August 2019 Eye on the Tropics

Friday Update Below.

A small bump came up yesterday at a select beach in WFL.

The Compound

Friday 8/23 8am WFL Updater: The trough is still forecast to sink into WFL next week but now the low pressure is forecast to form on the East side of Florida leaving WFL in weak onshore flow. Still a chance there could be a bump but it does not look as good as it did yesterday. Today the flow is weak NE on the influence of the low off Miami so the bump we had yesterday afternoon does not look that likely to happen again today and on the cams this am the surf is 1ft or less. We will keep an eye on next week. Check back…

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53 thoughts on “August 2019 Eye on the Tropics

  1. admin Post author

    Thanks for the reports Fuggin, Ericito, Rob, Dolphin, DW, Scott, Russ and everybody else….so stoked on another chance for WFL surf, hope this goes notch up…

  2. Scott

    Did’nt get the glassy conditions in the pic above, but had a nice 2+ wave or two @ SKB yesterday.

  3. Ericito

    Magically caught HMI yesterday with the grom! That place is MAGICAL! Had the grom on 100yard long lines!!! Couldnt belive my eyes when the sets rolled in. Looked like a wave park

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