Calming Down for a bit…

What the heck? details below…

The Compound

Tuesday Update Below.

The Compound!

Dreaming of more WFL surf.

Wednesday 5/22 WFL: Calm in WFL with surges of SE trades pushing offshore into the GOMEX every day. New in the extended forecast today (the 144hr model does not even show this feature) ia a low pressure forming in the Yucatan and moving towards the middle ATL via WFL. This is CLIMO and makes sense as a weeks worth of strong SE trades piles up into the Yucatan. I would give it 50/50. We will watch it, it may disappear tomorrow but it makes sense if it were to happen.

I apologize for my flakiness the last few weeks.
I did not expect it to go flat here for the last week of April and the 1st week of May. It was an abrupt issuance into a flat summer I was not ready for and it messed with my psyche… When the waves finally came back I was like a frothing surf starved grom, leaving early every am to chase the surf(forget Then I got sick… yada yada yada. I will try and be my usual consistent self going fwd to the WFL summer as I think you guys will have more surf chances than I will šŸ™‚

Downshifting into summer.

Caribe: Thinking of coming down to score off season PR? The swell looks to fill in by Friday pm and last for at least a few days. Chest to head high range. We have very light trades and afternoon storms moving from SE to NW. So even the N coast glassed off yesterday in the afternoon after the rain.

Haunted by this wave.

Surf Story: Thursday night I didn’t sleep well… Up at 6 on Friday I went straight to Indy for the new swell but it was too small so I went to Aguada to check a reef I have been watching- there was a perfect left. It looks like a right also but the right is not that good and a heck of a paddle back out. The left comes out of deep water to heave on a shallow flat reef. The reef drops quickly to the east causing the left to flop after it initially breaks in the peak. The rest of the left wall rolls and reforms on the inside reef and just starts firing. I surfed this left by myself all morning… it was so long and fun, nobody out, calm winds. I had a hard time getting out of the water. Later that day all the sickness around me caught up to me finally and I spent the weekend basically in bed while all those waves went off w/o me. I’ll have my eye on that left in the future. If you would like to see a video of it you can check my post from last Saturday @caribbean_weather on insta(follow it)… I got to score that again.

11 thoughts on “Calming Down for a bit…

  1. Rob

    Yes …. I was at Caddy’s last night and there was def a rideable LB wave While the sun was setting … certainly on a SUP or for a grom. I was watching from the rooftop bar while a few SUP guys were playing around.

  2. fuggin

    Scored N Ft Pierce inlet fri am choppy chest high with juice and crowded. I was able to pick off a few nice ones though. Today I found a sandbar on the inside of a shoal that was feeling this 2ft@7sec and caught some 50 yrd long knee high sets that would reform and connect to the inside if you milked the lil waves lol. So fun with the right mentality. I had to park about 2 miles away so I grabbed my skateboard, 8ft log, fishing pole rigged for snook(just in case ot was a mirage on the horizon) and went after it. So glad I did, hope you all score today, there is a lil bump out there! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

  3. JDH

    That’s what I’m talkin about, Fugg!
    If you go on the search and aren’t afraid of walking, it’s amazing what you’ll find sometimes.
    Sounds like a great time.

  4. KW3

    5/13/19- Someone had to have scored. I arrived at N Pinellas spot at 3: 30 to find a rae sweet mysto groundswell peaky and jade green. 15 minutes later faded with no rear end on it and easterly winds after only about 3 small waves. Must’ve just missed the tiny window. Did anyone get it good?

  5. fuggin

    Winds layed down to 0mph in srq after that crazy storm(Scored 10-12ft Margaret River on TrueSurf game in the car hahaha). It was magical for about an hour then it starred cranking again from the wsw. Still a bump this am, knee-thigh and not windy atm. I’m out there!

  6. Ericito

    Actually a magical thigh high groundswell lining up and steep at Twinnies this morning. Took the kiddo for a skate and paddl and was surprised! Real fun for Nada Iā€™m the forecast! Bout to fly out to California for 2 weeks and drive an RV around camping, surfing , and hiking!

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