop waves in south Texas

  27. Mattyb

    Waist high and glassy this am in N Pinellas. Super fun until a giant thunderhead came in and blew it out.

  28. RUSS-D

    I got out at Sunset yesterday right after the big storm blew through. It was fun enough on the fat fish. Had the longboard with me but left it on the truck.

  29. Fuggin

    Fun run of waves past few days. It continues today, it’s knee-thigh and looks flushable and definitely longboard worthy. I’m out there!

  30. DW

    Another 4 day run of overall clean waves, all in S Pinellas. For me it began Thu eve, again Fri eve, then Sat morn and again early this morning. Fishable first 3 days , generally waist(ish) to occ. chest. Today knee to thigh, rare waist peak but super fun on my LB. Can’t complain about multiple surf days at home!

  31. Fuggin

    Totally scored that Monday am wave. Thx to you admin! Early report got me checking the buoys and cams and out of bed. Hit lido to find shore pounders/skimmer paradise, but about 500yds up the beach there was a magical sandbar with some long thigh-waist rights jacking up on the very shallow sand. Sun & mon am were easily the best days of the swell down here and I scored it by myself. I can’t believe everyone slept in or just stayed home.

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