Gulf Coast Hurricane Barry Surf 2019

Tuesday Report Below.

Casey Stephenson on a drainer in SRQ over the weekend. Barry made for good surfing conditions on the gulf coast at a time when most coasts were flat. Photo: Dennis Flynn.

Herbalist Brent getting some GC tube time.

WFL Report and Forecast July 8, 2019- Barry started as a low coming down from GA and lined up perfectly while strengthening in the gulf giving WFL good swell for days.

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Everybody get barreled this weekend. Solid wave periods on the way. photo Mo Lelii.

Rob Hyppio knows how to spot hurricane surf coming a mile away!

Future Update 7/13: Swear I saw someone catch a head high set on the south piers. Otherwise the waves look same size as yesterday on the buoys the period is longer today. There is quite some distance from the storm, 100’s of miles so the swell decay is there maybe it’s morning sick, maybe it’s the tides- but it is what it is. One model I saw showed an expanding wind field today as the storm approaches the coast. Models show wave heights continuing into Sunday but dropping off for Monday. So there should be solid swell all weekend. Leftovers on Monday. Local winds stay SE.
Future Update 7/12: So the median wind is south but CLW reports a land breeze, ESE along with other spots that have declining winds this Friday am. Tide is full… All that means ‘seek and you will find’ for today. The winds will fire up due south in a few hours at 15 plus so jetties will be the call later today. Saturday don’t sleep in more LP SW swell with SE winds. Sunday same deal as all the SW swell in the GOMEX heads to WFL. Reminds me… believe it or not of Juan in 1985, same position almost… shot chunky SW swell at WFL for days. Enjoy! Surf your brains out.
Future Update 7/11 what if a tropical storm stalled in the gulf in the perfect spot and just spun and shot waves at WFL for days? Errr here we have that real time. The next 24hrs show Barry firing up. Now in the latest solution instead of heading to Texas he does a dance on the Mississippi delta and after many days pushes into Alabama. So lots of surf on the way and it will get chunky at some point. The deal will be the wind. Look for jetty protection or early am or after the storms to avoid it bc in the current solution with Barry closer there may be more wind than the take below… That’s also conservative call on wave heights. It’s probably notch up. It looks like the longest period ie chunkiest waves will come on the weekend. Random Thoughts: Watch out for tourists caught in rips and ohh the futility of beach re nourishment.

ALL the gulf buoys are back on! Thanks NDBC!

Future 7/10-
Best time to surf today will be late afternoon. Really guys I’m not trying to hype this but the models look kind of good. Sometimes when a storm moves up from the southern gulf it’s all south swell then a chance for a west if the storm is strong enough. With this one 92L, Barry- bc he came down from GA he has squeezed a high under him and the fetch is good, the gradient is SSW and SW, add in the spin and you have SW and WSW swell pointed at WFL for 5 days, that’s a good scenario. So is this tiny west dribble? let’s check the period… we need 8 seconds plus. Thursday 1-2ft WSW swell at 6-7seconds SSE winds at 10-15knts.
Friday- 2ft SW swell at 7-8seconds SSE winds at 10. Saturday- 2-3ft SW swell at 8-9seconds with SSE winds at 10plus. Sunday 2-3ft SW swell at 9-10seconds SE winds at 10-15knts. That’s straight translation from the models and my best call. Disclaimer: This is all dependent on 92L, ‘take it with a grain of salt’, ‘low expectations’, ‘it is the gulf’, yada yada yada but this might be a likely scenario- just cool to see how it might line up ‘acc to the models’…out…

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46 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Hurricane Barry Surf 2019

  1. admin Post author

    from Nelson: Admin, thanks for sharing the images. Looks like a great time you were able to share with your daughter and fun waves. I never would have known based on the cam.

    I pray that one day I can share the same experience with my little one, she’s only 7 weeks so we got ourselves a few years to go before that. Thanks again

  2. Ericito

    Fun little waves with the grom at spb dredge today! Lil Kai Kai caught the lo,best wave of his life yet! Long little right hand point working


    Nice Ericito! Still little micro fun sets left on a Pinellas sandbar from 3:30-6:30, but looking at buoy 98 bet it was fun around 11:00. Nice to get in the water on a hunch and get little pockets.

  4. KAB

    I took the sup out for a ride last night at sunset. Surprisingly fun for what it was. Needing a WFL swell soon before we all go nuts.

  5. Ericito

    Well fun session again today! About the same size just super glassy and crystal water! Magically coincided with a session with JJ and we surfed for a couple hours like consistent thigh high and bigger some sets. Quality was not lacking. The dredge is breaking well, theres a little bend that sets it up to wedge amd then just rifle down the beach little liners that go for like 10 seconds. Storms rolled through and messed it up around 1.

  6. JJ

    Excited about waves on the way for next week, but will it even be safe to get into the water? Make sure to check with the local guards before surfing!

  7. Cde

    Levi Cowan pointed it out yesterday on twitter from the GFS. Definitely could be something to keep an eye on.

  8. JDH

    I went with my niece to lido yesterday morning, walked north and there was a round dry sand island detached from the point. On the Northside of the island was a perfect 1 foot peeler breaking straight north to south
    We took out the boogies and got little emerald zippers through clear water with the morning sun beaming in. I had a lot of fun. It was gone within an hr or so.

  9. Rob

    @ JDH … if you are talking about the spot North of the main lifeguard station, I too have got it there … it’s a rare novelty wave … and it takes a true N and the right tide for it to work … fun little nug for sure

  10. JDH

    Big Bummer MW. That’s so frustrating.

    Yeah Rob, those shoals up there change a lot. That dry island appeared from the last time I was down there. It does pick up a true north swell. I call it the small wave magnet at the point. It’s my favorite spot on the GC. I’m glad you’ve been out up there.

  11. Fuggin

    Caught a few fun waves before dark. I’d call it waist high and drifty on lido and kinda fun.

    JDH that sand bar/island just showed up mysteriously out of nowhere after they finished the dredge project. Usually there is a low tide sandbar that likes south gswell in that last tower area. I’ve never seen that side of the island break on a north but I have seen it get crazy in some places closer to the pass with a super high/storm tide and some legit hurricane swell or anything wsw-wnw over 8 seconds. No real easy way to get there other than walk/bike makes for no crowd when everyone else swarms the jetty.

  12. FBC

    Paddled out after work yesterday south SRQ cty… there were plenty of waist + drops but was definitely acting like short period wind swell… choppy and shorter rides but good drops and short walled up sections. I have to admit I was a bit sketched out about getting in the water. But told myself the odds for infection are probably pretty low given the thousands of tourists that were likely in the water all last week of July 4 and only heard of 1 or 2 cases. I bit my lip hard a few days ago and have a sore there inside my mouth, so I vaseline-ed it over before getting in the water, then took a hydrogen peroxide bath as soon as I got out! This storm may end up sending longer period swell to us in a couple of days… excellent…

  13. Jimmy

    South Pinellas was waist high and clean after the tide turned yesterday. After the storms rolled through, the rain and winds died for an hour and it was butter smooth little bowls breaking through the jetty sandbar. 4 guys out. Longboard perfection

  14. Zchattah

    Fake news or is anybody else worried about surfing in the srq/manatee area? I’ve heard the reports but now a ton of sewage has been dumped near siesta in the canal. I don’t know if the lifeguards will have the full story. I know this isn’t the first year but I’m a new dad and super sketched I guess.

  15. LBE

    Real deal, has been real news since forever. We just are at the point where the earth is toxic, for us and for life at the moment. However it will survive, maybe not us. Surf was fun at sunset with the longboard. May not be worth the risk for me.

  16. admin Post author

    the bradenton herald said 36k gallons of sewage leaked into the canal on siesta key recently- swim at your own risk… check the water quality readings and if it smell bad- go somewhere else up the coast

  17. LBE

    I hope everyone who reads this understands the gravity of our situation here in the gulf. It’s our way of life as humans beings as a whole that has caused the entire gulf of Mexico to become a sess pool, not our yearly sewage spill/release as we have here in St Pete. Our infrastructure has not been updated probably from the 60s. The Mississippi River is completely toxic from big agriculture from 50+ years of modern farming. All of the oil still remains on the bottom from the spill/discharge years ago. The one where they sprayed dispersant and other chemicals to “sink” not remove oil from the gulf. We continue to spread/spray fertilizer/pesticides/herbicides our lawns, sports fields, parks, lakes, rivers, and sidewalks. We buy and clean ourselves and our bodies with toxic chemicals that make their way into the gulf. Our pharmaceutical medicine also go into and out of our systems into the water. Every aspect of how we live is causing this. So we can either use our minds and really be concious of our lives and the large corporations/entities that affect it. Or like the surf shops and surfers that I see we can turn a blind eye. Let “God” or the universe sort it out. Which it will, but where we may not be apart of it. I’m super positive that we can collectively change but we have to be real and remain grounded with the issue at hand. As always love is the answer. We need to unite for surfing/life here on the gulf.

  18. OriginalJud

    So what you are saying is I can dust off the 8’6″ and slide a few this weekend! Been awhile, cant do dribble anymore, cant waste my after session pain on wind chop.

  19. admin Post author

    thanks guys- down here we have stopped using plastic bags at the stores we bring our own bags, we also use 5 gl refillable jogs of water to refill our canteens so no sup water bottles. also trying to completely phase out use of harmful pesticides and switch to organic alternatives… but people here just want to party hahaha love is the answer- love for the planet

    pu insi this weekend!

  20. admin Post author

    thanks guys- down here we have stopped using plastic bags at the stores we bring our own bags, we also use 5 gl refillable jugs of water to refill our canteens so no sup water bottles. also trying to completely phase out use of harmful pesticides and switch to organic alternatives for agriculture… but people here just want to party hahaha love is the answer- love for the planet

    pu insi this weekend!

  21. Ericito

    Wow scoooooored this morning! Long story ill post it later. Surfers for autism on Saturday and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS since there’ll actually be waves. Its starts at 7 am at passagrill snack shack Saturday.MW can you post about it on the main page? Its free and good for the kids. Seems like the volunteering crew has fell off a little! Thanks! Broke my board pulling into a gnarly close out this morning! The barrels were square!!!! Its crazy the waves were good for lile an hour ans then it just STOPPED…
    ? Hope everyone scores!

  22. Rob

    We have Barry in the books officially! formed this morning at 27.8 N / 88.7 W … currently moving west at 5 mph …

  23. tubetime

    A good amount of west wind for a system in the gulf. Seems like tropical systems (even the canes) often lack the west wind. It’s looking pretty good from this reconnaissance capture.It should mean waves are on the way right? Tropical Tidbits West Wind

  24. OriginalJud

    Liquid Lunched it, surf is pumping, it was kinda glassy 1245-1-30 caught 5 waves and clocked back in 20 min late. Back at 5. Daylight means strike missions are still possible.

  25. CB

    Hit a random street in central Pinellas and scored. Pumping waves and offshore winds. Then the low tide kinda killed it.

  26. admin Post author

    so stoked u guys scored, looked fun on the cams

    what time of day was best?

    should be good in the am somewhere that gets good groundswell

  27. Cde

    South of Venice sand bars weren’t working off the low tide around 6:30pm. So maybe better in the am?

  28. Graham

    To the ass hat who took my black fcs leash near chateau laying in the sea oats on sunset beach I wish some shitty waves upon you.

  29. TheToad

    Graham, really a leash?? Although still wrong I get why someone steals a surfboard either to use themselves or most likely sell, they are pretty expensive afterall! But a leash?? C’mon man that’s just awful! Wish the punk that took it bad karma all around!

  30. OriginalJud

    Me and kaydante hit up twin piers at a firing bank right on the north swim buoy and we surfed every single wave that came through sharing The entire day it was firing noon to 3. Very hot sun today. Classic.

  31. Nelson

    Wedging rights about waist to chest in Northern Srq county. One other guy with some turquoise water and the occasional almond shape tube. Best waves I have seen so far this year….. Until next time

  32. KW3

    6 days in a row surfing GOM is a personal best, Stoked. Thanks MDUB for the knowledge you pass to everyone. All the way from PR, that’s pretty solid. Cheers!

  33. OriginalJud

    Just realized admins photo pointing out the empty north peak me and kdante were on noon-3. We kept looking south at the crowd and laughing surfing ourselves silly

  34. Aber

    I caught some really great waves in IRB on Friday early afternoon. Clean,offshore, shredder waves. I saw a freak wave in North Pinellas that the lifeguards wouldn’t let me surf. Went back after 7 and it wasn’t the same. I friend of mine went in the morning Saturday and said it was wedging with the tide.

  35. Ericito

    Well id rate it a 7.5 -8 out of 10! Surfed a bunch of different spots, over the course of a couple days, and it was fun the whole time! Id say it was a blessing for sure. There was even some knee highers around the days preceeding the storm thanks to the NW wind from that high pressure that parked off the coast. Little nuggets started on the 3rd and just kept giving. At least where i was checking / surfing!

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