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Wednesday Update Below

Tuesday report below…The Compound Crew in Puerto Rico Monday 9/23: The Compound Crew came to PR and the ground shook! We scored super fun waves both days they were here. As they were waiting to catch the middle of the night flight out of Aguadilla and back to WFL, a 6.3 earthquake hit PR and shook everyone up! No damage or injury was reported but man it was exciting. Not as exciting as the waves we surfed! Love how you can come to PR for 2 days and score and go home noodle armed, surfed out, stoked and happy! Try and time a swell and c’mon down this season. The Compound Crew did great they were super cool, and fun and gracious to hang out with. I think they should come down all the time, thanks guys!

Pookie shredding!

Mel off the lip! Gulf-Coasters Rip!

Mel on a rad Sea-Farer fish.

Jake was frothing like a grom and surfed till he puked, or almost… They surfed ALL day.

Compound Benny on a bomb!

Benny 2.

Mark on a glassy wall.

Rachel did awesome!

My middle daughter Julieta Bliss on a solid wave at Domes. She had a blast surfing with the Compound Crew.


Mark 1.

Mark cutting back in the shorey.

So stoked to hang out with these guys!

The Compound

Wed WFL which had a pretty good summer before September just got stuck on the wrong side of the high pressure/low pressure pattern going strong in the ATL. That pattern shows no mercy. Another burst of east winds is on tap for Florida. The EC which looked fun and clean yesterday is going to go onshore again. At least the beach WX and fishing is good for WFL, right? It’s not as humid as it was during mid summer. Surf Chances: 20% and another Yucatan wave make for some wind in the channel. During a normal scenario best south facers could see some little south swell BUT with the strong east winds forecast to fire back up there is no way… I don’t think 1.3ft at 8 seconds SSW is going to make it into WFL. Will WFL get a cold front during the 1st 7 days of October? Lots of questions, few answers as the flat spell rolls on.

NW PR Update: Yesterday I did not think about surf. With my wifey in FL I have been Mr Momming it, so dang domestic, takes all my time(miss you baby, love your wife). Wind was bad too, hard N. Then at 4:30 it clouded up and the wind switched and I grabbed Cass and WJ and headed to Domes. Got to surf w Herbalist Brent from St Pete. Some 15 second swell showed up and started A framing up by the jetty. Fun session, what a surprise. This am more Long period pings… Im out there. We lost power last night for 10 minutes then it came back, More aftershocks .20 inches of rain, thanks for nothing Karen, NON EVENT piece of garbage tropical storm. At least it’s cloudy and 5 degrees cooler than it was. The little 15 second swell is from a distant storm maybe Humberto or right behind him, so cool. I would love to surf 4-6ft Indo tubes but Im totally happy surfing small LP swell.

Tuesday WFL and NW PR 8am 9/24/2019: I don’t think we can bank on Karen too much. Both the GFS and the Euro have come off their line a bit today. The GFS keeps it a ATL storm, the Euro is bullish in putting her in the GOMEX but it takes 240hrs and she is weak by then. In the meantime the E and NE winds are calming a bit in the short term. The EC may glass off and it could be a good time to road trip, check their forecast. By next week instead of seeing a organized cyclone in the GOMEX what is more likely is a Canadian high pressure will slide into the ATL reinforcing the Bermuda High and another surge in elevated E and NE winds will be on the way. Totally CLIMO for WFL for this time of the year. Way out in Lala land at 240 hrs the 1st week in October the GFS puts a full on cold front coming into the SE. When will the 1st cold front passage be in WFL? Would you rather have tropics or cold front? Tell us in the comments…

NW PR: the waves have been hot and so are the temps- 93 during the day away from the beach and 84 at 10pm last night it’s got to be some kind of record overnight high temp! it is so hot! It has not rained in a week and the farm is surffering so I am hoping Karen brings some rain and cooler temps but she is really disorganized and her convection is weak. Here in PR today it is another hot sunny day… so c’mon Karen bring us some much needed rain.




Domes fired all day on Wednesday. This was mid day at it’s best.

9 passion fruit(organic parchas, 2Lbs) shipped to you from our farm in Rincon, PR. Shipping included. The price is $30. I also take Venmo to Micah Weaver. Thanks for your support. The parchas are rad!

September Classic. Manatee Cnty, 11am 9/22/05, Rita. Photo: M Weaver.

Nothing better than a a good day of surf on the gulf! If you appreciate the stories, reports and forecasts click the button below. Aurasurf gives as good as it gets! thanks!

Playa Jobos Isabela, Surfline Cam Monday 9/30 Lorenzo swell has the N coast firing.

Surf Story: I surfed Middles for the 1st time in awhile yesterday. It’s not that I don’t like that wave, I like it a lot. It just has not been that easy to get up there for me. Life is busy and complicated sometimes- just like it is for everyone. Middles is an awesome wave- a short-board wave with lots of juice. A meaty peak, a bowl, a barrel section. Great wave- Yesterday it was intense! About 15 guys in the water, 1 shifty peak, swinging short, swinging wide, but mostly focused right in the middle. 10 days until the Corona contest at Middles so lots of PR pros out practicing. I couldn’t get a wave for like almost the 1st 25 minutes, stink eye, paddling around me… You know what? I really like it, it got me so pumped! That feeling of competition. I was super pumped to surf… Here where I live, I avoid crowds like the plague. When I do surf in a crowd it’s not with pros and most of the times it’s with friends so it was cool to jockey and paddle battle and nobody would give me a sniff, stoked. Everyone was shredding so hard! Busting airs on every wave so I had to try and surf my best to get any respect. Not that I want to surf in crowds again all the time. But for me it was another case of middle age nostalgia. Reminded me of surfing Sebastian Inlet or NSI back in the day. The crowd was so intense. Nobody would give a wave away and if you were in the wrong place you were going to get sprayed or run over. Nostalgia is what stoked me out to surf in an intense crowd and not catch many waves hahaha. What a powerful force nostalgia is, gonna have to try and surf Middles more in the future.

82 thoughts on “The Compound in PR

  1. admin Post author

    Thanks for the reports Fuggin, Ericito, Rob, Dolphin, DW, Scott, Russ and everybody else….so stoked on another chance for WFL surf, hope this goes notch up…

  2. Scott

    Did’nt get the glassy conditions in the pic above, but had a nice 2+ wave or two @ SKB yesterday.

  3. Ericito

    Magically caught HMI yesterday with the grom! That place is MAGICAL! Had the grom on 100yard long lines!!! Couldnt belive my eyes when the sets rolled in. Looked like a wave park

  4. admin Post author

    I was surfing on the EC when Andrew fired up. It got windy as the gradient tightened. After we got back to WFL Andrew looked like a skill saw blade and slammed into Homestead.. Initially, reports out of Miami were no big deal but Homestead was obliterated. For GC surfers Andrew did the classic rounding 3rd base and headed for the N gulf coast at full steam. The surf came up in Manatee Cnty overnight. I was there at dawn at twin piers but it was a flood high tide and it was not breaking so I headed N to AMI and it was richter, going off. Shea and Cory and a bunch of EC Pros were out killing it- getting great tubes and shredding. I was 22 at the time and unfamiliar with that spot on heavy hurricane tubes- I couldn’t catch a wave with all the pros out so I purposely drifted N catching lefts along the way and ended up in front of the blue roof A frame way up the beach. Even up there the surf was perfect chest high lefts barreling hard. I surfed up there by myself and had an epic sesh. The next day Andrew was a shore in the northern gulf and the surf dropped big time. But just classic GC hurricane swell at a time when the EC pro scene was exploding so it was cool to see the insane level of talent, airs and tube rides at our little WFL break. That was my Andrew surf story…

  5. Rob

    I don’t know Micah … it’s still a long way out, but the EURO is pinning a Dorian strike in East Central Florida. Like you said though – it seems to do what it wants. I was listening to our local meteo guy Brian McClure talk about how the track is uncertain due to the fact that the center of circulation became far removed from it’s convection yesterday. GFS has this thing really weak on the approach to Florida … and not really making much of an impact according to the latest runs. My feeling is that it’s still way to far out to realistically call it, regardless of what the models are showing this morning. I think we’ll have a much better idea tomorrow later in the afternoon when it’s about 3 days out.

  6. hd

    ok if you won’t bash them i will. tropical storm to major hurricane in 12 hours. it’s pathetic how usa undervalues science, it costs lives…

  7. admin Post author

    dang the euro does take it in the gulf, the GFs takes it from dayotna to valdosta ga whos going to be right?

  8. Nelson

    Labor day weekend and I are no longer friends.
    Just call it peak season already and stay safe.

  9. LSUTommy

    My lowly call: weak 4 or below, stays ec or just off; string4/5 might start making his own mind up and come more west. Either way, stay safe y’all! Back on the west coast. .

  10. admin Post author

    at least WFL dodged a bullet… 20% has weak S winds and I don’t think you will see any swell from that due to Dorian’s wrap. the surf will come from the NNW then NW Tuesday into mid week and beyond. WNW troughy waves could happen later this week… Back Monday with a full update

  11. fuggin

    I may drive over to Ft Pierce on wed, if Dorian stays offshore it could be firing and clean over there. I want no part of the 20ft@12sec on Tues though 😬

  12. Evy

    Awake quite early, it’s WeatherMaps&Coffee – now we all have to impatiently wait for this thing to decide what the direction north will look like.
    Micah…………………………………………………….do you see it making that right???

  13. hd

    yea its definitely associated with the storm but its more of open air flowing without a speedbump from a dipping air mass thats feeding into the larger low (dorian).

  14. fuggin

    Made it to N brevard county yesterday. After the mental fatigue of tracking and prepping for Dorian, and then watching the Bahamas get historically unloaded on, it was nice to get some solid surf and forget the real world for a bit. Pretty fun in the am and I snuck in a sunset session before headed back west. Hoping to score the Gulf today looks like some lb lines somewhere today hopefully.

  15. thomas

    How many days do the passion fruit take to reach FL?
    If I ordered today, will they arrive by Saturday? Heading out of town Sat night through next Thursday. If better to wait, I can order next week. But will you still have them?

  16. admin Post author

    they take 3 days so I can send them today they will get there Saturday, usps priority… lemme know I leave for the post office in an hour 🙂

  17. Rob

    That sequence of you is really good Micah. Nasty!!! Julia did great too … great shots…. living the life bro!

  18. OriginalJud

    Juds super simple recipe for “suco de maracuja” (brazilian) using Micah’s PR Parchas:
    cut four or five in half and scoop out the seedy pulp into a blender
    discard the husks, they are not fruit- the pulp inside is
    add a litre of water or so, and hit the pulse button a few times to separate pulp and seed
    strain that through a screen type strainer into your juice pitcher
    stir in sugar like your making old skool Hi C or KoolAide- I used good turbinado
    pour over ice and dream your on the beach in Fernando De Noronha

  19. Nelson

    Looks like such a fun week to take off and head down to PR. The boss gets married this Friday so calling off for the week isn’t on the table. Stoked for those that can make it and can’t wait to see the pics.

  20. Rob

    It’s the EURO that has Karen tracking into the Gulf. GFS has it unimpressively falling apart … probably due to Sahara dust. How were the waves today down there?

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