GC Surf Winding Down

Thursday am photos from St Pete Beach- my daughter Cassia surfing small GC leftovers. We are having fun being tourists.

Cassia headed out while Nonno watches on.

at 96- Old man and the sea

Set wave.

Look dad no sea urchins! Cassia loved the little waves.

Wednesday 6/12 Manatee Cnty Photos below by Micah Weaver/aurasurf.com, Thursday update below.

I had a blast surfing the gulf. Thanks to Andy Malloy for this photo.

Steep sections.

Mike Dolan.

Beach Scene.

Good to see old friends.

Purdy, sorry for missing your barrel!

Andy the Legend!

John and Andy splitting a peak.


This how I started surfing- boogie board in fun windswell hooked on the rush of riding a wave like these girls.


Mikey shreds!

6/12 Summer Surf on the GC:
I went at 2pm with low expectations and the waves were surprisingly shredable. That sand bar is rad! For 3.6ft at 5-6seconds the waves had some juice an steep sections. The water was blue and the waves were fun and it was good to see old friends and I got really sun-burned. Just another day with waves on the GC. Stoked, thanks sincerely to everyone who has reached out to me. You guys are awesome and world class.

The Compound

Thursday 9am WFL: Surfed for 3 plus hours in the gulf yesterday. Then I slept hard, surfing is so good 4 u! Buoy is a little smaller this am. On the beach it looks like knee high wind waves. Some storms may try to form and move in again today. You can probably find a LB wave today. Small chances it will bump up again. Tomorrow as the high takes over the winds are forecast to go calm and then a flat weekend is on tap. Hope you got some…

Wednesday 8am WFL Report: Doh! waves look weak this morning in the knee high range. But we expected that… winds are supposed to pick up today and by afternoon hopefully it will double in size at least. Yesterday I got more reports of fun rideable surf in Manatee Cnty. Hoping for that again today, board is in the car, just waiting… A small possibly fun leftover tomorrow am and then calming down by Friday.

Mon: Chance for fun waves at best spots in the am, then forecast to fade but maybe still some waves Monday pm.
Tuesday: knee high range as the gradient relaxes.
Wednesday: Coming back up in the mid morning/afternoon- thigh high plus range.
Thursday: Knee high range
Friday: 1ft or less, back to calm.

Lets Surf!

53 thoughts on “GC Surf Winding Down

  1. admin Post author

    From Ericito: Caught some fun waves at Rincon Point yesterday evening! Was driving by on the 1 and saw a set and went bananas! Bucket list surf spot for sure and the waves were soooooo Long!

  2. admin Post author

    Ericito give us the dirt- we saw that swell on SL, so cool you scored it how long were the rights at the queen of the coast and how many people out?

  3. Fuggin

    Glad to see someone scored today. Checked a few spots pretty hard this am but ended up going to the movies. A crazy windstorm just ripped through Sarasota and is bumping the waves up a bit. Hoping it’ll hold and I’m going in on the back half of this storm 🤞🤙

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